Prayer Circle

Hey, it’s Joel. You know, it’s quite ironic that I am organizing this prayer circle, I don’t even consider myself religious. You see – after a traumatic inflammatory event as a teenager I went from Jew-ish to happily athiest – or so I thought – to agnostic on a good day. I lived that way for years. The “lost decades” as I refer to them today.

My Mom – a holocaust camp survivor was mostly a secular Jew with strong Israeli pride. My Dad, a ‘hidden child’ similar to Anne Frank, grew increasingly religious as he aged finding solace at the Kehilath Israel Orthodox temple. Me? I claimed I found power from within. Looking back I was truly full of fear, insecurity and self-doubt. Engineering school didn’t teach faith around the scientific method.  In 2001, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For years I followed conventional medicine’s recommendations and only got sicker.

Following patterns from those I interviewed in the  Crohn’s and Colitis Summit – who are 100% healed – I noticed that Spirituality was a common theme. After becoming a Yoga and Mediation teacher, I started to believe in the power of “The Universe”. After experiencing various psychedelics I further became convinced there are higher powers than just what’s inside me. Today, this is where I source my power from. I’ve also noticed that much of the spiritual community were hurt by mans misinterpretation of religion,  often removing the word God from our language.

Today I’m a believer.

God, Universe, Higher Power, whatever word you resonate with – I believe there is something out there, and inside us, that we can tap into to increase our happiness and health results. I believe when we pray, particularly in a group, the probability of the positive outcomes increase. “The Faith Factor” – Proof Of The Healing Power Of Prayer by Dr. Dale Matthews M.D. offers compelling evidence prayer are vital for human health. 

COVID, paired with unhealthy toxic home environments resulted in a major depressive disorder diagnosis of moderately severe depression. It was my Prayer Group that got me through. I was blessed enough to be manifest and be invited to one so I am now bringing you the One Great Gut Prayer Circle.

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Science has proven that faith and group prayer can increase happiness and results. Join us to see for yourself. No experience necessary.

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