Volunteer Advisors:
After having been in clinical practice for 35 years, Dr. Lipinskinow devotes her time to teaching, training, consulting and writing. Liz Lipinski is currently a Professor and the Director of the Clinical Nutrition program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is the architect of the Doctor of Clinical Nutrition Program, the first integrative program of its type in the United States. Dr. Lipinski holds a PhD in Clinical Nutrition, is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and holds two board certifications in clinical nutrition and one in functional medicine. She is a faculty educator for The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Metabolic Medicine Institute fellowship program. She currently sits on the board for the Accreditation Council for Professional Nutrition Education, the Certified International Health Coaches, and the Autism Hope Alliance. She is a consultant for Conversion Labs. Dr. Lipinski has coauthored many peer-reviewed papers and written textbook chapters. Her books include Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy DigestionDigestive Wellness for Children and Leaky Gut Syndrome. She is the founder of, where she offers webinar-based Mentoring Programs and Advanced Nutrition Forums for nutritionists, dietitians, and other clinicians. She lives in Oregon with her husband, and spends her free time gardening, camping, and spending as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren.


Joel Sprechman BS RYT CC CL CHHC

Joel is an award-winning lead engineer of mission-critical national security and defense systems receiving accolades from the US Department of Justice. He is a former Ulcerative Colitis patient, current Crohn’s patient, Integrative Nutritionist, biohacker, health and patient advocate, and healing-path pioneer. After conventional and alternative medicine methodologies were unable to effectively treat his Inflammatory Bowel Disease he became a medical researcher, health scientist, and treatment engineer driven by a quest to reverse my failing health, and well-being.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t offer much beyond synthetic medications and surgery, so he consulted with the best of the best in functional, integrative and natural medicine and also took advanced certification courses to create magic in his microbiome.

Has spent over 1000 hours reading and reviewing medical journal studies and cases studies, consulting with over 1000 Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Nutritionist, Coaches and even shamans across the globe. He has spent over $300,000 on education and personal development, and over 500 hours in the American, Australian, Mexican and Israeli healthcare system. He has participated in three clinical trials and experimental non-FDA approved treatments.

In 2015 and 2016 he safely reduced and eliminated all IBD medications and lived drug-free. Anger, blame and not taking personal responsibility for a life-changing event changed that.

2017 his Gastroenterologist described what she saw during Colonoscopy as “The worst colon I’ve seen in 40 years of practice”.

He recovered.

In 2018 a Gastroenterologist told him “Joel, your colon is very sick and needs to come out”

In 18 years of having Ulcerative Colitis, he never needed surgery.

Doctor’s say he has an intense case, on the upper end of the bell curve. Despite those circumstances, he is THRIVING today in 2019. So can you!

Some of the Doctors, Researchers, and health practitioner were great, some good, and some simply not aligned with his personal values. He has learned a tremendous amount from each of them.

He loves to share his gifts and learnings with others.

He has fundraised and personally invested thousands of dollars in for a CUREe and volunteered dozens of hours supporting the underserved community and camps for children with IBD.

He is part of the Qu Biologics’ IBD Community Advisory Panel, also a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and mindset empowerment coach.

He hosted the Crohn’s And Colitis Summit,  created the One Great Gut Collection, has coached hundreds of patients around the world to live a higher quality of life and has been featured on TEDx, KPBS, and numerous health summits and podcasts. His passion for solving tough problems started at a very early age, inspired by his father and college professors. A big part of his drive and determination is hearing how both his parents escaped war-torn Europe during World War II and came to the United States as refugees. His parents’ journey to seek freedom ingrained in him how important personal freedom is including the freedom to make informed medical and lifestyle choices.

In 2019 he founded the One Great Gut Foundation 501c3 nonprofit with tremendous interest from patients, doctors, and researchers.

Our Faculty
We are grateful to be able to share the knowledge and insight from a leading-edge team of doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, scientists, activists, celebrities, coaches, teachers, and patients whose decades of ambitious wisdom have inspired millions of people. We consider these visionary leaders to be the faculty of One Great Gut.

One Great Gut Collection Speakers and Contributors
Alicia Lynn Diaz
Ann Louise Gittleman PhD CNS
Camille Macres
Chrissa Benson
Christie Korth
Colleen Francoili

