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Crohn’s And Colitis Summit: Learn from 30 of the world’s leaders on Crohn’s And Colitis. Functional, Integrative, and Naturopathic Gastroenterologists and Doctors, Nutritionists, 15 healed patients in long term remission without needing IBD pharmaceuticals, Integrative and natural pharmacists, a surgeon and even a Shaman.

Now available

The One Great Gut Collection is a carefully curated collection of eBooks, eCourses, Interviews and other resources to help you live your healthiest year ever. A complete IBD Crohn’s Colitis health library to get you on your way to better health. Resources from over 40 of the world’s most renowned gut health experts including more healed patients and evidence-based root-cause doctors and practitioners including Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky PharmD from the One Great Gut Network, Dr. Dayne Sullivan, Virginia Harper, Dr.  Leo Galland, Joey Morstand, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. Marisol, Marcie Peters, Camille Macres, Jaime Hartman, Dr. Ingels, Kiran Krishnan, Dr. Gary Weiner and more.

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