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There’s No Crying In Baseball

Stop being a wuss

Man up

You throw like a girl

Doesn’t she look fat? She looks large and in charge.

I think it’s time you get over it

You would look so pretty if_____

You’re single? You must be so lonely!

Quit whining

What do these insensitive comments have to do with gut health?


Dr. Detko Emotional Health Crohn's ColitisHarvard Medical School reviewed 13 studies showing that patients who tried psychologically based approaches had greater improvement in their digestive symptoms compared with patients who received only conventional medical treatment.

Words can affect your emotions which then impact your physical body.

I was once asked to reprimand an employee. As I was about to enter her office I was hit with a massive headache.

Another time I was receiving an award at toastmasters and looking back at the pictures you can see my stomach go from flat to massively bloated in just a few picture frames solely because of this thing called “receiving an award”.

No food or drink played a part in the bloating!

Emotional Constipation and Emotional Hangovers are real

In this module, Dr. Eva Detko PhD has created an exclusive personalized PDF specific for gut health. For IBD Crohn’s and Colitis.

Since Dr. Detko created this specifically for the One Great Gut Community, this PDF is not available anywhere else. It explains why addressing diet on its own is not sufficient, how and why the body can not heal when it is stressed, and how your physiological processes can make you sick, or make you THRIVE depending on your response to them.

This PDF is not just about information. It’s about solutions. Dr. Detko offers more than eight solutions that will accelerate your healing.

Thank You Dr. Detko!

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