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Dear friend,

When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis it was a curse that had no cure. I looked high and low and found no one Thriving.  I looked high and low, everyone I knew was barely surviving, barely managing their IBD.

For 8 years I did the same. I managed to get by. I also experienced recurring minor flares. My Doctors just prescribed different synthetic medications. My friends had no idea how to help, and it was then impossible to keep up with them.

The more I tried, the more I suffered.

In 2009 I was living in my bachelor pad in Mission Beach. The ocean waves were crashing outside my window and suddenly my stomach was killing me. It was so crippling I hunched over in pain. Just 1 minute prior I was perfectly fine.

My first thought was the Mexican food I ate the night before.

“The secret to living healthy and not dying from trying”

Yes, I’m, still searching for a good tailor 😉 

The sharp pain lasts for 10 unbearable seconds. Then I’m perfectly fine again – until 10 minutes later it strikes hard and fast. The third time this happens I take a Vicodin, certain it will stop these attacks, but it doesn’t do anything. They continue relentlessly.

In the 7 years living with IBD until this point, I had been able to maintain a pain-free life with the mildest of medications. And I’d certainly never felt this level of pain from it. Not even close. It felt like I could die from this and I couldn’t stop it from stabbing me in the gut every 10 minutes.

Tortilla lessons in Guatemala

The day before I’d flown home from Guatemala. I’d been there for a couple of days to have Thanksgiving there with a buddy who was living there. The last night I drank the local rum, a choice I made because it was known to be clean alcohol, with fewer side effects.  Now doubled over in my beachfront apartment I’m thinking it was a really, really dumb decision. I had never felt this level of intense pain before. I am shocked, confused and scared. It feels like I might lose an organ.

Later that day I meet up with a friend who suggested I call his cousin who is a retired medical doctor. I do and hope she will say “go pick up this from CVS and you’ll be fine”. She does not say that at all.

Instead, she tells me to go to the Emergency Room immediately.

She insists there is nothing at CVS that will help. So I drive myself to the E.R. with great difficulty, trying to see over the steering wheel as I hunch over in pain every few minutes. I can only imagine what others on the road thought of my driving skills.

The view from my front door in Mission Beach

I finally get in and I’m hoping whatever CVS doesn’t have they will have at the hospital.

But the nurse only offers me a prescription for an Opioid.  She says that should stop the pain –   tomorrow I can see the gastro doctor.  I tell her I had already taken Vicodin and it didn’t do anything and she says well, that’s all I can offer. I was so angry! I went for help at a hospital and they can’t help me. So I make a huge fuss and get them to have the GI on call to ring my cell phone. He does. All he can offer is a promise that he’ll see me first thing the following morning.

The next day, he suggests that I take Prednisone, a drug I had never heard of and schedule for a colonoscopy – because there’s nothing that says rise and shine than starting the day with a 5-foot long black tube whispering good morning.

I started to take this new drug, 6 pills a day, and it works.

It stops the pain. Buuuuuut, you know how those ads for pills always come with the rapidly spoken long list or horrible side effects, most of which are worse than what you were taking the pill for?

Well, Prednisone can* be that kind of pill.

First, I get the infamous Moonface.

Yes, my face blows up like a bowling ball. Literally.

I am working a sales job at the time, and suddenly I’m looking like… well, like a guy with a moon head. I also get gritty teeth, joint pain, mood swings and become extremely “anti-social.” When these side effects hit, and keep hitting, I realize something. I realize I am receiving the Gold Standard in medical treatment for IBD Colitis.. I am a walking poster child for a successfully treated case of IBD, me Mr. Anti-Social, teeth-gritting Moon Face man!

And then something unexpected happens. I found this guy Bob in Massachusetts who had cured his own IBD.  Then I found Joe, Tara, Roman and Stefan who did the same. These discoveries birthed something in me. It solidified my mission, what I knew was mine to do. Since the end of 2010, I have dedicated my life to helping people with IBD solve this challenge without the devastating effects that come with what’s normally recommended.

You see, I’ve learned from dozens of those who are living with chronic conditions like IBD Crohn’s, Colitis, Arthritis and more…AND are safely off medications – some for decades! I’ve also learned from dozens who are living with medications, but no longer experience the nightmarish side effects. Including myself.

