4 Secrets That Your Cravings Are Trying to Tell You

Picture it: you’re absorbed in work, when out of nowhere you are hit with a burning, insatiable desire … for chocolate. Immediately, all 5 senses are alight with expectation: you close your eyes and can vividly see your favorite truffle – its shape and velvety mahogany color. You inhale its sweet, rich perfume, and your anticipation heightens as the truffle draws closer to your mouth. You hear a soft crack as you take a bite, followed by a liquid gold sensation as the truffle melts and delightfully floods your taste buds flavors – nutty, earthy, floral and sweet. You have
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Playground Talk: “You Go To The Bathroom Daily”?!

“You go to the bathroom daily”?! I exclaimed and questioned my friend in High School Talking about bathroom activities was not normal conversation Except for the one time I left a hard lump in my pants on the bus ride home from nursery school (Thank God it was a ghost poop. Yes, I’m writing about bowel movements. Great Gut’s are all about them. Boy was that embarrassing, walking off of the school bus feeling like a dumbbell was in my pants, between my legs. That was the first time bowel movements were ever spoken about with my family This time
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My Gut Health Turning Point by Kimball Willson Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner

The Journey I used to think that once I discovered the ONE problem, infection, or imbalance in my body, all of my health issues would be resolved – the pain down the right side of my abdomen, the bloating that made me look 5 months pregnant, the low energy, bad skin, excess weight, brain fog, and of course, the dreaded constipation. As I began my journey, a shift from fifteen years on a “pastry vegetarian diet” to a whole foods Paleo-template helped me experience some improvement.  Next, I thought there must be an herb (or half the bottles in the
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My body froze! Where’s my Lialda?

June 25, 2016 – Exciting day today My friends put on the FitLife Live Transformation Summit at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego CA Djamel Bettahar, Shanna Yvonne, Sheree Trask work with Drew Canole Performing were other friends including Kiyoshi Shelton and Dallas Michael Cyr I didn’t even have to ask who the remaining speakers were, I knew I’d be blown away I packed my digestive enzymes, meal replacement bars, and headed downtown     I parked, closed the door, and walked towards the event A block away my body froze I freaked out I literally checked my pockets to
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Q&A With Tara Rosas, Aka Crohn’s Babe

When I was studying at Institute for Integrative Nutrition I met Tara Rosas. Here we sit down for a deep dive into her personal healing journey. “Your interview with Tara was the best I have ever listened to with someone with IBD! And I read and listened to almost everything IBD/gut health related the past 5 years.” – Katalin Tara has been a student of health and nutrition for the last fourteen years. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Through countless hours learning and researching the topic of holistic health she
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How Chinese Medicine Helped My Gut Health

I used to wake up and go through my undergrad days with asthma, sinus congestion, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation. Now, I am free of many of these symptoms. I’ve stopped using inhalers and antihistamines. I am able to stay alert and concentrate even in some of the most tedious situations. How did I overcome this? Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, and diet turned my life around after my first year in grad school. I was able to do the things I love more effectively and easily like breathing, running, and eating.
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Q&A With Bob Stickles – Reportedly Cured Of Crohn’s Disease – 30 Years Symptom Free, No Medication

I first met Bob in 2012, we had a conversation that was transformative. I learned of someone who had healed this Crohn’s Disease. He has been symptom and medicine free, without a strict diet for 30 years. Miraculous indeed!  It feels scary and vulnerable to release this video, it was my first, I appear unpolished, my bedroom is a mess ,and the interview takes unexpected turns and twists that are embarrassing. This post isn’t about my pride or ego, it’s about serving the Crohn’s and Colitis community. If one person can benefit from this miraculous story of hope and gain
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Injecting Yourself With Worms To Heal Your Gut?

Helmethic therapy, or worm injection has been gaining popularity the last few years Read here about Vik’s experience with worm therapy for his severe Ulcerative Colitis The Parasite Underground A shadow network of patients are trying to treat their own debilitating diseases — by infecting themselves with gastrointestinal worms. By MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF JUNE 16, 2016 When Vik was in his late 20s, blood started appearing in his stool. He found himself rushing to the bathroom as many as nine times a day, and he quit his job at a software company. He received a diagnosis of severe ulcerative colitis, an
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It All Started Here – Circa 2001

On career day in school I never raised my hand and said “When I grow up I want to tell the world and blog about my shitty disease called Ulcerative Colitis” Not in my wildest of dreams Or scariest nightmares I actually wanted to be an Astronaut That’s as out of this world as what I’m doing here Blogging about my life with a chronic bowel disease Where do I even begin? Medicine. Diet. Diarrhea for Days, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Bloody Stools. I almost didn’t write this, but let’s be real, it’s a reality for some of us. Fatigue. Flare-Ups. Colonoscopies.
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Event Recap: One World Academy – Being Limitless : In a Beautiful State – Miami Florida

One World Academy is a wisdom school for one-consciousness. They set you on the path of awareness, freedom, and change Earlier this year, Tony Robbins, star of the recent Netflix documentary “I am not your guru”, filmed with KrishnaJi from One World Academy Early in August our friend Janel was a participant in the “Being Limitless” weekend in Miami Florida Here are her notes describing her experience Future upcoming Being Limitless courses are scheduled in Brazil, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Europe, Asia and Australia August 5, 2016 HIGH LEVEL SUMMARY POINTS: OWA Presentation Understanding Limitless Consciousness Meditations for Stillness DETAILED SUMMARY: Sanjiv
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