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World IBD Day 2020

Happy World IBD Day

On May 19th, the official World IBD Day we posted a shortened version of this post on Instagram, I finally have the time to post this here as well.

World IBD Day 2020
This is our day. A day to shine. A day to Thrive. A day to remember those lost. A day to tell a story that doesn’t always get told. A day to take action towards your unique Great Gut.

Today I am grateful for these fine people from the One Great Gut Community, and some from the One Great Gut Network

Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky, PharmD from Digestive Reset, who healed herself and now helps others get the same results. Special One Great Gut gift if you have a call with her. Dr. Inna is a doctor of pharmacy, a best selling author, functional medicine practitioner, gut and hormone expert, a creator of digestive solutions for Crohn’s/colitis and a mom of three boys. She works with clients locally and nationally. Her practice is focused on helping people reset their digestion, balance hormones, reduce inflammatory symptoms, get more energy and restore their immune system. She lives with her family in Marlboro, New Jersey. Contact her through her website, or directly at 732-414-6223 for extra savings.

Emma Becca the authentic, vulnerable, and hilarious author of Gut Tales. A must-read! Especially for family and friends to understand what our life looks like sometimes. 100% proceeds of her fun read helps others with IBD Thrive. Follow her on Instagram here: @haute_wellness

Brad Brinkman aka “The Beach Seller”. Brad is a Crohn’s Warrior and Realtor. He has  21 years of experience and experience in buying, selling, and investing in real estate. He specializes in coastal San Diego – Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla. He’s a speaker, dad, coach, and best known for his Real Estate Survival Guide and appearances on ESPN Radio. Finally, he’s one of the only real estate agents willing to guarantee your property sold in 37 days, or he’ll paying your mortgage until it sells. Contact him through his website, or directly at 858-225-7385 for a discount. Just tell him you found him on One Great Gut

Dr. Lorna Walker PhD.  Dr. Lorna has a Ph.D. in Nutrition Education with a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is also a Certified Nutritionist Consultant. Her traditional medical background coupled with my doctorate in nutrition gives her a unique ability to view health conditions from a functional and medical perspective. She specializes in nutrition for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, histamine intolerance, hypoglycemia, mast cell activation syndrome, nutrigenomics, and weight loss, as well as general overall health. She will work remotely with you. Contact her through her website or directly at 954-205-2218

Joe and Paul who state they are 100% healed or cured from IBD as we discovered in The Crohns and Colitis Summit

Joel Sprechman(me!) our fearless, compassionate, driven and Transformational Coaching Founder. Yes, you’re allowed to be grateful for yourself.

Christopher Gasink – The man behind the team who created Stelara! Lead, Medical Affairs- Gastroenterology, Immunology at Janssen Scientific Affairs, Johnson and Johnson .

And to you , loyal dear follower, leader, and reader. Thank You for being with us on this Great Journey. Your support is appreciated and noticed.

Who are you most grateful on 2020 World IBD Day?


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