Playground Talk: “You Go To The Bathroom Daily”?!

“You go to the bathroom daily”?!

I exclaimed and questioned my friend in High School

Talking about bathroom activities was not normal conversation

Except for the one time I left a hard lump in my pants on the bus ride home from nursery school (Thank God it was a ghost poop. Yes, I’m writing about bowel movements. Great Gut’s are all about them. Boy was that embarrassing, walking off of the school bus feeling like a dumbbell was in my pants, between my legs. That was the first time bowel movements were ever spoken about with my family

This time was with a friend, he told me he went to the bathroom every morning

I thought he was kidding

As long as I could remember, I had never went to the bathroom two days in a row

Fine by me!

Less time in the loo, more time with my crew

On the playground

For me, it was normal to not have to go three, four, five, or more days

Constipation is generally described as having fewer than three bowel movements a week[1]
More time in the playground meant more time playing with my GI Joe’s, avoiding homework and pretty girls I had a crush on

Girls like Amy Zimmerman, Jana Cooperman, and Betsy Kaye

Amy, Jana, Betsy, if you’re reading this, yes those awkward behaviors I had were really a crush I had on you

More time playing kickball, wall-ball, and Frisbee

More trips to Action Park, Six Flags Great Adventure and Da Vinchi’s Pizzeria

Hands down, the best New York Pizza worldwide

Little did I know that Ulcerative Colitis, though years away from official medical diagnosis, had already begun

The most common early symptoms of ulcerative colitis are constipation with passage of blood or mucus in the stools. The patient may have the urge to defecate with only a scanty bowel movement. Several months or years may pass before diarrhea develops with abdominal pain [2]

1] Mayo Clinic –

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