I’ve been too quiet…

…For too long

Shaming myself

For where I am

For what others would think




Business and Medical Colleagues

Mentors and Friendtors

Woman I’ve been dating, courting, flirting with as I “call in” the ONE

No more shame

This is

My truth

My experience

My life

I’m no longer afraid


Strike that

Reverse it

I’m still afraid

Doing my BEST

CHOOSING faith over fear

No longer allowing MY VOICE to be numbed

My experience is raw

It’s real

It’s scary AF

A Hollywood worthy movie

Birdbox and Overlord do not come close

This isn’t Fiction

This story is full of HOPE

My story is full of POSSIBILITY

Today(February 6)  is Day 8 at the hospital.

Despite the Six Flags worthy next gen roller coaster to the hades underworld and then SpaceX rocket boosted to outer space…

I’m still breathing

Despite the physical pain

The medical contraptions

The emotional pain

The loneliness

The attending doctors

The pain management doc

The ID infectious disease team

The IR interventional radiology team

The nursing squad and GI team

The Xrays, cat scans and MRI

I’m Surviving

Nope, not true


My intention is not just to share

But to hopefully give others HOPE

To those that choose to remain private

I respect and honor that choice

I’m blessed to have a team of knowledgeable experts to help guide my experience here

I’m grateful for the thousands of hours I’ve spent studying this

The more I know

The more I don’t know

A student of life

Here study and theory turn to practical solutions

Sometimes with

Somethings against the grain

Always positive patient outcome focused

In service and in LOVE

More to come……

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