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Quality KN95 Masks at Affordable Prices – Quick Delivery!

We felt it was our responsibility to find a reliable health & wellness company that had access to KN95 masks for you to stay healthy & well, avoid expensive fines, and even potential jail time. It pains me to write that, but it’s the current reality some of us are living under.

A recent recommendation from the CDC and by mandate in specific states, everyone who goes out in public should wear a mask to prevent further spread of the COVID19.

Whether you agree with the mandate or not many stores and cities are requiring them, else you won’t be able to shop there, and you could possibly be fined.  When I was in Mexico, I was denied entry in the grocery store without a mask. In San Diego, my friends experienced the same. San Diego will be fining people for breaking their rules – $1,0000 or 6mo in jail!

My heart goes out to anyone who may need to use a bathroom and is denied from entering the store due to not having a mask. I’ve pooped in my pants, I hope no one has to experience that – ever. Wither you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), Crohn’s Disease(CD), Ulcerative Colitis(UC), or Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), no one should ever be denied entry into a store or bathroom when they need to use it.

We are living in challenging times. For every challenge, there is a solution.

The KN95 masks, according to the CDC, are helpful to prevent the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person. They are considered highly effective in preventing the airborne spread of the virus by filtering out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

These KN95 masks are affordable and designed to fully cover the mouth & nose of the wearer, and are fitted to provide a protective seal. Comfortable elastic ear bands and an adjustable metallic nose-bridge provide a secure, customized fit for adults.

Besides the KN95s, you may purchase 3-Ply FDA-Approved Surgical Masks which come in a box of 50 and are great for families who are looking for single-use masks. These masks have a bacteria filter efficiency of  BFE ≥95% and come with a customizable metallic nose-bridge for a secure fit.

When searching for a reliable supplier, it was essential for us that the masks be shipped out from the United States. This company was recommended by an MD colleague I trust. You won’t have to wait weeks for your masks to ship from China! Your masks will ship-out from the USA within one to two business days. There is no better place to find quality masks at an affordable price that delivers quickly.

Click the link below and 
get yours now

Link for masks

To Your Health and Safety,

BTW –  
With every mask-purchase, a donation of $0.50/KN95 and $5/Box of Surgical Masks will be donated to the Masks for Frontline Medics campaign and also a small donation to One Great Gut so while you are complying(not necessary agreeing), with the current mandates, you’ll also be helping others with IBD Thrive. Just today I received an email from a father whose daughter is now doing really well due to the information we provide. Just a few months ago things were not looking so good.  It’s messages like this, and purchases from our emails, that keep us going. You can see what he wrote below.

BTW2 – Over the past few years I’ve noticed that there is a particular commonality among those with IBD, and that is that sometimes we do not ask for help when we need it. Please know that this mask is not a muzzle. Please know that even if you are wearing a mask, you should still share your beliefs, your truths and reach out for help if you need it. We Are In It Together, and We Are Better Together. Be healthy out there!

From P:
Hello Joel, just wanted to send you a quick reply to thank you for putting all your energy into one great gut…you have all my support to spread the word of what you are doing in the IBD world and want to wish you that your platform will offer the world with a real solution to IBD. My daughter M is now off medication for over 2 months, she is doing really well and hope that it will stay like that. It is because of people like you that give alternative solutions, gives you samples of people thriving without heavy meds and surgery. Thank you for making this world a better world.

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