Dr. Darin Ingels ND
Dayne Sullivan
Dave Sandoval
David Dube
David Holt
Erin Barnes
Dr. Eva Detko
Dr. Gary Weiner ND
Hannah Crum
Holly Bertone
Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky
Jaime Hartman
Dr. Jason Pitken
Dr. Jill Tieman
Joseph Morstad
Dr. Kasis Kines
Kiran Krishman
Lance Roll
Dr. Leo Galland MD
Marcie Peters
Margie Bissinger
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND
Matt Robinson
Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein
Meg Haworth PhD
Dr. Michael Haley DC
Michelle Honda PhD Dsc
Nicolas Pineault
Dr. Rudrani Banik MD
Sam Asser
Shannon Eavenson
Shivan Sarna
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Dr. Vijaya Pratha MD
Virginia Harper
Crohn’s And Colitis Summit Speakers
Dr. Vincent M. Pedre MD
Jennifer Partridge
Dr. Gauree Konijeti, MD, MPH
Tara Rosas
Dr. Joe Weiss MD
Doug Kaufmann
Ann Louise Gittleman PhD CNS
Ross Pelton RPh PhD CCN
Meghan Telpner
Dr. Grace Liu PharmD AFMCP
Dr. Karen Zaghiyan MD
Bob Stickles
Jennifer Margulis PhD
Dr. Somer Nicole
Dr. Philip Blair MD
Angie Powell
Greg Williams
Katherine Riley
Dr. Hal Gunn MD
Justine Meader
Dr. Mark Davis ND
Dr. Rajiv Sharma MD
Jessica Flanigan CN
Karyn Brim
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Joe Figliano
Laura Styler
Paul Lemberg
Dane Johnson
Dr. Jeff Harris ND
Stefan Grafstein
Camille Macres
Dr. Heather Sandison ND
Dr. Duc Le MD
Dr. Katherine Zagone ND
Joey Morstad
Dr. Ben Johnson MD DO ND
Dr. Marcus Ettinger BSc DC
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Advisory Committee

This volunteer committee is comprised of some of the nation’s leading minds,  Integrative physicians and research scientists from prominent wellness clinics and research centers. The committee ensures scientific and medical integrity and ethics are met. By focusing on brilliant investigators, the committee works toward accomplishing our Mission.

🧬 Daniel Schmachtenberger co-founder of Neurohacker Collective
🧬 JamesSchmachtenberger co-founder of Neurohacker Collective
🧬 Joe Cote – Bravery Labs
🧬 Erin Biller ND
🧬 Christine Peterson PhD, AHP, RYT
UCSD School of Medicine Center of Excellence
Research and Training in Integrative Health
Chopra Foundation Research Scientist
🧬 Sabine Hazan Steinberg MDGastroenterologist
ProgenaBiome, Ventura Clinical Trials, and Malibu Specialty Center
🧬 Duc Le MD
🧬 Michele Rooney MS PT RYT
🧬 Nguyen Tran OD RYT
🧬 Laura Styler – Awaken Your Power – Energy Healing
🧬Philip Blair MD – Elixinol


Dr. Philip Blair MD One Great Gut Elixinol

Dr. Philip Blair, M.D. is a family physician providing disease management for patients with chronic pain, PTSD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease. He is also an expert on whole body vibration fitness training, low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets, and cannabidiol therapy. Patient empowerment and advocacy are his most important objectives. Colonel Blair, MD (ret USA) graduated from West Point and Univ. of Miami Medical School, served 24 years in the US Army, and has provided disease management services to patients and employer groups for 15 years. He has provided innovative disease management by telemedicine to patients in all 50 states and 16 countries. Dr. Blair has also researched and applied industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) to clinical care for patients, organizations and other health professionals across the USA and into Australia and UK. His services are internet-based and accessible for patient and provider consultations internationally. He is Senior Medical Director at Elixinol who is a global leader with high values and integrity in CBD and other hemp-based cannabinoids focused on human health. Dr. Blair sees patients in-person and via telemedicine. 


Dr. Christine Tara Peterson PhD, AHP, RYT  – Received her PhD in Immunology and Microbiology from the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at the George Washington University School of Medicine where she studied the structure and function of the gut microbiome in sub-therapeutic antibiotic-induced obesity using metagenomics, metaproteomics, and metatranscriptomics methods. In addition to being a Post-Doctoral Fellow at UCSD, Christine is a Research Scientist at the Chopra Foundation and a Visiting Research Scientist at the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute. Dr. Peterson is studying the gut microbiome in the context of cardiovascular disease and risk factors such as obesity and in a variety of therapeutic approaches including dietary, probiotic, Yoga-based, and Ayurvedic interventions. Christine is also a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner. Christine combines these areas of study to help others learn how to self-heal, obtain radiant health, and realize their full potential. She has particular interest in gut illnesses and dietary interventions, and an ayurvedic herbal and botanical approach to Fecal Microbial Transplant protocol. Dr. Peterson is not taking new clients in private practice in 2019. She is committed to a Triphala Synbiotic Clinical Trial currently running at UCSD.

