What is the first thing you do when you first wake up?

What is the first thing you do when you first wake up?

If it’s not getting outside for some sunshine, consider changing that tomorrow morning.

Back in the day, the newspaper was delivered by the paperboy, maybe you remember the Atari Game image below. I LOVED this game, though it did keep me indoors more than I probably needed.

The newspaper on your front porch, sidewalk and hopefully not thrown through your living room window like I sometimes did in the game forced you to get up, go outside first thing in the morning.

I don’t know anyone who still has a newspaper delivered, but I still make it a point to go outside for a couple of minutes in the morning.
(Correction: I’ve since learned that my childhood best friend Eric Fields gets the NYT delivered)

Atari Paperboy Video game screenshot from “Old Classic Retro Gaming” on YouTube

AM Sunlight is especially important if you spent most of your day indoors

If you’re a geek like me you’re familiar with the relationship between circadian rhythm and health.

If you’re a super nerd like me you’ve read the study in PubMed titled

“Sleep disturbances and inflammatory bowel disease: a potential trigger for disease flare?” published in Expert Review of Clinical Immunology

This study is from 2011, and I wonder if your Doctor has made you aware of the importance of circadian rhythm. Have they?

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Disruption of circadian rhythm leads to sleep disruption, so does increased gut inflammation, increasing proinflammatory cytokines, increased intestinal permeability.

In plain English, sleep disruption is bad for your gut, brain, healthspan, and lifespan.

Many factors, of course, I will cover this more soon

For now, just know that something as simple as getting up in the morning and getting sunlight in your eyes and on your skin makes a huge difference that adds up over time – health hacking and stacking to save you time.

Health hacking and stacking can literally bend time.

Living with Crohn’s, Colitis or any autoimmune experience, you’re probably sometimes stressed on what to do when and with whom. Treatments, Doctors, Friends, Health practitioners, protocols. It’s a lot!

Slow down, listen, breathe into the little voice inside. It’s whispering to you on what to do next.

Combine that with health stacking and hacking, and you are literally bending time so you can sleep better at night.

Wake up, get your light meds so you can modify your circadian clock

We call this chronotherapeutics, which is a medical treatment administered according to a schedule that corresponds to a person’s daily, monthly, seasonal, or yearly biological clock, in order to maximize the health benefits and minimize adverse effects.

Yes, sunlight is a medical treatment. 100% free

Add this to your daily ritual and start feeling the benefits.


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