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Want To Change Your Kid’s Eating Habits?

Happy Easter and Passover. I celebrated a virtual Passover over Zoom a few days ago, I hope you are enjoying Easter in the best way you can considering the circumstances.

Both holidays include feasts around food….

I guess everyone needs to learn to cook all of a sudden, even if home cooking wasn’t your norm before.

Want to learn along with your kids?

Kids Cook Real Food, an awesome online video cooking class for kids, is supporting social distancing and all the families with lots of extra time on their hands…


… How about a two-week risk-free trial, and 80% off a two-month membership after that? Get the details here, including a guide to making it work without going to the grocery store!  

Get this: The first two weeks of the classes are completely free.

Concerned about allergies? We got you covered there too.

Nothing is easy about having food allergies, and when it’s your kids that have to juggle them, it’s even more complicated.

There’s the isolation.

The constant reading of ingredients and/or having to make everything yourself.

The fear you have of your child eating something they shouldn’t.

The growing up too fast because they have to be responsible.

The only silver lining might be that you have a good excuse to turn down the junk food that other people like to thrust at our nation’s kids! But for many, that’s small consolation.

The best gift you can give your child, whether you have food allergies in the family or not, is the gift of knowing how to cook real food. That lays a foundation for good health and sustenance throughout all their lives.

Your kids will be able to eat on a budget because they know how to cook from scratch, they’ll know how to purchase and prepare vegetables (and hopefully enjoy them!), and they won’t be doomed to subsist on takeout and canned soup as they enter young adulthood.

For kids with food allergies, they’ll quite simply be able to survive – without spending every dime they have on expensive processed allergy-friendly foods (which still probably make you worry about their purity).

That’s why I’m so thrilled that the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse exists, because it’s the only opportunity I’ve found that helps kids learn valuable cooking techniques, using kid-friendly language and invoking the power of positive peer pressure.

Teacher Katie Kimball engages with children in an incredible way, and when kids see other kids on-screen excited about cooking (and even vegetables), they really connect with them. In fact, reports keep coming in from members that kids are trying foods they previously wouldn’t touch!

I met Katie last year when we both spoke on “The Future Of Health Now Stage”. Not only is she fun to listen to, a sign of a great teacher, but through her loving TLC and teachings she, healed her husband’s Crohn’s Disease!

Though her husband is healed, her children possibly have the genetic predisposition for IBD.  Through her passion and teachings, not only are her children cooking and eating real food, they will now grow up with life long habits that significantly reduce the chances of them getting IBD.

And if they ever fall ill with a dis-ease, they now have the cooking skills to incorporate any dietary plan with just a few changes of ingredients.

A valuable investment in life skills that is sure to pay off not just today but for decades to come.

Katie has found that many members are families juggling food allergies and sensitivities, and she’s made every effort to keep the eCourse allergy-friendly. Most recipes used in the course are automatically top-allergen-free and others include a myriad of alternative suggestions to fit nearly every dietary restriction.

The focus is on the 30 basic cooking skills, not just making a recipe. Check out the full course curriculum map HERE.

Here’s what a few of the members with food allergies have to say:

  • “Both my 9 year old and 4 year old have multiple food allergies and so they NEED to learn to cook, especially since almost all of their food needs to be made from scratch. However, I have had a hard time figuring out exactly where to start. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of this course. Thank you!”
  • “My son has food allergies so learning that cook is an essential skill and I have been looking for something like this.”I just watched a video from a few members, check out what they had to say:
  • “Hi. I’m Gabe, and I’m five, and I made my own snacks this week”
  • “Hi, I’m, Jon and I’m eight. Last week I cooked brown beef to help my Mom make homemade sloppy joes.”
  • “Hi, I’m Lea and I’m eleven years old. So far this week in the kitchen I have made beans and rice, three kinds of dessert hummus, Mexican rice and tortillas and I’ve cut apples and peppers.”
  • “Hi, I’m Paul and I’m 14 and this week I was my Moms sous chef. I cut cabbage for salad, potato soup, and peppers for the freezer.”That may sound amazing, but in this eCourse it’s totally normal and your kids can do this too. Imagine the amount of time you will save by having your kids give you a healthy hand in the kitchen!

Everybody’s gotta eat, so let’s make it real food and involve our kids in the creation of it!


I can’t wait to hear of the healthy creations and loving time in the kitchen you will enjoy with your kids.

To You and Your Kids Health,

BTW – Now is the chance to cook with your kids. They’ll remember this time the rest of their lives…and if you do it right, they’ll know how to cook from now until forever too. Cooking with my Mom brings me so much joy. Imagine every trip home, cooking together in the kitchen – real healthy real food. Because healthy habits start in childhood. There are skills for everyone..beginners, intermediate and advanced. Check out the eCourse Website today, I feel you’ll love it.

BTW2 – VULNERABLE SHARE. Thinking back to my childhood, and the food I grew up on – then carrying those habits into adulthood, I shouldn’t have been surprised with my UC(now Crohn’s) diagnosis at age 28.  I firmly believe that if I had these skills, and knew about the powers of real food, I would never have gotten IBD. Not only that, I would have made friends who also love healthy food at a young age and not have to go through a challenging few years where I was mocked and shamed for my eating habits and love for healthy food. I’ll never remember Chris telling my friends “Stop inviting Joel out, he’s too much a picky eater”. Little did I he I was simply choosing to eat healthy. I believe if I had this KidsEatRealFoods eCourse as a child, I would never have met Chris and had to experience his intolerance because I would have had compassionate healthy eating friends at a younger age.

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