Selected Publications:

Daniel Schmachtenberger – Senior Member –  Neurohacker Collective – Evolutionary Philosopher,  Systems Designer, Strategist

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel has a trans-disciplinary science background within a whole systems, complexity, and integral framework. He loves solving seemingly intractable problems by reassessing the foundational data and axioms of a field and then restructuring it from the ground up. He began seriously studying health and neurology when afflicted with neurological and autoimmune illnesses that had no known solutions in either allopathic or complementary medicine. The insights that led to his healing came from developing a new model for understanding physiology and pathology, which he then applied to help many people address various forms of complex illness and optimize their capabilities beyond their previous healthy baselines. Daniel was the academic dean for a college of mind-body medicine and has consulted for many cutting edge integrative doctors and medical clinics to help find novel solutions for complex cases. He created and ran a cutting edge think tank developing complex systems solutions for environmental and social issues, and has directed a transdisciplinary group of scholars on a philosophy of mind project addressing core questions of mind/brain interface and developing an axiomatic reformulation for the epistemology of neuroscience. He has a significant background with and love for nootropics, meditation, depth psychology,  and all effective tools for evolving states and stages of consciousness and evolving the human experience.

Dr. Duc Le MD
Dr. Duke Le One Great GutGraduated from the University of VA with a Bachelor of Science in Field Biology. He studied acupuncture at the Nanjing University of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine. He went on to obtain his medical degree from SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn NY. He initially worked as an urgent care and aeromedical evacuation MD in Vietnam. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and practiced hospital medicine for 10 years, most recently at Sharp Hospital in San Diego attending critically ill patients. Frustrated by the poor progress many patients have with just managing their chronic disease, he developed a passion for changing the paradigm of disease care. After studying Functional Medicine and Neuro-Linguistic Programming he founded Optimal Change MD. Through root cause analysis, he creates permanent changes in people’s lives. He optimizes daily energy levels, focus all day, and how effortless days flow. In his spare time, he enjoys researching optimal states of human performance and living, running Tough Mudder Warrior Dash races, and fully embracing: “When I take responsibility for everything in my life, I have the power to change everything.” 

Michele Rooney MS PT  RYT
Michele Rooney

Michele  is a pediatric physical therapist with over 17 years of experience assisting families and children with neurodevelopmental delay in two major metropolitan areas, New York and San Diego. Among her colleagues and clients, she is affectionately known as the poop whisperer. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from New York University, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Physical therapy from Columbia University. She specializes in early intervention, autism spectrum disorders, and rare diseases, and has lectured on the integration of yoga in pediatric therapy practice. She is a La Leche League leader and has extensive experience in providing parent to parent support about various parenting and health topics, including food safety, breastfeeding, child development and the spiritual journey of parenting. Her 11-year-old daughter is her inspiration.

Dr. Nguyen Tran OD RYT

Dr. Nguyen is a primary care Optometrist with 9 years of experience treating patients with vision problems and ocular diseases. She attended UC Davis and UC Berkeley for her undergrad and completed her Vision Science Degree  at Pennsylvania college of optometry(now Salus University) . Dr. Tran completed her yoga teacher training with Hari Kaur Khalsa at Hari NYC.  She is passionate about Integrating her vision science knowledge with natural treatments for the betterment of her patients.  In her spare time, she volunteers with vision rehabilitation with low vision patients at the San Diego Center For The Blind and enjoys cooking, yoga, meditation and hiking.

Laura Styler One Great GutLaura Styler is an Energy Medicine Practitioner of Brennan Healing Science and a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator specializing in autoimmune disorders, reproductive health, and fertility.  Laura often works with Empaths, helping them to develop healthy energetic boundaries in order to enhance their gifts, without taking on others’ feelings or physical pain.  She is a graduate of the four-year, Bachelor of Science program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a licensed university for the study of the Human Energy Field, hands-on-healing, and Transpersonal Psychology.  As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Laura draws from over 85 specific techniques in working with the Human Energy-Consciousness System using light touch to clear energetic blocks and to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities. She has also been trained in the Brofman Body-Mirror System, Sound Healing, and she is a graduate of the four-year program at The School for Non-Dual Healing and Awakening taught by modern Kabbalist Jason Shulman.  Prior to opening her practice, Laura studied and traveled internationally as a fashion model for over a decade. Experiencing the exploitative behaviors of the Fashion Industry first hand spurred Laura’s passion for female self-empowerment. Her decade long study of female reproductive health, sexuality, and fertility cycles prompted her decision to become certified as a Fertility Awareness Educator.  Laura teaches the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) in groups and one-on-one, as a tool for charting hormonal health, a natural form of contraception, and for ‘conscious conception’.  One of Laura’s unique talents is releasing energetic blocks on the spiritual, and emotional levels to help women conceive.  Laura and her husband Robert now live in San Diego. She travels to and from NYC to see clients in-person in both cities and maintains continuity of care via long distance phone and Skype sessions.