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The Mold and Crohn’s Colitis Connection

November 19, 2020, update I will be leaving this document up for now but as I’ve recently connected to a company that claims they can clean all physical belongings, including permeable items, it will change my recommendations and what could be a lot of bad information on the internet. A colleague who encountered mold in their home successfully used them.  Stay tuned for more! === (This is a dynamic document that I will be updating periodically. Normally I would keep this offline and publish when complete but this info is too important to keep from you. Please bear with grammar/spelling/organizational
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How Deep Is Your Love?

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE? Can you love your perceived flaws? Can you love your pain and suffering? Can you love the darkest aspects of yourself? Can you love those that don’t love you back? Can you love ALL of your ex-partners? In-Laws and  Out-Laws? Can you love those who you strongly disagree with? Can you love those that judge you? Can you love the ugly? Can you love the ignorant? Can you love everyone who is an “-ist?” Can you love the psychopathic? Can you love the depraved? Can you love the murderous? Can you love the genocidal? Can
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