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I recently posted a video on Instagram and Facebook that has gotten a lot of praise. It’s called “Your thoughts are making you sick” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He’s one of my heros, and if you listened to the Crohn’s And Colitis Summit, he’s the teacher for some of the healing cases I featured and interviewed, including Bob Stickles, Paul Lemburg, and Joe Figliano

You shouldn’t  need a Facebook or Instagram account for either of the two links above to work.

Enjoy the short video, hope it helps you on your health journey

Before I sign off and meditate(Since I didn’t make time for it this morning)…

I wanted to share something that I believe is going to change the conversation and landscape of the IBD Crohn’s Colitis Industry.

I added a Share-Your-Story page to One Great Gut. It’s my research center. It’s OUR research center. Seems every day I learn of someone who has completly healed their IBD, or have found massive benefit from alternative treatment xyz. Many of you have emailed me telling me this!

Of course this is not what you will hear or learn from most conventional doctors.  Imagine when this research database reaches hundreds, then thousands of entries and we learn, as a collective community what is helpful, what is not, by large scale percentages and case studies.

For example, what if we learn that 10% of 3000 responders say removing gluten didn’t help.  Or, what if we learn that 90% of 3000 responders say removing gluten made a huge difference. This could be revolutionary, of course I will take this data to educate other’s.  This makes YOU the hero, and helping me change the world – together.

Thank You in advance for sharing your journey with me. Remember, we are in this together.

Please share your journey via this link and not by sending me an email. Yes, I really do read every email, however there are thousands and thousands on the One Great Gut email list and unfortuently it would take me hours to take every reply and put into a spreadsheet. The form we created takes just minutes to fill out.


PS – Earlier today I interviewed a GMO and glyphosate expert. Stay tuned for that inteview. It will be part of The IBD Crohn’s Colitis bundle!

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