Q&A with Kent Peterson – Crohn’s Disease since 2003

[Joel] When were you first diagnosed?
[Kent]I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis in  2003, I had intense explosive bloody diarrhea by the time I acknowledged something was odd and went to the doctors. Symptoms probably started long before that.

[Joel] What did the Doctor recommend?
[Kent]All sorts of western medical stuff.

Some of my experience includes:
Exams, blood work, stool samples, colonoscopy, camera capsule swallow, barium drinks and fluoroscopy, x rays, sigmoidoscopy, pharmaceuticals, prednisone, antibiotics, mesalamine, Remicade, Humira, and more.
None of which were very effective at treating the condition, providing relief, or easing my mind

[Joel] Have you ever been formally diagnosed with anything else? Other medical conditions are otherwise?
[Kent]No. After years of no answers from the medical community, I stopped asking doctors their opinions. Along my journey, multiple doctors let me know I know more than them about this

[Joel] Did you research on your own?
[Kent]Ha, much. I dedicate my life to this. I study anatomy, physiology, chemistry, psychology, kinesiology, energetics, metaphysics, and the mind. I even worked in a hospital (till my health crapped out). I also study, practice, and teach yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition, and integrating mind power into functional life performance

[Joel] When did you first recognize your gut pain?
[Kent]I first noticed symptoms months before I thought anything of it. Digestion had been steadily getting worse. Even when it continued for multiple days, I thought nothing of it. The bleeding became severe and I was having trouble sleeping. I really let it get out of hand. I kept trying to keep it to myself.

I remember the night I realized I was sick clearly. I was with my friends enjoying a meal when suddenly rushed to the bathroom. There was little no warning. It was extremely urgent and before I could even sit it exploded out of me. I could feel it with such intensity. I was feeling woozy and lightheaded. It hurt like a hundred knives stabbing me in the guts. I crumpled over in pain. I cried to myself. After what seemed like forever I opened my eyes and looked about. It had appeared as if someone had been blasted by a shotgun in here. There was blood everywhere.

That night I tossed and turned in unbearable pain. I don’t remember sleeping. I must have passed out or blacked out from the pain. I knew I had to go to the doctors in the morning.

My health spiraled out of control as doctors used me like a guinea pig. Test after test, drug after drug.

Medical doctors told me I would never recover

[Joel] Tell me about your healing journey, what worked? What didn’t? Why did you make the choices you made?
[Kent]The western medical approach did not work. Over time, I stopped taking pharmaceutical drugs and going to doctors.

I changed the way I eat and what I eat. I switched to toxin-free, preservative free, chemical free, organic, pure, clean food. I eat food that contain natural live probiotics and enzymes.
I reduce stress levels, especially when eating. Mental, physical, emotional, social well-being promotes healing.
I practice exercises that simultaneously strengthen and repair my body in a calm and relaxing way, that I can do in any condition. This includes: Simple breathing exercises, restorative yoga, meditation, walking, simple inversion like laying off the edge of my bed, mild slow movements, and powerful mental visualizations. This, lifts my spirits and cleans my mind. I practice them regularly.
I emphasize relaxing and being calm. I encouraged healthy eating and created a mellow peaceful environment. I am able to identify the stress in my life and release it.
I changed my thinking, my habits, my way of being. I take life very easy now. One day at a time. I feel like I am a new person.

With these lifestyle changes came peace of mind and soon happiness. Bit by bit, my loving care for myself steadily improves my well being.

It wasn’t easy. There are many ups and downs. Little by little, I become healthier and my mind becomes more clear, as my preferred choices become easier to make. My symptoms fade away and the cycle ends

[Joel] How did you handle the ups and downs?
[Kent]Sometimes it’s super tough. How can we enjoy ourselves in any situation?
From my current perspective, it’s about being more loving to ourselves and pacing ourselves. The downs are a time to relax and find new peaceful low-stress activities to explore. A time to chew slowly and breathe deeply.
The ups are exciting and fun. In my experience, it is easy to want to run and jump in and do it all now as if this is the only chance. During this time we continue to listen to our bodies and take care of ourselves with the same loving care as the downs so maybe we can extend the ups and minimize the downs.

[Joel] What do you mean the cycle ends?

