Event Recap: One World Academy – Being Limitless : In a Beautiful State – Miami Florida

One World Academy is a wisdom school for one-consciousness. They set you on the path of awareness, freedom, and change

Earlier this year, Tony Robbins, star of the recent Netflix documentary “I am not your guru”, filmed with KrishnaJi from One World Academy

Early in August our friend Janel was a participant in the “Being Limitless” weekend in Miami Florida

Here are her notes describing her experience

Future upcoming Being Limitless courses are scheduled in Brazil, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Europe, Asia and Australia

August 5, 2016


  • OWA Presentation
  • Understanding Limitless Consciousness
  • Meditations for Stillness


  1. Sanjiv introduces the weekend workshop.
  2. Assures that this weekend will be a beautiful and transformative experience.
  3. The three gifts that will be shared
  4. The Gift of Life Transformation – Wisdom
  5. The Gift of Profound Transformation.
  • Her presence, Preethaji – Co-founder of OWA – which we can all benefit from.
  1. The Alchemy to limitless will result in better relationships, successful achievements and contribution to life.
  2. Limitless is a form of death – death of distraction, separateness, isolation, alienation.
  3. Humans live in 2 states:
  4. Suffering – having limits
  5. No-Suffering – when we are in a beautiful state = we are connected, expansive, included, we include others/ togetherness.
  6. Breathing Practice
  7. Conscious Breathing – the Fundamental breath technique
  8. Be aware of the breath – have your awareness follow the path of your breath during your,
  9. Diaphragmatic Breath – Inhaling fully, allowing Belly to rise and chest to fill up & Exhale fully chest falls and navel pulls inSoma Breathwork Niraj Naik
  • Inhale for 4 seconds, and Exhale for 8. – the inhale/exhale ration to be 1:2
  1. All three previous steps, are done simultaneously, making up the “conscious breath technique”.
  • What is the single most important factor responsible for our destiny?
  1. Audience’s answers varied: Our state, connection, thoughts, decisions, love, contribution
  2. To have a great destiny:
  3. Need to perform right action
  4. Make wise choices
  • Need to have the right emotions
  1. You cannot be stuck in anger/hurt or being selfish.
  2. You must not act in reaction to or avoidance from past hurtful situations or experiences.
  3. To change your destiny:
  4. There must be a desire to change – this is an inferior pursuit; However, you need more than “just desire”.
  5. Not only do your conscious actions need to be changed, but thoughts and emotions need to be worked on (the superior pursuit).
  6. This stems from changing your consciousness – being more expansive and more connected.
  7. Being in a beautiful state.
  8. Human Beings are the most evolved species.
  9. We are capable of having creating and having great experiences.
  10. We are capable of being expansive – limitless
  11. It is truly a sad thing to not experience these expansive states.
  12. In the state of expansiveness – your problems will disappear.
  13. Personal support for this weekend’s journey.
  14. Spiritual Friend – Mitra
  15. Felicia Kestenberg
  16. Connecting with Mitra: Proclaiming to our spiritual friend. – “I hope for you to have peace, joy and love”
  17. Smile Meditation & Connection with Mitra exercise
  18. On average children smile 300-400X a day vs. adults 15-20!
  19. Scientifically proven – if you smile more, you will be happier.
  20. Smile Meditation
  21. Start with the conscious breath technique (x3)
  22. Next, Inhale, and on exhale, smile ever so slightly
  • Inhale, and on exhale smile, so you are moving your cheeks.
  1. Inhale, and on exhale smile, so you are moving your eyes.
  2. Smile, as you truly feel joy and gratitude.