Speaking about mindset and community at an IBD Fundraiser event

Today I am Thriving with Crohn’s. 

A big part of my drive and determination is hearing how both my parents escaped war torn Europe during World War II and came to the United States as refugees. Mom through Holocaust concentration camp, Dad hidden like Anne Frank. Hidden when he wasn’t being a rebellious teenager like myself. My parents’ journey to seek freedom ingrained in me how important personal freedom is including the freedom to make informed health and lifestyle choices.

Genes do not control your destiny! Lifestyle and Diet make a huge difference.

The difference between Suffering, and Thriving.

I want to help you THRIVE.

What else makes a huge difference?

Accountability, collaboration, being part of an exclusive community, your network, mindset, perspective, honest feedback, advice from the right person, brainstorming, tapping into the experience and skills of others, confidence, inspiration, routines, habits, and 2nd, third and fourth opinions.

All of this, and more are included.

The first Health is Wealth. Let’s get rich, together.

I will curate speakers to match the group’s needs.

As the founder of One Great Gut Public Benefit Corporation, host of the Crohn’s And Colitis Summit creator of the One Great Gut Collection and from my current Medical, Health and Wellness mastermind my network is extremely large.

I will bring to the group top health experts from around the world to match the group’s needs.

Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Coaches and companies who provide the best tools and resources to positively impact not only your gut health but also your happiness, lifespan and health span. So you can live as long as possible, with as much health as possible.

I believe this mastermind will be like drinking from the foundation of youth. I subscribe to the tenants of Integrative, Functional and Naturopathic Medicine.

I believe conventional medicine is great – for acute injuries and diagnostics.

One my masterminds. This one includes the top Coaches, Doctors and Health and Wellness influencers from around the globe.

Speaking at a Microbiome and Nutrigenomics Medicine Mastermind

Speaking on “The Future Of Health Now” stage. Out of 90 submissions, they chose me and 14 others. Together we are evolving the standard of care for IBD.

Be brave, take risks and allow the unexpected. Bravery is not the lack of fear. Bravery is moving forward despite fear.  I’ve since put back the 40 pounds I lost. 

I’ve been able to THRIVE through 4 hospitalizations. 70 days and over 2000 hours at UCSD Hospital.

An IBD Expert physician calls me an IBD Thought Leader.

Former United States President Barack Obama follows me for updates.

I’ve THRIVED through the American, Mexican, Israeli and Australian medical systems.

I’ve traveled the world, 35 countries and counting.

We will teach you how you too can travel, easily and effortlessly.

We will teach you how you can create your own “home-spital”, to hopefully avoid any, or additional complications and the need for your first, or additional surgeries.

On a daily basis I research and implement anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

As a former award-winning United States Department of Defense Engineer I use to evaluate the top hardware and software companies for mission critical vehicles.

Today I evaluate companies for the most important vehicle, our body. One’s that can help us live healthier and happier lives.

I subscribe to the healing powers of nature, our inner body wisdom, and when appropriate, using technology to enhance our biology.

I’m a Skin, Brain, and Heart Biohacker. A biohacker is someone who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently. Technology that could include web and mobile apps, health trackers, wearables, FDA approved and research only devices.

We are still accepting mastermind members
and not yet sold out.

I believe, like Voltaire said: “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”.

I believe, like Albert Einstein said, No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

I believe that science is the map, and intuition is your compass.

The One Great Gut Mastermind has been designed to raise your consciousness and increase your intuition so you are better equipped to solve your problems. Will are the best doctor for your own body.

I don’t believe in coincidences. If you are reading this page, you were meant to be reading it. I believe coincidences are “Winks From God”.

I believe there are currently two cures.

1) Prevention and 2) The right community.

This mastermind is the right community. 

I hope you choose to take action today to better yourself and your family, while getting us closer to a global cure. 


4 Theme’s: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional

Frequency And Duration: Weekly for 90 minutes

Guest Speakers: Curated and matched specifically per your  needs.

Host: Joel Sprechman

We all know that stress and anxiety not only shorten your life span but they can make your life miserable moving you from happy remission to flare-up, FAST.

The United States ranks dead last in life expectancy behind all developed countries. Including all of Western Europe, and Canada.  Experts say a decline in longevity in England is a trend as opposed to a blip.

