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Cancer Treatment Day 2

Cancer Treatment Day 1 was last week, click here to read that post

Today is Day 2

Last night we had a nice dinner at Urth Caffe in Pasadena, after learning all about the healthiest bed in the world in the Samina showroom

With blood shot eyes I awoke in the hotel

Put on my Spiritual Gangster shirt and headed out

Spiritual Gangster

Symptoms increased this past week, particularly last night

Hematospermia was shocking.  Google it and you’ll understand
Yeah, I know. Welcome to my world the past week.

Are the injections helping?
Is it anxiety that kept me awake last night?
I don’t know

Dr. Ben and I head over to Dr. Banh’s office at the Prostate Institute of America

I’m up first, feeling anxious, and this time before the procedure, I take action

Two BioCBD+ capsules  later and I feel less anxious
(If you want to try, use coupon code GUTWARRIORS for 10% off your order)

CBD(Cannabidiol), Curcumin, Magnesium works like magic

Dr. Bahn: “Are you going to cry again like last time?”

Funny Doc. Did you notice the needle in your hand is 30″ long?

I didn’t cry for decades, until I learned how unhealthy that was for me.

I’m still learning, and I feel mocking a man for crying is emasculating

It was just a joke I tell myself

Another DRE aka Digital Rectal Exam
(Exactly what it sounds like, and no he didn’t even buy me dinner beforehand)

Joel Color Ultrasound July 13 2016

The Color Doppler Ultrasound Prostate(CDUP) shows improvement

He’s not surprised symptoms have increased

Would he have said anything else? Placebo? Nocebo?

Four injections(left and right lobe, left and right seminal vesicle)

After each injection we can actually see the healing on the monitor

He massages my prostate. What?!?! For good luck?

No, to mix the medicine around in the walnut-sized prostate

Guess I can check that off my bucket-list.

The Doctor and Nurse leave the room for me to clean-up

The gurney looks like a scene from a crime scene, or the movie Evil Dead

Like the movie, it’s not really blood

Unlike last week, I start to feel funky and woosy

My world is spinning

Is that pain down below or do I need to use the restroom?

I rest on the toilet, no dice.

Maria from the front desk gets me water as I settle into a yoga pose(Heros Pose) to meditate

My favorite band Nahko Bear And The Medicine People fill my soul

Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Glenn Miller, Seal used to be my favorite

Now it’s Nahko Bear

A tear rolls down my cheek

Grateful for how far I’ve come

Grateful for the messages I receive daily about One Great Gut

Grateful for the free private Facebook group providing a safe, non-judgemental space founded on mutual respect and positivity, to connect and get real about our health, things we normally only ever talk to with our Doctor. We support each other in healing.

Grateful to have found Dr. Bahn

Grateful for the support I have from friends and family

Grateful for the text I just received from my friend Maelyn Gandola #synchronicity

Grateful for the facebook message I just received from my roommate Jen Querques #sisterlove

Dr. Banh and his nurse come in, I ask him about any recommended natural painkillers

I know my supplements well, but in this mental and physical state, I need support

He questions the effectiveness of supplements in general

The $40Billion dollar supplement industry

Dr. Banh, while an exceptional Medical Doctor specializing in the Prostate, offering revolutionary treatment
is 100% Western Medicine minded.

Seconds later he remembers a study that was presented at the 27th Annual European Association of Urology Congress.

The study found saw palmetto to be a better choice than Tamsulosin(Floxmax) as not only did it reduce the CPSI(Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index), it also provided better pain control and less side effects.  Tamsulosin’s side effects could include fever, chills, lower back or side pain, insomnia, blurry vision, painful or difficult urination. The study notes that saw palmetto side effects occur infrequently, are usually mild, and may include dizziness, headache, nausea and constipation.

Double-blinded clinical trials for supplements are in fact plentiful, but in this world, it’s just not looking for, educated on, or sought out often.

His nurse asks where my pain is located

“Down there” I respond

“I can’t tell if it’s prostate or bowel movement related”

She gasps

Sorry, ma’am, Poop talk is healthy.

Dr. Banh and Dr. Johnson have a friendly discussion around what is Cancer, when can it be detected and early screening tests.

I make an appointment for next week and we’re off.

Dr. Galina Migalko

At Universal Medical Imaging Group, where Dr. Johnson has a meeting, Dr. Galina Migalko offers me her Crystal Magnet Bed, a quietroom and relaxing music. I physically feel pulled into the bed, imagine deep healing within, and dose off.

In a dream state, sleep-walking like fashion I find the bathroom(Joel approved, with Squatty Potty), evacuate and instantly feel almost 100% pain-free

Back on the bed, after what felt like an eternity, I awake feeling refreshed and pain-free.

Bowel Evacuation FTW?
Crystals and Magnets FTW?
Power Naps FTW?
Whichever it is, I’ll take it

We eat a healthy lunch at Harvest Moon kitchen & marketplace

Dr. Ben and I hit the road

Sing a few karaoke songs in the car

If there’s enough interest, we’ll share a future recording

I can’t believe I just wrote that. lol

More to come!


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