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The One Great Gut Network is a worldwide compilation of Doctors, health practitioners and service providers who have made a meaningful difference in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for often themselves and others with IBD, Crohn’s and Colitis.

Many have IBD themselves, living with this 24/7/365.

Here you will find our generous partners who have chosen to give back to One Great Gut. Every time you support their services, they will donate to One Great Gut. Together we are helping more people thrive with IBD. If you or someone you know are a good fit for the One Great Gut network, contact us to discuss.  

Bizi Vitamin Honey is the combination of raw USA honey and select certified vitamins. James Richard created this company to eliminate the unnecessary ingredients that come in traditional pills and gummies that are harmful to people with digestive problems. James brother has Crohn’s Disease which inspired him to build Vitamin Honey with pure honey, minimal ingredients and vitamins that will make a difference. There are currently 3 blends: a vitamin B complex, a vitamin C and a vitamin D3. These vitamins come in honey sticks for on the go use or in honey jars for cooking at home! We want everyone to have a healthier, tastier and more convenient way to stay healthy. 

Nadija Szram is a distinguished Vancouver Canada artist who almost lost her life to Ulcerative Colitis. In 2019 she spent four months in the hospital, needing the trauma team to help her live. She is now in complete remission and knows first hand the effect color has on the body, and how it influences moods, healing and positivity.  She spreads the joy of original art to uplift your space. She offers original canvas, art cards, portrait and abstract art commissions using acrylics for a healthy home.
Use code YAY20 for discount. 
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Brad is a Crohn’s Warrior and Realtor. He has  21 years of experience and experience in buying, selling, and investing in real estate. He specializes in coastal San Diego – Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla. He’s a speaker, dad, coach and best known for his Real Estate Survival Guide and appearances on ESPN Radio. Finally, he’s one of the only real estate agents willing to guarantee your property sold in 37 days, or he’s pay your mortgage until it sells. Contact him through his website, or directly at 858-225-7385 for a discount. Just tell him you found him on One Great Gut

Dr. Inna is a doctor of pharmacy, a best selling author, functional medicine practitioner, gut and hormone expert, a creator of digestive solutions for Crohn’s/colitis and a mom of three boys. She works with clients locally and nationally. Her practice is focused on helping people reset their digestion, balance hormones, reduce inflammatory symptoms, get more energy and restore their immune system. She lives with her family in Marlboro, New Jersey. Contact her through her website, or directly at 732-414-6223 for extra savings.

Dr. Lorna has a Ph.D. in Nutrition Education with a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is also a Certified Nutritionist Consultant. She traditional medical background coupled with my doctorate in nutrition gives her a unique ability to view health conditions from a functional and medical perspective. She specialize’s in nutrition for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, histamine intolerance, hypoglycemia, mast cell activation syndrome, nutrigenomics, and weight loss, as well as general overall health. She will work remotely with you. Contact her through her website or directly at 954-205-2218

After helping her husband heal his Crohn’s Disease using nutrition as a foundation, Katie Kimball, a teacher and mom of four has given dinner a makeover by empowering  thousands of children to be adventurous eaters while ending mealtime madness and actually getting kids to cook, prepare and eat healthy food. Here you can download for free an eBook featuring 10 snacks your kids can make. No junk food dressed up as “kid food.” You’ll have healthier snacks to choose from in 20 minutes, like homemade ranch for dipping and even homemade Larabar-lookalikes (save a ton of $$ on those)!

Joshua Nachman MS, CNS, CPT was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009. By October, 2011 he found his personal cure. By 2014 he left his Physics PhD track and completed his Master’s in Nutrition. His goal is to get you well quickly and efficiently. He has guided 100’s of people to health and wellness. He offers Integrative Nutrition and Energy Medicine. Contact him through his website, or directly at . Tell him you found him on One Great Gut.