  • Golden Eagle story. A baby golden eagle hatches, and the little boy at the farm, takes the baby eagle from its nest, and put it with the young hens in the barn. The baby eagle is raised by the mother hen, and believes itself to be a chick.  He feeds on worms and insects and bugs.  One day the baby eagle, sees his mother, the Golden Eagle soaring high in the sky.  He asks Mamma Hen, “when can I do that”?  The Mamma Hen replies “You cannot fly like that you are a hen”.  A few days later, the Golden Eagle Mom sees the young golden eagle on the ground pecking around for worms.  She swoops down and asks, “what are you doing there?” – “I am hen, a baby chic” – The Golden Eagle mom, shows him he can fly, shows him what he is capable of.  The young golden eagle begins to fly, and flies all the time, knowing he is now limitless.
  1. This is the story of the transformation that will happen this weekend.
  2. The Mother Hen in our story, telling us that it is okay to live in a limited state is society.
  3. Conventional Education gives us: skills and knowledge, but also teaches us fear. Teaches us to be ashamed of failure, that we are no good enough, and that we need to please others.
  4. We are on a journey to transform from being unaware to aware!
  5. READY?
  1. Right palm over left palm, place on right thigh.
  2. Spine is Erect, take in 3 conscious breaths
  3. Once in the state of stillness, this incantation is promised — “I WILL COMMIT MYSELF TO THIS JOURNEY, I WILL GO FROM LIMITED TO LIMITLESS”.
  4. 5 Elements in our Journey:
  5. Wisdom
  6. Spiritual Friend
  7. Detox Meditation
  8. Powerful Process
  9. Meditative Practices
  10. Inner Stillness – into Vision
  11. Life is fundamentally led by the vision we have. Most people the vision is external.  This weekend we are birthing a spiritual vision.
  12. This will allow us to live life free of inner conflict – no longer bogged down be inner chatter. This is a beautiful state of being.
  13. With inner peace comes the natural immersion of joy.
  14. Defying Gravity
  15. Gravity is a downward pull – lips being pulled down (frown). When life is so heavy, lips succumb to gravity.
  16. When in a beautiful state – smiles blossom from inside, from your source of infinite joy, your heart.
  • Detox Meditation
  1. Moving into Stillness: Bring awareness to the top of your scalp, feel as if there is an opening, which light can moves through.
  2. Inhale deep into the diaphragm, and when you exhale, breath out the sound “iinnnngggggghhhhh”
  • Stillness Meditation
  1. Standing feet slightly wider than hip width apart.
  2. Right palm over left, as if holding a ball (so hands are not touching.
  3. Consciously move your hands together in the movement of the infinite 8 while gazing at a point on the floor. Not staring, not focusing but gazing; taking in the space between your eyes and the point of focus.  As the movement of your hands guides your hips to sway, allow them to, if guided to – lift your heels in the rhythm of the infinite 8 movement.  Begin to slow this movement, allow yourself to flow, to be the flow, and  consciously flow slower and slower, deeper and deeper, until you are at a stand-still relaxed position.
  • Stillness Meditation cont…
  1. Still in the relaxed flow – sit at the edge of the bolster/seat/mat.
  2. Begin the conscious breath techinique, and begin to rock as you inhale and exhale.
  3. Inhale diaphragmatically. Feel as though your spine is a well.  At the bottom of the well is shiny silvery water, and on the exhale breath feel that water spurting out, up the spine and out of the top of your head like a fountain: drenching you with stillness, peace and joy.
  4. Visualize yourself, soaking in this silvery, joyful water, into every pore, refreshed, revitalized, and in total peace.
  5. Stay in the realm/space of your process
  6. Practice the Conscious Breath Technique – 7x before the morning class.
  7. Good Night.

