What an emotional day

All my material possessions were delivered home today. I last saw the insides of this Pod fourteen months ago in June 2017 before I asked Ipek to drive me to UCSD Thorton Hospital.

The same day I heard those fateful words, “Joel, you may die at home if you don’t goto the hospital ASAP”. Days prior I heard, “Worst colon I’ve seen in 40 years, a meat grinder”.I have the pictures as evidence. It was my first hospital stay, and continued proof natural healing works. Integratively.

My ego took a blow learning the hard way which doctors to trust and which to no longer trust, no matter their impossible guarantees and prior successes. One Doctor whose protocol I was trying was texting me to *not* go into the hospital. He was hundreds of miles away, only partially aware of my situation. I’m glad I listened to my intution and not to him. I believe if I had listened to him I’d have needed surgery and subsequently have to deal with the complications of life post colon removal.

🙏 Dr. Heather Sandison ND from North Country Natural Medicine

For recommending Thorton Hospital.

While still very conventional, unfortunately run by the Insurance companies giving Doctors little freedom, where I repeatedly turned down their offer for surgery(i.e. full removal of my colon and rectum – a colectomy , which would have meant a colostomy bag), Thorton is partnered with UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine bringing forth a new paradigm of healing.

Why are my things in this pod?

Because my lease expired while I was inpatient. I’m grateful for my friends. They packed all my possessions while they were packing their own for the big move out.

🙏 Faith Shevlin, Craig and Ipek Goldberg, Jack Greene, Chef Prem Thierry Maurel and Dave Booda.

I’m still amazed how I’ve lived the past year with just what I brought to the hospital and a short visit to the pod for some essentials. (Passport, credit cards, computer LCD, Squatty Potty). Just the necessities. 

Now I get the privilege of further purging physical possessions that no longer serve my current or future goals.

Your material possessions have energy, and you have memories to each that are helpful or harmful. I cant wait to further detach from what has been holding me back from living my best life.

Anyone want a rebounder, cherry wood bedroom set, farmers kitchen table, a bunch of cool mens, Tshirts and dress shirts, health nutrition, business, marketing, public speaking books?

This is my quest for leading a more minimalistic lifestyle.

PS – You’re essentially considered homeless in this situation and a high risk for no-discharge as I had nowhere to go.Forced to continue paying $8k daily rate.

Roommate/home shopping while having an IV pole 24/7 and doctor/nurse mtgs all day and night is tough!

Then my first home post discharge was a moldy environment I discovered for my friends there, I stayed 1 week.

Then a month with my chi gong teacher, then a month with friends at the base of Cowles in nature. Let’s just say it’s been a whirlwind finding the right place to grow roots. I think I’ve found that now. I Am home. At least for the time being. Following my intuition has guided me to beautiful places and meeting spectacular humans.



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