Have you heard of Leaky Vagina?

Warning. I’m about to get raw, and real. It may make some of you uncomfortable.

Science fascinates me.

Have you ever heard of leaky vagina?

I hadn’t until today. Leaky gut? Yes. Leaky Blood Brain barrier? Yes. But leaky vagina!?!? I’ve never heard the term before.

Yes, your intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut from Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis could be contributing to unhealthy genital health. This is also 100% applicable to the microbiome in the penis.

It all makes sense.

Let me share a vulnerable, embarrassing, scary story.

I remember dating a beautiful woman a few years ago, and sometimes my penis would mildly sting during sex. Since she was my girlfriend, on birth control, and we had “the talk”, I rarely used condoms.

As it turned out, this was a big mistake.

I later found out she was cheating on me, and though she told me she used protection with him, obviously she couldn’t be trusted so I called him directly. He told me they were not using protection as he was told he was the only guy!

Aside from being disappointed and heart broken, as I thought she would be “the one “. I couldn’t believe my girlfriend was risking my health, and life, while apparently loving me dearly.

The stinging now made made sense. Thankfully my tests came back negative.

I now wonder if she had a case of leaky vagina.

I learned of this from Nutritional Therapist Chloe Manla , here’s what she said:

After witnessing my first birth last week I have a new found respect for this most precious of body parts and am on a mission to support yours! An imbalanced, or dysbiotic, vagina can contribute to infertility, birth outcomes, HPV and cervical cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, herpes infection and recurrent UTI’s.

For more on this important topic your doctor likely knows little about, check out her blog titled “Have you got a balanced vagina?

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