It All Started Here – Circa 2001

On career day in school I never raised my hand and said “When I grow up I want to tell the world and blog about my shitty disease called Ulcerative Colitis”

Not in my wildest of dreams

Or scariest nightmares

I actually wanted to be an Astronaut

That’s as out of this world as what I’m doing here

Blogging about my life with a chronic bowel disease

Where do I even begin?

Medicine. Diet. Diarrhea for Days, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Bloody Stools. I almost didn’t write this, but let’s be real, it’s a reality for some of us. Fatigue. Flare-Ups. Colonoscopies. Joint Pain. Prostatitis. Fecal Transplants. Headaches, Supplements, Integrative Nutrition School.  Natural treatments.  Leaky Gut,  food allergies, Cure IBD Foundation. Medical Intuitives. Shamans.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg

Or shall I say, tip of the sigmoidoscopy tube

Hold Up

Let’s rewind…

I was officially diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 2001

One could say I’m a veteran

This year is my 15th anniversary

The crystal anniversary

Apropos as my good friend John insists the black tourmaline necklace he gave me will protect me and keep away negative energies

I’m not so sure, but it does look good around my neck

Chronic Ulcerative Colitis is what the Gastroenterologist told me, and with two prescriptions he sent me on my way

I was 28. The youngest person, by a few decades, in the GI office

Thinking back to childhood

The stomach pain started way earlier

Living at my parents home in Spring Valley, New York

My bedroom on the 2nd floor

One night, I was woken up, not by the snow plow I was praying for, as that would likely mean school was postponed, or better yet, canceled

I was woken up by the most intense pain I’d ever experienced

Mom and Dad came, they rubbed my stomach

Gave me an electric heated pillow

Told me everything would be okay

“Even if the snow plow doesn’t come?”

“Yes, even if the snow plow doesn’t come”

Eventually, the pain subsided

I fell asleep

My parents went back to sleep

I was 10 years old

The pain wasn’t from my stomach

It was from my colon

This was the beginning of One Great Gut

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