[Kent]In my experience, the symptoms come in waves or cycles. The lows I feel nowadays are less devastating than the lows of the past. The highs of today are far more functional, feeling well, and exciting than the highs of my past. The idea is that as I lovingly relax into my wellbeing and do my best to honor and respect my body in the most loving way I can by eating the best foods, moving my body in beneficial ways like yoga, breathing deeply, and reducing my reaction to stressful situations and circumstances, the symptoms lessen and fade, till one day I don’t notice them at all.

[Joel] Some say everything happens in life for a reason, why do you feel you were diagnosed with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis?

[Kent]This experience has humbled me. It has shaped my entire life. I have dedicated my life, diagnosed at 20, to knowing more and more about health and wellbeing in all of it’s forms including nutrition, relaxation, yoga, body mechanics, breathing, anatomy, physiology, biochem, kundalini, matrix energetics, metaphysics, self-love, radionics, radiology, energy medicine, technolgy, pharmacology, alignment, mind power, psychology, child psychology, visualizations, and so much more… because I thoroughly explored all of these modalities looking for a way to help myself. Along the way, I ended up, helping many people be the best they can be in every moment. Now, I Love teaching this to anyone who is interested and sharing how to integrate it all.

[Joel] Many with IBD feel burdened with the disease, treatments and symptoms. Perhaps take on a victim mentality. Others see it as a gift to provide guidance in their life. Do you identify with either of these mindsets?

[Kent]I identify with both. A victim is only someone who is yet to step into their own power by accepting and acknowledge their experiences, insights, and wisdom as a gift to be shared. Every experience can be a gift when we allow it to be

[Joel] What’s your favorite food to eat?

[Kent]Right now my favorite food is my girlfriends homemade Kichari It’s nutrient-rich, moist, easy to digest, protein rich. It’s a dish of dal and rice and Indian spices including turmeric,mustard seed , coriander, cumin, cayenne. I love putting raw fresh garlic and avocado on it, as well as yogurt and kimchi.

[Joel] Has this changed over the years?

[Kent]Yes, it’s a new recent dish in my experience. Most of my life my favorite food has been stone oven baked pizza w high-quality ingredients

[Joel] Any, um, interesting bathroom stories to share?

[Kent]Ha. I have experienced many.
So, one time I was walking through a commercial shopping center. I suddenly had a very urgent bowel movement. It just so happens to be in an area with no public restrooms. There was no time. I quickly went to an alley. In the nick of time I dropped my pants and started going on the side of the building. At this moment, a door swings open and an employee walks out for a smoke break. He turns to me, shouts “WTF”, grabs a broom and runs towards me. Interrupting the moment, I pull up my pants and run, I jumped a couple hedges and hid in some bushes. Exciting times

[Joel] Do you follow a particular diet? Do you still enjoy oven baked pizza?

[Kent]I eat in a way that feels good to me. I eat pure clean food that is easy to process. I make changes to the food I eat gradually. Small changes over weeks and months. I eat seasonally. Currently, I am vegetarian. Currently, I feel best that way. My eating style changes to adjust for how I feel. Lately, I’ve been enjoying high-quality organic yogurt and Kichari, an Indian beans and rice dish. When my digestion needs cultivating I eat softer foods. When my digestion is stronger I am more adventurous. At that point, I may enjoy a high-quality organic oven baked pizza

[Joel] Do you have any testimonials of someone you’ve helped?

[Kent]Yes. I appreciate them much. I’m super grateful people take who time to write them.

[Joel] If you could go back in time and stand before yourself the day you were diagnosed, what would you tell yourself?

[Kent]It’s ok. Don’t listen to them. There are a few simple things you can do to minimize the symptoms and maximize the quality of your life.
Love yourself more, In all moments, situations, and circumstance.
Be more patient with yourself.
Relax more. Slowly breathe longer and deeper.
Drink more water.
Eat nutrient dense pure clean food that contain the enzymes to break them down. Eat probiotic food with every meal. Eliminate toxins. Eat chemical free, pesticide free, additive free, hormone free. Eat food from local farmers.
Fennel reduces gas. Cayenne reduces internal bleeding.
Stay calm. Stress disables digestion.
Practice yoga. Specifically, slow alignment and strength based asana.
Cannabis Be exciting. Enjoy life more.
Stay vigilant.

[Joel] What would you tell someone who, like your former self, is unable to find a solution to their poor gut health, or perhaps they have a loved one in continual pain.
[Kent]I love you.
And hug them
If they have any questions I’ll answer them from my most loving compassionate perspective.
In my experience when I was in that space, I did not want advice or opinion, just a loving hug or someone to cuddle.

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