August 6, 2016

1) Principle of Inner Truth
2) Meditation on Inner Truth
3) Principle of Spiritual Connection
4) Principle on Expanding Connection
5) Kshetra Meditation with Preethaji
6) Aham Prakriya
I. Inner Truth is your truth.
A. To awaken to your inner truth is facing/owning/and staying with (not running from/avoiding or ignoring) your anger, hurts, judgements and insecurities.
B. To move from untruth to truth is moving your dark to the light – this requires taking hold of the dark with command.
i. Once you are authentic, there are no boundaries of your past/present or future, you are in a state of bliss, and connected.
ii. In the state of consciousness – you respond to life with connection and compassion. Your judgments and mental chatter get moved to love, compassion, and limitlessness and bliss.
C. The Limbic system is the part of the brain that anger, jealousy, and fear reside.
D. The Mid pre-frontal cortex is where connection, awareness and greater wisdom reside. (I found this interesting that the part of the brain responsible for connection, is also being studied for effects of smartphone use and advanced cognitive functioning and dysfunction (due to rapid image technology) for young people.)
E. In the meditation practices today, we moved the “activation/synapses” from our limbic system to the connected and awareness center of the mid pre-frontal cortex.
F. Your inner losses/hurt/fear of your past and the anxieties of your future clouds your thinking.
i. By awakening yourself to power and to truth, you will conquer those inner losses.
ii. You will open yourself up to the experience of limitless consciousness.
iii. By acting and thinking of the past, the feelings of hurt and fear are magnified.
iv. When obsessed (consciously or not) with something, you are not able to see the big picture – which limits you, your successes and possibilities, because you are not able to step into expansiveness, where inspiration for possibilities take place.
II. Stretch Session
A. Conscious Breathing, Twists, Cat/Cow, Angel arms (exhale above head, Inhale to heart center), free flow like a 5th grader.
III. More on Inner Truth
A. Just as Carbon takes on different forms at different depth, so does truth.
i. Carbon = coal -> oil/gas -> diamond
ii. Truth = Emotion -> Observing ->liberation
a. Emotion – when you recognize emotions, you will be lead to a place of calmness.
b. Observing – When you observe the self-images that you (by default) always try to fit into or strengthen, and free yourself from them, you will live in a place of freedom. Your self-images, are pictures/roles you attach yourself too, they do not represent your essence or your connection with infinite/limitless.
c. Liberation – This can be done through transcendental meditation, where you are able to see the connectedness you are to the whole web of life.
B. Story about Man from China / observing the truth
i. A man from China came to the OWA center really irritated with his wife. After doing some self-work, he finally was able to see why he was irritated – the root cause. The actual feeling he was feeling, not irritation (towards someone else, which is an external behavior) but what he was actually feeling inside. She was a phenomenal woman, with many talents, intelligence and poise. He was jealous of her. This jealousy manifested into irritation.
1) Keep the body still & spine erect
2) 3 conscious breaths
a. Simultaneously, breath in (while mentally stating “I am inhaling”), breath deep (so your abdomen rises and lungs fill up), breath in steadily for 4 seconds.
b. Simultaneously, on the exhalation, breath out (while mentally stating “I am exhaling”), exhale fully (so your navel pulls in, and chest falls), breath out steadily for 8 seconds.
3) Proclaim “I am in the NOW”.
4) Recognize the emotion that comes up.
5) Observe your mindset
a. Obsessing about the past or anxious of the future?
b. Or, maybe not obsession, but are you distracted and wandering?
c. Are you engaged in being present?
d. Just notice the place/mindset, where your thoughts and feelings come from.
6) Feel/Visualize a candle flame glowing in the center of the brain (between the eyebrows in the center of your skull) – the pineal gland.

