I was in hospital awaiting surgery to have my bowel removed due to Ulcerative Colitis. I was scared, and felt there must be alternatives but all the doctors told me the same thing. They said surgery was the only way to overcome the disease and to avoid other implications including septic shock, which could be fatal.  Joel and I had several chats while I was in hospital which was very encouraging. Two weeks later I was discharged from hospital. And yes, I avoided surgery.  When I returned home after one month in hospital I had another consultation with Joel which was just what I needed at the time.  Joel listened to me, he understood me and I was able to understand him as he shared his experience with the same disease. My connection with Joel gave me hope that I can continue to fight this disease.   If you are confused, scared, or overwhelmed with all the [conflicting] information regarding IBD, then do yourself a favor and talk to Joel.
– Adam, 44, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Guitar Player.

I owe you my life.
– Matt, 29, Business Owner

Hi Joel! I just wanted to say thank you for having that … conversation with me 2 years ago. I really believe you saved his life. He is such a healthy, bright and happy boy and that might not be the case if we didn’t have that conversation 2 years ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing the course of health for my son. ❤️
– Jessica, 36, Wife, Mother(14,12 and 2),  Account Manager and Business Manager.


I knew Joel personally as a friend and a volleyball teammate when he first got diagnosed. I have witnessed his strength and determination to continue to live life to the fullest for close to 20 years…..good grief!! …what some of the best ways outside of the [conventional] medical model to treat, minimize and cure IBD. There is no substitute for the “lived experience.” Joel of course was the perfect person…. he has triumphed in mastering his own gut, is well educated in so many aspects of the disease process and of caring for one’s body (physical and mental and the connection between). I loved working with Joel because he made it so personal. Why should someone work with Joel? Because he will put in 110% effort, and nothing less!!  Joel, you are one of the very few post on Facebook that I continue to read!  Even though I do not suffer from IBD, your philosophy of truly caring about oneself, both physically and mentally, has made me think and re-evaluate what is important, that will help me to live a happy life.  Interesting that it took a non-healthcare provider to finally get through to this very black & white,Nurse. That it is really important to take care of our own bodies and minds. Caring about yourself mentally and physically are one entity, they are not mutually exclusive.   Only took me 27 years of being a nurse : )
– Nancy –  Full-time Lecturer of Nursing

I learned that it does not have to be a life sentence of continual drugs there are other ways to manage the symptoms and
become a whole person again. – Nia

I was skeptical…but I’m beyond happy
that I took the leap of faith..It has been life-changing…already –Dan