In 2018 our average life expectancy dropped for the third consecutive year. The last time something like this happened was back in 1918, during the first World War!

Immunosuppressants, stress and anxiety lower your immune system making you more susceptible to things like stealth infections,  parasites, and viruses.

I believe pharmaceutical medications are a useful tool to a hopeful life without needing them to live. 




Genes or DNA may “load the gun”, it is Lifestyle and Diet that pull the trigger.  This is why I study epigenetics and neuroscience. 

Epigenetics is the study of changes in our heritable phenotype’s that no not involve alterations of our DNA that we are born with.

The One Great Gut Mastermind is for you
if you fall into one of these three categories


You are looking to not just learn about the importance of gut health, but ways to optimize it, sustainably. For yourself, or your clients and patients.  Wether you are just starting your journey off, or you are a “veteran” who has been studying this for years, you just “don’t know, what you don’t know”. There’s always room to learn, grow and improve at every age!


You are living a life free of pharmaceuticals and you would like to continue a drug free life. I believe the best way to do this is is to stay up to date with the know what is most harmful and helpful in the world of Integrative medicine. It’s probably impossibly to live an entirely toxic free lifestyle, however keeping up to date on the latest science and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly increases the chances of staying pharmaceutical free.


You currently use pharmaceuticals and wish either a) you didn’t or b) you experienced less adverse effects. Lifestyle can decrease or even eliminate adverse effects.  I am currently taking pharmaceuticals, I’m also Thriving. My personal mission is to return to a drug free lifestyle.  Join me and we’ll tackle this goal together. A goal without a plan is a dream.

Why join the One Great Gut Mastermind?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.



Joel Sprechman skydiving

Yes, I actually jumped out of a perfectly working plane and now have one more airplane takeoff than landing – and lived to tell the story.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of a door labeled

99% of the time fear I’ve found FEAR to be irrational and actually False Evidence Appearing Real.

What other’s are saying about Joel Sprechman

Paulina Riedler R.N.

I am so honored and excited to have meet Joel and his community at One Great Gut. It’s a group that I wish was around when I began navigating the world of chronic illness. Joel is creating connections, spreading awareness, and providing resources to all people struggling with IBD or any chronic illness. Their Mission: A world without digestive ailments. They are providing people with the knowledge and empowerment to heal themselves, change their lives, and find support in one another. A beautiful and inspiring thing to watch.


Summit Member

I was skeptical…but I’m beyond happy that I took the leap of faith..It has been life-changing…already.  There was an incredible amount of info on ways to help heal your gut and I thought Joel was amazing. 

Evan, Canada

Summit Member

I owe a debt of gratitude to Joel Sprechman. Even after doing this for around six months I was seeing some results(greatly reduced cramping and diarrhea), I was getting frustrated and started to lose faith/hope. After listening to his…symposium I was reinvigorated with hope.

Tatiana Tiess

Website Designer and Brand Strategist

I wanna say thank you to Joel from my heart, for helping me see what I am here to do. Just one short conversation helped me open the door in my consciousness and expand to the next level. 

Dr. Jason Klop

To solve big problems, I believe it takes a bold vision and outside of the box thinking. Joel and One Great Gut are working to create meaningful change for IBD patients that transcends the current dogma and paints a bright picture of future possibilities.

Dr. Heather Sandison

I have been so impressed by Joel’s expertise in gut health! He has built an exceptional community to draw unique insights from and quickly pass them along to the many people who suffer from gut problems. Joel is sincerely committed to helping people feel better so they can live out their potential free from pain and unpredictable trips to the bathroom!


Summit Member

A friend passed along your Crohn’s Colitis Summit and I’ve been wanting to send a huge Thank You. All the information you shared came at the absolute best timing. I have been struggling with Crohn’s and I feel like all of these doors are opening that I didn’t know were there. Thank You forever for exposing me to all kind of new information and inspiring stories.

Domo, Ireland

Summit Member

I enjoy being informed, so I can make better decisions, as I absolutely believe each one of us has to take responsibility for our own health and well being, we must then assist the professionals in helping us.


Summit Member

I really liked Joel’s disposition, his honesty, the way in which he infused appropriate humor and anecdote into his interview responses. Very nice balance between professional and personal.

