We’d like to publish a podcast – so you can accelerate your healing.

Not your regular ‘ol boring Podcast, but one infused with appropriate humor as laughter can be the best medicine.

92% of those who attended the Crohn’s and Colitis Summit enjoyed Joel Sprechman’s interviewing style.

These interviews will keep you at the forefront of any and all IBD related news, continually presenting meaningful healing tools to help you Thrive with IBD physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Please donate to the Podcast project so we can begin interviewing guests and publishing episodes regularly.

If you have a particular company or person you’d like to hear from you may let us know here.

We believe this Podcast may be the quickest and most efficient way to achieve our goal of helping 10M worldwide Thrive with IBD and ultimately bring forth a world without IBD, IBS or any digestive disorder. Imagine a world where IBD is flushed down the drain, forever!

Some Past Interviews from One Great Gut and Joel Sprechman:

Dr. Kasia Kines
Joshua Nachman, MS, CNS, LDN, CPT
Dr. Mary Pardee ND

One Great Gut Collection Interviews:
Dr. Darin Ingels ND
Dayne Sullivan
Dave Sandoval
Dr. Michael Haley
Sam Asser
Dr. Vijaya Pratha

Crohn’s And Colitis Summit Interviews:
Dr. Vincent M. Pedre MD
Jennifer Partridge
Dr. Gauree Konijeti, MD, MPH
Tara Rosas
Dr. Joe Weiss MD
Doug Kaufmann
Ann Louise Gittleman PhD CNS
Ross Pelton RPh PhD CCN
Meghan Telpner
Dr. Grace Liu PharmD AFMCP
Dr. Karen Zaghiyan MD
Bob Stickles
Jennifer Margulis PhD
Dr. Somer Nicole
Dr. Philip Blair MD
Angie Powell
Dr. Hal Gunn MD
Justine Meader
Dr. Mark Davis ND
Dr. Rajiv Sharma MD
Jessica Flanigan CN
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Joe Figliano
Laura Styler
Paul Lemberg
Dane Johnson
Dr. Jeff Harris ND
Stefan Grafstein
Camille Macres
Dr. Duc Le MD
Dr. Katherine Zagone ND
Dr. Ben Johnson MD DO ND