Joe Figliano – Healed of Crohn’s Disease

In the world of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Joe Figliano is a legend for his amazing feat of healing his body that had been ravaged by Crohn’s Disease.  This man speaks the language of nature. I feel he should be given a Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Jr,  Menachem Begin and Mother Teresa have won Nobel Peace Prize’s. A Nobel Peace Prize is given to  the person who have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. He found a way to calm his inner storm, his internal World War, from where he was unable to control his bowel movements, thus paving the path from unrest to health. He reworked his mindset restoring his body to a state of peace, love and harmony.

“I think that Joe will actually require surgery” – Joe’s Gastroenterologist in 2002

He achieved, and sustained internal peace, and through this interview will provide hope and maybe liberate others from the bowels of the porcelain throne. He healed his physical ailments, through mind-body, emotional stress-reduction work. What was once debilitating Crohn’s disease, diagnosed at age 23, by two GI’s. Is now a mere memory, and he says, his reason to serve and coach others.

Joe is now 43 years old and has been free from Crohn’s Disease for 8.5 years. 2007 was the last year he took medication for Crohn’s Disease

Pause for a moment. Allow that to sink in. Almost ten years medicine free.  Imagine for a moment, how would your life be if you did not have Crohn’s Disease any more? No worries of pain, running to the bathroom, stress of what to eat, when the next flare would put you back in the hospital


Joe, you’re a LEGEND Sir

Two GI’s, and various medicine’s you did react favorably with his body. One Gastroenterologist called him a “difficult fellow to counsel” and predicted that he will require surgery.


letter-from-giIn 2012, Joe was one of the first stories I came upon of a patient who fully healed themselves. I read his Crohns Colitis of Australia article, and hoped I would one day meet him in person.

When the Western medicine route didn’t work for him, he tried  Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and dietary changes. Though that did help, it didn’t help sufficiently, he was still experiencing symptoms – so Joe took matters into his own hands – surprisingly – it worked.

“Mr. Figliano is a very difficult fellow to counsel….He is reluctant to have a further infusion of Infliximab(Remicade)” – Joe’s Gastroenterologist in 2002

When I was living in Sydney Australia I underwent Fecal Microbial Transplant treatment at the Centre for Digestive Disease under Dr. Borody. I also sat down with Joe for a chat. He said he could eat whatever he wished, and since my diet was strict, we agreed to meet at a healthy cafe.  I arrived early, to find the cafe closed. I found a bar nearby, serving bar food, I knew I would not risk eating the food here but I wanted to meet Joe.

He arrived, and ordered a beer. I ordered my usual, water, no ice, not shaken, not stirred. I learned that he was fully healed, in clinical remission. Choosing to wean off life-saving medication is a careful process and not to be taken lightly. Joe took a calculated risk, and won.

A few months later we sat down in and recorded this interview. We’ve grown close as good friends. I’m grateful to have Joe in my life. His mentor-ship and teachings gave me the tools to upgrade my own brain, and  mind.   He’s an excellent coach, know’s the exact question to ask and know’s when to listen. I’m grateful for every moment we spend together.

In this interview Bob shares his personal journey and gives profound tips around meditation mindfulness, and bathroom habits.

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Full Interview Transcript, Video and Audio are included with the

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  • Good interview 🙂
    So glad for Joe Figliano being able to break free from being a victim.
    There is a saying. “If you do not realize that you are in jail, you can never escape from it”
    Crohn’s ‘sufferer’ for 40 years and got rid of it in 2000. Wrote a book about my experience – The Irritable Brain Syndrome, and Dr Bruce Lipton, whom I’ve met many times and sailed with!, has read it and his research and encouragement spurred me on.
    Now I’m working on my second book – The CANdida CANcer CONnection. I had ‘cancer’ five times and got rid of the last one – a squamous carcenoma in my tongue, myself.
    The answers are simple. The explanations are obvious. The information is always squashed 🙂
    But, if I can help just one person at a time, then all my passion in researching and working to create change for others, is worth it. If I can stop a bleeding bowel in seven days, then I can share this with another for them to manifest those changes themselves.
    And I have already done so, many times. And I will continue to do so 🙂
    Good on you Joel 🙂 Keep on keeping on!
    Warmest regards