Q&A With Bob Stickles – Reportedly Cured Of Crohn’s Disease – 30 Years Symptom Free, No Medication

I first met Bob in 2012, we had a conversation that was transformative. I learned of someone who had healed this Crohn’s Disease. He has been symptom and medicine free, without a strict diet for 30 years. Miraculous indeed!  It feels scary and vulnerable to release this video, it was my first, I appear unpolished, my bedroom is a mess ,and the interview takes unexpected turns and twists that are embarrassing. This post isn’t about my pride or ego, it’s about serving the Crohn’s and Colitis community. If one person can benefit from this miraculous story of hope and gain wisdom, suffer less, perhaps save an organ, save a life, I know it’s worth it.

In our interview Bob takes us on his healing journey. Diagnosed at age 21, medicine caused further damage and disease, to fully healed. As a matter of fact Bob emailed me March 15, 2018. He let me know that he had a Colonoscopy and the Doctor could not find any evidence of Crohn’s Disease. It’s been 30 years since being diagnosed, and he is still free and clear, no pharmaceutical medications, no symptoms. The Doctor said it was the first time he had seen something as miraculous as this. Perhaps this miracle is possible for you or your loved one?

With his father and brother both having IBD(Inflammatory Bowel Disease), he was predisposed and at the age of 21 he was diagnosed with a tough case of Crohn’s Disease. His initial treatments were Prednisone, Imuran(Azathioprine) via a Hickman catheter and another anticancer drug via a second Hickman catheter. Unfortunately the medicine gave him Pancreatitis. He saw how his family were living, dad in pain, wearing velcro pants his wife made to quickly unbuckle after running to the bathroom, brother with a colostomy bag, that was a wake-up call.

In this interview Bob shares his personal journey and gives profound tips around healing, and bathroom habits.

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I hope you enjoy the summit as much as I did making it, plus with the 10,000 IBDers who have already attended you’re in good company. You can see read a few testimonial reviews on the Summit web-page and on our Facebook page. Here’s to your health, Joel


His Medical Doctors’ Recommendations

Bob’s Diet

What Worked on Healing Bob’s Crohn’s

Resources that Helped Bob

Bob’s Shake Recipe

Results of Bobs most recent Colonoscopy

Funny, Embarrassing Bathroom Stories

Guest Speaker at Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Meeting

Full Interview Transcript, Video and Audio are included with the http://crohnsandcolitissummit.com

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