***What are you not wanting to feel?
i. The conscious breathing activates your parasympathetic neuro system.
ii. I found this practice challenging. I did not “feel” anything, and that was frustrating for me. I kept hearing myself ask the question, “What is it that I feel?” I spoke with Yuktesh on the break, and he suggested that I start from a feeling of frustration, frustration at not being able to identify with my feelings. This was a huge breakthrough for me, as I have found that my challenge in creating my vision is hindered by not being able to feel what I desire and truly want. If this meditation doesn’t come easy, having a starting place to work from is key.
iii. We were reminded that this is a practice that needs to be practiced, as several people had different issues surface during this exercise.
7) We discussed observing the mindset after this exercise. This should also include observing the self-image vantage point you project from.
a. The entirety of our suffering is caused by resisting reality.
b. You are always trying to fit the image you have for yourself.
c. When reality doesn’t match the self-image you hold yourself, we resist the truth.
d. When you are able to see reality, you will have freedom.
a. You need something deeper than “changing” the emotion, or else it will resurface again.
b. You need a FUNDAMENTAL shift. Instead of engaging the emotion (getting angry, feeling sad, allowing jealousy to consume you), switch to observation of the emotion you have.
IV. Stillness Meditation – This meditation prepped us to be conscious/aware of the sensations and feelings that come up, (in later meditations). It consisted of the conscious breathing technique, while being guided to listen to the sounds in the room (3 mins), then feel the texture through our awareness, of the clothes we have on, and how it hangs and drapes over our body (3 mins) , the last three minutes was to keep someone we love in our focus and think of a time that they were joyful and happy and hold that thought of them for three minutes
A. Next, raised hands on the side to meet together above our heads while exhaling, and inhaling as we move our hands in prayer position to our heart center.
B. Keeping our visualization that we are in the orb of light, and being aware at the sensation of being engulfed by a protective and soothing light.
A. Wholeness allows expansive states of consciousness.
B. Wholeness extends out and creates a beautiful experience and healing for others.
C. If you are not comfortable loving yourself (all of you – anger, hurt)  You can no “be” for others. If you are divided in yourself, you are never present for others.
A. What is connection? Alignment, acceptance, understanding, balance {SPIRITUAL CONNECTION}
i. Connection is not being lost in your own obsession (your reasons, your beliefs…)
ii. Connection is letting others be themselves
a. Knowing when one is not in a beautiful state, and making an effort, to move that person out of their pain and discomfort. (Truly serving).
B. Why connection?
i. Connection is food for your brain. Your brain requires connection to rejuvenate you.
ii. Meaning and Purpose to our life. – Numerous people are responsible for your making, as you are responsible for theirs. Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.
iii. Connection is life, if you are aware of it or not.
C. Why is there a disconnection?
*** Below are thought poisons***
A. Your expression of love may not be being received. In situations, conversations – Are you being present, are you letting and embracing the other be themselves, are you holding their beautiful inner state as the priority, OR, are you expressing your love by a definition of the past, or an avoidance of a definition of the past?
i. If you are reacting to what happened in the past, and/or you are programmed to respond that way  you are disconnected.
B. Are you mirroring your past?
i. Habit means no connection. A connection is to respond to the current situation, with no preconceived notions, no habits, responses or avoidance of past reactions.
C. Obsessing over future plans is also disconnection from the present.
D. When Doing becomes more important than Being. When your focus is on what the other is doing and not what they are feeling and/or why they are doing it, you are not present.
(ex: when a child is chronically misbehaving so discipline is focused on, vs why are they acting out like that).
(ex: Why is he late, why has he not called me? Vs. what happened, what is he feeling, why is feeling distant?)
E. Holding on to Judgements keeps you disconnected.
i. Always having to make your judgement right. By default, people are always trying to strengthen their judgements, day in and day out. So much so, that people are willing to let people go (out of their lives), because they refuse to see the entirety.
