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The Mold and Crohn’s Colitis Connection

(This blog post is a dynamic document that I will be updating periodically) Back in 2016 it was reported that researchers may have figured out the cause of Crohn’s disease.  According to a recent study out of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, they found that fungus is a key factor when it comes to developing the disease.  It was a miraculous feeling headline when compared to the small sample set. The study looked at Crohn’s disease and their Crohn’s-free first-degree relatives in nine families in northern France and Belgium, and in Crohn’s-free individuals from four families living in
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Malibu Microbiome Meeting

UPDATE: Postponed until August 22nd and 23rd One of our volunteer advisers has been planning something special behind the scenes, and it’s finally around the corner…a continuing medical education(CME) event for both practitioners and patients. Dr. Sabine Hazen MD, CEO of Ventura Clinical Trials, Malibu Specialty Center and Progenabiome is putting together a meeting of the minds. Physicians, government, and industry share the latest in microbiome research, discoveries, and news on the gut flora and its role in dis-ease and healing potential. Malibu Microbiome Meeting Conference March 28 and 29 at Pepperdine University in the beautiful warm beach city of
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Accidental Fear or Valid reporting? Risk of New IBD Rises for Patients Treated With Etanercept

The Center for Biosimilars today published an article that concluded that there is a fearful risk of being diagnosed with IBD Crohn’s or Colitis for those currently being treated with Etanercept. Respectfully, I believe this study is incomplete and does not tell the full story. Though I don’t currently have access to the full study, just the Wiley Online Library Summary and the Center for Biosimilars article, until Lifestyle and Diet are factored into these studies I believe they do not tell the complete story.  20 years of clinical and cost outcomes from Integrative Medicine* have demonstrated the following results:
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