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You've seen dozens of other's get rid of their gut health issues. From newly diagnosed to having had issues for years. Some in days, other's it took longer. You’ve seen how the only way to truly heal once and for all is by following the One Great Gut Diet and the resources in the One Great Gut Collection. 

And if you've paid attention to my emails,  Facebook and Instagram stories then you've seen that everyone is going nuts about this right now ...cramming my inbox and comments with questions under every video ...and desperately trying to crack this "gut health code".


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Learn how to Thrive. Not merely Survive. Managed Care is no longer enough. I’ve gathered the top experts in healing the gut, Integrative, Functional, Naturopathic, natural health, Nutrition, Health Coaching and healing to create a life-changing selection of eBooks, and other resources with a total value of $1,654 to sell them for a deeply discounted price of $147.  $73.50 due to the current times.

Many of these experts have individual practices and hourly consults with them can cost anywhere from $100-$500 per hour, but you can get the same information they share with their patients and clients through the wonderful resources they’ve so generously donated to the One Great Gut Collection!

From diagnosis to the discovery of how I could feel better with IBD

If someone would have sent me that exact same image a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed my eyes. 

But now screenshots like this one are something I see on an almost daily basis, and seeing someone heal their IBD Crohn's, Colitis doesn't seem so out of the ordinary. 

I mean, it blows my mind to see what's possible.

But I've seen people pull off a lot crazier stuff in less time.

marisa marinelli

One of them is Michael, who needed just 5 weeks to heal.

Now that got my attention. Especially because he had suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for 12 years. He was diagnosed just before his 21st birthday while traveling overseas with his family. Over those 12 years he tried almost everything. Seven pharmaceutical drugs, diets, and supplements He was even scheduled for surgery when he happened to come across an article on the internet. 

This was 3 days before his scheduled surgery date. He started this new thing the second week of June, and stopped the third week of July. About five weeks, total.

14 weeks later his colonoscopy revealed healing of this intestinal walls that had been chronically inflamed for over a decade!

He was also feeling the physical feelings of being healthy for the first time in a while. The last time we spoke in 2019, years after this happened, he still considers himself cured and has not needed any prescribed drugs for his Colitis.

And you know the best part?

He didn't spend a single dollar on a consult with a doctor for this.
What he did is use a gut health hack that many people do not yet know about. 

He also was able to do this entirely at home.

Perhaps even more impressive are the results from a friend of mine, Kristyn, from Virginia.

She was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 28 in 2008. Her sickness progressed quickly. Her Dad, Brother and Sister also had Crohn's

Three years later she was feeling somewhat better with the prescribed drugs but had been losing too much weight, and now that she was married And wanted to get pregnant.

Her Doctors couldn't agree if the drug was bad or good, so she took a risk and did some of the changes you'll soon learn about and decided to stop the drugs herself. She believes her complications came from the medicine, so she stopped.

She went from extreme colon lesions, snowballing weight loss where she was worried her wedding dress wouldn't fit to no microscopic signs of Crohn's at her next Colonoscopy. 

She insists that it was the Lifestyle changes that helped the most.

This was 7 years ago and she is still off all medications. Of course I can't recommend, advise or tell you what you should do with your life, but I want you to know that results like these are 100% possible or you.

AND, if you prefer or need to stay on pharmaceuticals, - no problem.

The Lifestyle and Dietary tips and techniques you will soon learn can lower and maybe even eliminate any adverse effects from those medications. 

The stories of love, hope and healing just keeping coming in.

In the past few days alone I've received these messages:

"I use to have Ulcerative Colitis", said one.

"I actually healed my UC", said another.

My eyes swelled up. Tears began to form. This is exactly why I created One Great Gut. How many more stories similar to this will come in the near future? 

I look forward to receiving a similar message from you. Hopefully soon!

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eBooks and Guides in the Collection

Better with IBD Joey Morstad

Value: $25.00

Reverse Gut Disease Naturally Michelle Honda

Value:  $1.99

Gut Feelings Dr. Marison Queen Of Thrones

Value:  $29.99

Kasia Kines Epstein-Barr Virus EBV

Value: $2.00


Value:  $20.00

Value:  $6.00

Value: $8.00

Crohn's And Colitsi Fix Inna Lukyanovsky

Value: $12.16


Value:  $8.00

Dr. Eva Detko

Value: $19.98

The FMT Coach Matt Robinson A Guide to Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Value: $24.95

The IBD Fitness Solution Joey Morstad

Value: $20.00

Dr. Rudrani Banik

Value:  $9.97

Value: 4.97


Value: $10.00

The Ace Quiz Adverse Childhood Experiences Meg  haworth

Value:  $1.97

10 Steps To Overcoming The Effects Of Victimization  Meg  haworth

Value: $9.99


Recipes, Meal Plans and Guides 

Value:  $1.99

freezer cooking for paleo aip Gutsy By Nature  jaime lubich hardman AIP

Value:  $10.00


Value: $6.00

The IBD Healing Plan Christie Korth

Value: $23.53

Value:  $19.00

nomorecrohns erin barnes scd diet shopping list

Value:  $6.00

Value:  $5.00

Value:  $6.00

Value:  $6.00

Value:  $5.00

Value:  $3.99

Value:  $6.00

eCourses, eSeries, and Interviews


Value:  $250.00+

Value:  $250.00+

Value:  $250.00+

Value:  $250.00+

Value:  $250.00+

Dr. Darin Ingels pediatric IBD

Value:  $250.00+

Shivan Sarna Dr. Gary Weiner Crohn's Colitis

Value:  $250.00+

Value:  $250.00+

Dr. Leo Galland IBD Nutrition
dr maya shetreat crohn's colitis microbiome masterclass rebel health tribe

Value:  $250.00+


Dr. Dayne Sullivan Crohn's Colitis IBD

Value:  $250.00+

Mindset, Food, Gut Soothing Products, Healing Habits, Inspiration, Microbiome Mastery, Practice Exercises

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Enlightened Belly Reset Your Gut training

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Crohn's and Colitis Summit The Lost Interviews

The Crohn’s And Colitis “Lost” Interview Package 

(Value: $1,997)


An exclusive interview with my personal Gastroenterologist. Learn what she recommends(And has had personal success with!) to the many patients sees who are extremely strict with their diet, on medication, and still are not getting better.

(Value: $250.00+)



VIP Interview. Learn how to reverse the inflammation and intestinal damage from Glyphosate, Herbicides and GMOs. Clinical proven, research backed. "Fun" Fact: 92% of those tested had this in their body

(Value: $250.00+)

✅A quick-start guide to overcome victim-hood

✅Learn what fats and

environmental causes trigger

autoimmune disease, and how to

Accelerate your Healing

✅A natural product that can

quickly help stop intestinal bleeding.

✅For me, Finding This "Magical

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The short answer is Yes!

The One Great Gut Collection is for anyone who wants to eliminate the fear and confusion around IBD, Crohn's and Colitis. It's for patients, health practitioners, caregivers, and anyone who is serious about prevention by improving their gut health knowledge and accelerating their own or their clients health journey.

Years ago I had to figure it all out alone. I was overwhelmed, and scared with my diagnose and the fact that I kept getting worse despite seeing doctor, after doctor, after doctor. 

I realized that there was no single source to learn from. There was no real trusted source of information so I can learn how to support by body's ability to heal from IBD alongside or outside of traditional medicine. This is why I created the One Great Gut Collection

You are NOT alone.

You have options. Your choices matter. You have the power, and opportunity, to positively affect your future. 

The One Great Gut Collection will empower you to make a meaningful impact in your life.

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