A. This is a PROCESS (not a meditation, advised to be under guidance) There is a specific timeframe for spiritual growth that is safe, and done in intervals. Processes are to free yourself from past hurt/fears/anger. This process is a deep meditative journey, results are unpredictable, and each person will be effected differently.
B. The root of all thought poisons are HURT, SADNESS, DISAPPOINTMENT that have been accumulated through your childhood, relationships, traumas etc…
i. These reasons lead us to mechanically act on thought poisons and not connect.
ii. These things can consume you.
iii. If we do not set ourselves free, we are perpetuating it in our children, partners, everyone, and everything.
i. Connect with your experience of hurt(s). Feel how you felt as it was happening. Notice your body sensations. For me, it was lump in my throat, I couldn’t swallow, almost couldn’t breathe, exactly like it was during that hurtful experience(s).
ii. See the experience in total clarity. Where were you? How were you responding? This is noticed form an observation mode. Notice how the (hurt, sadness, disappointment) consumed you in the experience.
iii. In this process – Be kind to yourself.
iv. Breathing technique was guided.
a. In nose/out nose
b. In mouth/out mouth – rapid (breath of fire)
c. In nose/out mouth – deep breaths
v. After connecting and owning our hurt, next was to think of a loving connection in our lives. (There is so much love in our lives, allow those feelings to fill you up). Again, observing it in total clarity, feeling the sensations felt at that situation. Becoming engulfed in the feeling of that love.
vi. Next, was to breath into our heart space, visualizing your chest open up and allowing intense, burning white light to rush in (like a broken pipeline) and having the light coat our hearts in gold.
vii. Overwhelmed with this love, we held someone we want to love in our focus, (continuing the flow) and poured all loving thoughts and energy to that person. Breaking the cycle of hurt responses and paving the way for connected present-ness. (cleared past hurt, brought in love and light, send/gave out love and light)
*** this was a very intense process, and was advised not to practice, unless under guidance, as it is a process, not a meditation*** Layers were shed from my energetic body, weight was lifted, and root causes of unhappiness, and blockages, and limitations were revealed to me during this practice. I came out of this practice, in true love. Love for myself, love for the hard experiences that had affected me, and no longer are attached to me, love for the grace I am given, and love for this experience I was blessed to partake it, alongside a genuine and sincere group.
A. In this experience, you may be able to feel the expansiveness of infinity.
B. This experience generated a field of consciousness around us, a beautiful state.
C. People will be impacted when they step into your field.
1) 8 “conscious” breaths
2) Move your intention to the middle of the skull – pineal gland
3) Visualize a light there, focus on the glow, how it is alive
4) Make the intention to go deeper into this experience.
5) Allow the journey to take you.
(take note)
-the more dedicated you are to your breath, to feeling love and feeling life, the greater the transcending.
-If you are tentative and lukewarm, that is what you will receive back.
-Add to the energies around you, bring sincerity to this group exercise.
-Use the integrity of your “being” – in the now.
-Give yourself fully to the process – show up for yourself!
-This is healing to your consciousness; pains and fears get cleansed (or transcend). Breath
A. Starting with a meditative gaze. Right palm on left palm, inside of hand facing up. Gaze into the space between your eyes and your palm. (~3 min) Be aware of the space between your eyes and your palms. Feel the gaze and the space.
B. Close your eyes, begin to swirl, your torso on top of your hips, as if your torso is a spoon, and you are stirring soup. Like the earth moves on its axis. Begin to be the movement, be the fluidity, go deeper into this process of being the movement – slower and slower.
C. Put on eye mask.
D. Breath work – Chaotic breathing, rapid, fast, hard, continuous, sounds and grunts, violent, movement if needed — just keep breathing, never a pause in your breath. Break the monotonous rhythm, this is chaotic breathing. SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF!!
-Some people were yelling with breath, animal sounds, almost hyperventilating.
– I was grunting, snorting, jumping, energy was surging through me.
-laughing, coughing and sneezing were heard.
E. Collapse to Mother Earth, and feel – let the journey take you.
6) Yuktesh guided us through D & E, three times.

