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Personal boundaries could save you a trip to the hospital.

True then and even more true today

What you release doesn’t have to be forever

Simply focus on the here and now

Surrender to your intuition

To what you need most

In this case

It was temporary

For a long while




Until there was a change

A reunion




Don’t be afraid to give up what no longer serves you in your current lifestyle

Your current situation

It could be the best decision you’ll ever make

The strongest medicine

No Insurance Plan or Co-Pay needed

Your physical body will relax and start to feel better

Your emotional body will improve

Your spiritually body will awaken even further

God will provide more than ever before

As it did for me

You may no longer be thinking if the hospital is the next right next step

Like I was close to, one year ago today

Yes, I avoided needing Solumedrol, a cocktail of broad spectrum antibiotics, PICC line, TPN and a likely gargantuan hospital bill

By setting boundaries

Sticking to them

Reinforcing them

Be your own best doctor.



The CEO of your health-team

Set boundaries.

Listen to your heART it’s smart

1 Year Ago Today:

The more I release, let go, move on from things that no longer serve me and my current and future goals, the more goodness …and alignment comes.

We can only receive when we make space. A full cup can not receive without overflowing and making a mess. A messy life is a lot of work to live and clean up.

There’s no need to feel bad for shedding layers and moving on. It’s the ultimate form of self respect and self love.

It may not always be pretty and easy, but you’re guaranteed strength and greater energy by following your inner voice, that gut feeling. 
The more we honor that voice, the closer we get to ONE GREAT GUT.

To hear the voice, you need to slow down. Sometimes the voice is loud and clear, that usually means you missed all the subtle nudges prior, which may have been speaking to you for years.

And that’s okay. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

What matters most is that you listened, acknowledged, and took action.

Slow down, enjoy the ride, and the ebbs and flows of life.

Just like nature, go with the stream and you’ll find an easier ride.

Go against the calling of God and nature, prepare for a challenging existence.

See you in the warm stream of our juiciest dreams, desires and lovable things, experiences and people.



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