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Does diet play a role in IBD Crohn’s Colitis progression?

Sometimes I think I live in an alternate reality. Is it really novel and new information that diet plays a role in our health? Especially a dis-ease of the GI tract.

1000 IBD patients

71% assumed that their diet affected their IBD 
29% did not

61% considered their IBD specialist disregarded the importance of diet

44 % of GIs and 17% of dietitians considered that diet had a role in pathogenesis (the manner of development of a disease/ progression), which means that 56% of GI’s and 83% of dietitians do not consider diet to have played a role in disease progression

Per a 2017 online study in England of almost 1000 IBD patients with an average age of 40 years old, per last months magazine for Gastroenterologists – Practice Gastroenterology April 2019

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