The music selection for this process, was instrumental in the experience. I chose to go to the front side of the room, for more room to do the breath work and collapse down. Yuktesh suggested that the best thing for us, the rest of the night, was to not talk, but to stay inward. He asked us to assimilate our experience in writing before leaving. Although words cannot describe this experience of my expanded consciousness and overflowing feeling of joy and surrounding texture of love — Below is my unedited “assimilation piece”.

Letting go,
Showing up and giving all I can,
Continuously breathing, taking in all of life, vigorously, as if running to escape but in anticipation.
Energy awakened, surging through me, tingling its way to the edges and crevasses of my body, awaking every cell, connecting to the energy field of a collective higher frequency, feeling the jump to that higher frequency, I’m in a new realm. I am not matter.
Generating magnetism to all that is good – I am open and good rushes through me.
Rest/Collapse to mother Earth.
Expansiveness and vastness into the Universe, the Infinite. The midst of the rainbow, the colors made from light refracted, I am.
Feeling life and the force and growth behind it, — I am it.
I am the seed, made of possibilities and abundance, absorbing heat from the sun through the soil, and moisture from the soil, time stops, I am the seedling, piercing through the soil covering.
Hand chakras (pinky side of palms) being pulled to the energies in space. I’m expanding, with magnetic pull to the universe, stars swirl around. Speeds of light in the vast clean, dark universe, colorful gases and the energy I am is everywhere, and beyond. The Bright hot sun light, orange/red heat, I am the core. I travel on the lengths of heat waves, I cast nutrients to the trees and make shadows in the valley.
Soaring, I am the eagle, riding on different planes of wind, through a desert canyon, hearing my call, the decibels traveling and bouncing off the rocky cliffs, rippling onward and away – I was the sound intelligence.
Generating the immense healing energy by just breathing, breathing hard! fast! Chaotic, never not breathing. Knowing what I put in, is what I will get out (divine revelation (in feeling) for life as a whole).
In Mother Earths comfort, the bliss/joy bubbling over me. I am the butterfly; I am the wind as it rustles through the tall trees. Holding my family in this joy, intentionally giving them this experience of beautiful source energy. Holding my friends, extended family in this overwhelming joy and pure clean love, we are all one. I hold all of the earth and all of humanity, all life forms, all science and intelligence in this love and light.

August 7, 2016


  • Vision of One World Academy
  • Principle of the Web of Life
  • Meditation on Interconnection
  • The Great Soul Sync Meditation Practice


  1. “Every day is an Extraordinary Day!”
  2. The day started with a Laughing Meditation
  3. Begin with the Smiling Meditation
  4. Connect with Joy inside of you, then connect with your Mithra.
  5. Hold that joy as your intention/Let yourself go, going into that space.
  6. Hold that for your family and friends, the world at large.
  7. Recapture the spirit of being a child. Enjoying the moment, experiencing joy.

***The laughter in the room was infectious.  Even when returning to calmness, multiple rounds of gut wrenching laughter continued to inflate the bubble of joy in the room.  In the sharing of experiences, many people were most moved by this laughing meditation.  To bring yourself to joy at will, to experience life with comic relief, is a practice all humanity can benefit from. ***

