I Can’t Meditate – Text From My Speech in 2013

This is the text from a speech I wrote in 2013I can't meditateLet me be more clearMeditation is impossible. My mind is a mess, it's too difficult.  I fall asleep. It's boring , I have too many thoughts, it's not for me.This is what I hear when I sometimes ask people if they meditate. like the henry ford quote, whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.On average we have 70,000 thoughts a day.   – 3,000/hour or 50 thoughts PER MINUTE
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8 Tips To Know Before You See Your Doctor About Your Gut Health

When you have been sick long enough, you’ve been through the medical system. You probably spent weeks, if not months, waiting for an appointment on the doctor’s schedule. The day finally arrives and you spend an hour filling out paperwork (does anyone ever look at that?). Another hour is spent in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting room and then, if you are lucky, you get 15 minutes with the doctor. As a Naturopathic Doctor I am lucky enough to spend 50 minutes with patients and I still feel rushed at times! I want to hear every patient’s story and
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Heal Your Gut – Easily, and Free, I Know, Sounds Too Good To Be True, Read On…..

This is exciting! I WISH this was around when I first got sick When I was running to the bathroom daily When I kept a spare pair of underwear in my glove compartment Seriously, I use to need that I had to learn how to eat the hard way For you, check it out. It’s EASY A study to test how the Paleo AIP diet affects Inflammatory Bowel Disease Funded by Scripps Hospital your health insurance And their Clinic and Research Institute counterpart You KNOW how your diet affects your symptoms Eat the wrong food, feel shitty BLOATED GASSY CONSTIPATED Texting your friend:
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A Gutsy Discovery: Autoimmune disorder Pemphigoid healed in 2 days after 9 years of conventional and alternative treatment

This is the second report of a chronic auto-immune disorder being healed, potentially cured from Ayauasca, the first was Roman Hanis, who claims to have cured his Crohn’s Disease, years ago. Do your own research. We’ve heard Ayauasca is not for the faint at heart. “Beautifully Painful” is a common description. Now, onto the story Jack reports: I’ve had a chronic auto immune disorder called pemphigoid for 9 years. It’s a skin issue causing painful ulcers, lesions and inflammation in the mouth. It was flaring increasingly frequently from six monthly to almost constantly in 2015. During bad flares, I could
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Can Mescaline, or Peyote, Cure Ulcerative Colitis?

The Autumn leaves are turning bright orange, and red.  Thanksgiving is approaching. The traditionally American time to focus on gratitude. A friend mentioned the healing he experienced from Peyote, or Mescaline – profound healing around gratitude he mentioned. I have a daily gratitude practice, but never have never tried Mescaline, but I got curious about something. There’s a science behind gratitude. Research by UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, author of Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, shows that simply keeping a gratitude journal—regularly writing brief reflections on moments for which we’re thankful—can significantly increase well-being and
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What Is The Number One Reason Americans File For Bankruptcy?

Job Loss? Reduced Income? Divorce? Credit Debt? Student Loans? Utility Payments? Foreclosure? Poor Budgeting / Overspending? Failed Business? Medical Bills? Yes Medical Bills 62% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills 72% of those who filed for bankruptcy due to medical bills had health insurance 97% of all bankruptcies filed are by individuals, not businesses [1][2][3] Check this out from Jon Oliver, the debt collection industry and performing a miracle, paying the collection company creditors for $15M in medical debt(Thanks to Lesley for sending us the video) [1]The Huffington Post: Top 10 Reasons People Go Bankrupt – March 2015 [2] CNBC: Medical Bills Are
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Hangover? What hangover?

It’s December 2015 Kevin and Christy are getting married in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico I was there that fateful New Years Eve in Las Vegas when they first met at Drai’s afterhours club Kel and Mil flew in from Syndey Australia Should I go? I’m a groomsman, of course I’m going Beach and International Travel, heck yes! Yes it took a bit of planning, some anxiety, and it was so worth it. Flashbacks to the last time I was in the Yucatan peninsula, decades ago, and ran out of Lialda. This time I’m medicine-free, Yes! In my unabashed quest to share health
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Event Recap: Cannabis For Cancer Patients And Why This Is Important For Your Gut

I was invited by my friends at Mankind Cooperative to a Cannabis For Cancer Patients event put on by The Association of Cannabis Professionals. My friend Janel went with me, and it was a nice surprise to see Theo Hanson from MediMeals and Former Gold Medalist ice skater Cathy Bliss supporting Mankind. In September 2015 I let my CA Medical Marijuana card expire.  I could count the number of times I’ve medicated this year on one hand. Since being diagnosed with Cancer, I’ve been thinking it may be time to think again. This is relative to you because: 1) While
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Breaking Prostate Taboos By Dr Sircus

Originally published by Dr. Sircus on his website With prostate cancer rates continuing to climb, we are forced to face sexual taboos. Men and woman can learn prostrate health practices so the man does not end up on the surgeons table and have to face cruel radiation therapy and the even the worse chemotherapy. It is time to stop being squeamish about the prostate sexual gland and its access canal the anus. Why do you think there is a taboo around prostate massage? There are strong taboos around prostate massage because there are incredibly strong taboos against anal sex. It
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How A Yoga Teacher Found Gratitude In Almost Dying

I shared on facebook my mother was NOT going to like reading this, dad too. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) In a younger version of myself, I probably would have called one of my siblings, swore them to secrecy, then told them the story. In fact, I can recall several such instances of sitting in the ER making just that a phone call. (Hey again Mom! Still reading Dad?) However, if life—and a few trips to the emergency room, have taught me anything, it’s that there is no time for obfuscating truth, veiled authenticity, or suppressing vulnerability. I’ve worked hard to alchemize a
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