Dr. Matt Kreinheder

The truth of it is, that there is a lack of sophisticated alternatives for people suffering with chronic digestive issues. As a chiropractor I’ve seen people with all kinds of digestive issues that are desperately seeking solutions they couldn’t find within the mainstream. I’m excited for what One Great Gut is doing, the direction their seeking and the relief it will provide for so many.

Johnny Blackburn

Joel Sprechman is a man on a mission with a cause that comes through his own personal heroic quest for survival, thriving health & truth-seeking. While his own health challenges may have initially inspired him to seek answers & find solutions, what he has uncovered & his unshakeable passion to inspire, educate & empower others is deeply inspiring to me. Combining systems thinking, with a gift for asking what else is possible, his passionate inspired voice seasoned by his own journey is one to listen to in the evolution of our healthcare system.

Qori Quente Gallegos

Peruvian Shaman

Joel, you are a shaman, you know how to weave energy that inspires others to a higher level of understanding and a new perspective.


Summit Member

Joel was spectacular! I had very little hope that I would derive any value from this summit, but Joel’s interviewing skill’s really helped to bring out the stories and the raw, true, discussions with people as if they were my closest friends and family sharing their unflattering secrets with me. I greatly appreciated that. And the speaker lineup was very good too.

Shelley Chase Pistulka One Great Gut

Shelley Chase Pistulka

Former U.S. Army

ONCE a stranger to me, 2,000 miles away. Picked up a phone reached out and called me. His words gave me hope, encouragement, and a new faith in humanity. That stranger was YOU! The world is a better place because you are in it. Thank you ❤️

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We’ve noticed that video connections provide the opportunity for greater concentration, growth and deeper healing however you may use your phone to call-in and join the Mastermind session.

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection you can join us. You can also use your telephone to call in as we will provide toll-free numbers for over 90 countries. 

It depends on your specific challenges and questions. I have experts lined up who are prepared to present on just about every subject you can imagine. Topics could include, but are not limited to everything under Functional, Integrative and Naturopathic teachings including  Inflammation (Systemic and Intestinal), Mindset, Habits, Surgical Options, Routines, Cooking, Food Safety, Conscious Communication, Conscious Parenting, Pharmacologic Options, Biohacking, Healing / Releasing Trauma, Parasitology, Essential Oils, PTSD, Ayurveda,  Self-Massage / Visceral Manipulation, Breathwork, Holistic Psychology, EFT, FMT, EMF, Mold and Mycotoxins, Oral Health, Biologic Dentistry, Happiness, Love, Yoga, Meditation, Microbiome, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Lifestyle and Stress / Anxiety Management, Peptides, Stem Cells, Plant Medicine (Entheogens), Environmental Medicine, Leaky Gut,  Acupuncture, Detoxification, Toxins and Detoxification, Ozone, Genetics /Epigenetics,Pain Management, CBD, Marijuana, HBOT, Red Light Therapy, Stool testing, Vitamin D, UVB, Energy Medicine, Human Design, Gene Keys, Lab Testing(Blood and Stool), Herbal and Natural Supplements

Yes, it is! That’s because IBD, and all autoimmune dis-eases are multi-factorial, hence the solution usually requires multiple approaches concurrently. The topic we discuss will be determined by your specific challenges. This mastermind is for you to be able to solve your unique challenges with more confidence and greater success. 

The One Great Gut Mastermind runs for six weeks. You will have access to the recordings, forever. 

We will miss you, and it won’t be a problem! You can submit your questions ahead of time. The group Mastermind will be recorded for you to view later.

While I hope you can join us every week I understand that conflicts do occur. You will receive a recording of the Mastermind session you missed and we’ll look forward to you the following week.

We will meet 6pm PST on Monday starting in January 2020. This may change based on the groups needs. If you would prefer a different day or time, message me below.

Believe it or not, many of us are introverts. I consider myself an ambivert. Part introvert, and part extrovert.  That’s why I’ve built the One Great Gut Mastermind to be a safe place for all to participate. You’ll probably leave with more friends who get and appreciate you. 

The One Great Gut Mastermind is currently online, accessible to anyone around the world with an Internet connection. In the future we may meet in-person as well. 

Submit the application below and I will personally get back to you.

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