  • Vision of OWA – Samadarshiiji
  1. “We have become family.” OWA cares for your inner experience. This weekend interaction, this journey shared with trust and openness, has made us family.  OWA does not ignore sadness or run form it, and we know how not to either.  Instead integrate it into being, into the now; Integrate all feelings, both sadness and joy.
  2. Know that the Experience of Life MATTERS! OWA is not in the business of pleasing others or speaking clever words to take advantage of anyone.  They live by speaking the truth gently.
  3. At OWA, help always has an open door – do not hesitate to reach out. By default, people are hesitant to ask for help. Flight and running from is ‘engrained’ in the unconnected person.  It is time to fly (Golden Eagle story, from Day 1) and to inspire people to fly with you.
  4. Do not say things just for formalities. Become the breed that says things you mean, and does them.
  5. Take-aways from Krishnaji’s story of almost losing his family (Preethaji and his daughter) at Big Bear Lake.
  6. It is your inner being that manifests as order or disorder.
  7. OWA will nurture the experience/ Nurture the “being”.
  • Why should learning only happen in pain, in a tragedy? – Every answer that came to Krishnaji, he observed that he “Did not know”.
  1. His mind refused to take refuge in any metaphysical concepts – The process of great liberation.
  2. In the water, scared, angry, with his life vest on, he felt he was Preethaji, he was his daughter, he was everything, he was every drop of water, and he was the entire universe. This state was penetrating insight into the nature of human suffering.
  3. ALL SUFFERING is caused by obsessive self-centered thinking, not selfish thinking. It’s the tendency of the human mind to obsess over itself. 
  4. All inner unpleasantness, is rooted in obsession with oneself, one’s reasoning.
  5. We must be freed of the obsession of ourselves.
  6. There must be a revolution in the way we love and experience life.
  7. This experience inspired Krishnaji to create parts of meditations, processes, to share with the world how to access beautiful states. OWA was born.  Its vision is of spiritual evolution of individuals.
  8. From WISDOM, you OBSERVE à from OBSERVATION arises TRUTH. From TRUTH, one can be catapulted to TRANSCEDENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, into a BEAUTIFUL STATE, this is where we gain Insight that transforms us.
  9. Transform your Brain Recap
  10. 3 Conscious Breaths – Move into the NOW.
  11. Steady Mind Sate mediation
  12. It is only form a Beautiful State, that one can perform a beautiful action with wisdom.
  13. Beautiful states only happen in TRUTH (including dark and hurtful truths)
  14. Practice – Observe our emotion to get yourself to restore to Calm.
  15. Recognize the self-image you are identifying with, and the mindset you are observing from.
  • If you are not established in truth, you cannot access a beautiful state, and therefore you are just going through the action of emotion of love and kindness.
  1. This is ok, to just go through the motions, but be able to observe that.  Know the truth and know reality.
  2. Begin to be aware of the true experiences of your consciousness (transcendental).
  3. The Ultimate Exploration is Inner Exploration. (How amazing it is to dive in Hawaii or the Great Barrier, and bungee jumping), exploring your truth and expansiveness is even more exhilarating.
  4. HUSH THE RUSH book – written by Preethaji
  5. Made to help spiritualize your lifestyle/sweeten your life.
  6. Sleep peacefully
  7. Wake up joyfully
  • Eat consciously
  1. Converse calmly
  2. Drive cautiously
  3. Share this book with others. Help to lead them.
  4. Sharing of experiences of the seminar (about 10 people) – below are some takeaways that I resonated with.
  5. Life experience is a lovely lesson instead of a burden to carry.
  6. Intrinsically connected to everything.
  7. You never really know what is going on – get outside of your head – you don’t need to know what is going on – stay in your beautiful state – stay in your own joy.
  8. I have everything I need inside of me – available to access at any time.
  9. Getting out of the way for yourself – Give! When you give, you get.
  10. We are all blending together in this universal world picture – as a mosaic.
  1. The journey going forward, we must continue to transform our unpleasant states into Beautiful states of being, our divided feelings into Oneness in expansion, and the separation sensations into connection.
  2. Discover LOVE first, then discover Partners to share with. When awakened to love, the relationship will last.
  3. Limiting Cycle — We move into limited states, and then try to escape them

What if…. ?

You lived a life of freedom!?!

  1. The human mind has an addiction to emotional drama. People are willing to believe anything that is negative.
  2. The mind clings to that one thing and nullifies everything else positive.

Why is this?

  1. The brain is neurologically wired to be attracted to sorrow/pain – There is a bias to the negative in the human brain.
  2. You must emerge from being a person into being a phenomenon.
  3. Life is pleasure, losing pleasure, feeling secure, then insecure, then back again. – Drama
  4. Being a phenomenon is living in a beautiful state of consciousness – your very state of living, inspires and heals the people around you.
  5. Your state impacts others around you – responsibility.
  6. You are able to manifest synchronicities, when your state is so beautiful, you are in flow.
  7. When your consciousness transforms, things are magical, things are beautiful.
  1. Most people have a passion to create a beautiful destiny for ourselves. Some of us, also are concerned with the bigger picture.
  2. There is an obsession of the self.
  3. Love at first site; Divorce at first fight.
  4. We need an evolution of consciousness.
  5. On a personal level (anger/ hurt à love)
  6. National level (fighting à peace).
  • Planetary level (destroying the earth à healing/preserving all life).
  1. We need to move into feeling separate à interconnected/interdependence.

