It’s Not Food Poisoning

As a healthy 28 year old man, I was starting to get worried.

Why, all of a sudden, could I not hold down food?

I made an appointment with my Primary Care Physician(PCP).

Explaining my recent inexplicable symptoms got me and appointment the very next day.

Joel and Rosalie at Qualcomm Stadium San Diego

Joel and Rosalie at Qualcomm Stadium San Diego

Dr. Lin asked if I had been overseas.

I had not, but my girlfriend had been visiting family in the Philippines.

That didn’t count.

Feeling that food poisoning was the likely culprit, Dr. Lin gave me a stool test to perform at home and return to the office.

By this time, a week after Moms Oatmeal cookie, my bathroom visits were more frequent.

Requiring more time in the bathroom, per visit, and number of visits. 

This reminded me of my Dad. He’d spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

I wonder if he had IBS, or even un-diagnosed IBD.

I installed a fan in the bathroom as I would often overheat.

You ever see those guys who take their shirt off during Cross-Fit?

Well, my workout was in the bathroom, and I’d, more often than not, remove my shirt as I would sweat profusely in ‘my gym’

Seriously, I would even do this in public bathrooms.

Thank God no one ever walked in on me in the bathroom, shirtless, sweaty profusely.

I probably have said, “Welcome to the Arena, you’re next” LOL

Actually, I was a lot less comfortable around my condition, symptoms back then.

I probably would have froze, turned beet-red in the face, and pooped my face.


Back to the at-home stool test.

Even though I had worked at a Veterinarian’s office , cleaning up after dogs and cats were part of the territory, gathering my own stool was a new level of nastiness.

I was understanding my body in a way I never thought possible, nor important(Little did I know….)

I submitted my samples, and waited for the stool culture results

Voicemail a few days later:

“Joel, it’s Dr. Lin, hope you’re doing well, and your symptoms have subsided. The results are back from the lab, you’re clean, no food poisoning. If you’re not well, call the office and we’ll refer you to Gastroenterologist”


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