We need to most from feeling insecure and fearful à allowing great wisdom to arise from limitless states.

  1. The sun, the moon, the farmer, his wife, their son, all their efforts, the grocer are all responsible for the piece of toast. If you waste that toast, you are disregarding the efforts and love of all these people and nature.
  2. Ocean currents, trees, wind à breath à universe moves in us.
  3. Moving our psychological state into à a beautiful state à comes from many/cumulative sources — experiences, food, situations, people and even unknown efforts. So many aspects of influence.
  4. If you start experiencing life as interconnected (As the Native Americans, Hawaiians, indigenous cultures do) – If you love from that place, it will result in great wisdom and great power. The way you will respond to life, from this place, will be tremendously different in being, feeling and in results.
  5. Being and acting in togetherness, is the place in which magic happens. When awakened to this interconnectedness, great wisdom and inspiration flows through your experience of oneness.
  6. Colors are magnified
  7. Senses are magnified
  • Stillness/ boundaries/ consciousness expands
  1. You lose touch with time and space à oneness with everything.
  3. Spine Erect/Still Body
  4. 8 “conscious” breaths
  5. Feel joy – allow it to wash over you
  6. Feel joy for your family (hold them in this space)
  7. Feel joy for everyone (hold them in this space)
  8. Feel joy for life (plants, animals, organisms, cells, mountains, natures processes)
  9. Feel joy for the universe
  10. Gratitude comes from a place of gratitude.
  11. Spiritual responsibility
  12. Not only to yourself but to others. Commit yourself to do what you can do to eliminate suffering.  Clean yourself energetically before interaction(s) and after as well.
  13. Vision is large – Accelerate yourself!
  15. Many organizations do this in the morning. Setting intention while in a beautiful/expansive state of consciousness.
  16. Can be done in 9-12 min.
  17. Soul Sync leads you into a beautiful state, where you will hold a heartfelt intention, and the possibilities become realities.
  18. This practice balances pulse and balances blood pressure.
  19. Also, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and centers it.
  20. STEPS:
  21. Eyes need to be closed.
  22. Breathing Counts – Use fingers to count.
  23. -index/thumb
  24. -middle/thumb
  25. -ring/thumb
  26. -pinky-thumb
  27. -2x = 8 breaths.

Step 1 – 8 conscious breaths

Step 2 – 8 cycles of Inhale and Exhale – on the exhale, hmmmmmmm with a vibration, enough to vibrate

the inside of your head.  The humming releases nitric oxide, putting you into a state of calm.

Step 3 – 8 cycles of Inhale and Exhale.  – Between the inhale and exhale there is a pause.  Bring attention

to that pause, without manipulating your breath.  The pause is natural, not intentional (the

miniscule pause).  With practice this will leave an impact on how you see your thoughts (how

you observe your mindset)

Step 4 – 8 cycles of Inhale/ Exhale – on the exhale, internally change “Ah- HUMMM”, which means “I am

the Infinite Consciousness.  Allow yourself to transport into the undivided eternal field of


Step 5 – Move into the expansive, no need to count.  Be present, visualize light surrounding you.

Dissolve into the light.  Feel the light waves moves through you.

Step 6 – In this expansiveness, in this infinite, limitless state, move into a beautiful state and hold one

heartfelt intention.

  1. The difference between heart-felt connection and obsession or desire is that heart felt connection is in joy, alignment and truth. Obsession/desire comes from a limited state, anger, hurt, jealousy, a place of comparison.

Step 7 – Hold this intention when connected to the Universe.  Visualize the intention manifesting or feel

as if you have your intention already.   Open your eyes when you have visualized

or sincerely FELT your Intention.

***When you feel connected to the life around you, you do not doubt yourself***

Note: Originally published in August 2016 this article has been revised and updated for accuracy and thoroughness.

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  • Miguel angel says:

    How can i get the beautiful state?

    • Joel Sprechman BS, CHHC, RYT says:

      It starts with self-love…in my experience