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Why is Gut Research Important?

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Project Baseline but all opinions are my own.

Back in February, I was invited to speak at a retreat in Mexico.

I’ve had great and not so great experiences south of the border.

Nothing like Jack Black in Nacho Libre or From Dusk Till Dawn with George Clooney but still adventurous.

Highlights include zip lining in Puerto Vallarta, hiking in Cuernavaca outside Mexico City, exploring the second largest coral reef in the world, and cycling, on my mountain bike, the 50-mile Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride along the Pacific Ocean ending at the Finish Line Fiesta.

Lowlights include dealing with an almost-case of Montezuma’s revenge eventually solved by Gut Soothing Mint Tea and New Year’s Eve with Federales inside a Mexican Police Van.

On this trip, I’m proud to report that I had zero negative symptoms south of the border on the retreat. Though it was unfortunate to see others experience stomachaches and embarrassing flatulence.

Since it’s never fun to see someone else in pain, and because you never know what may happen, I always bring a few remedies to help just in case something may happen to me or someone else.

“Dr. Joel” in the house as some call me, though I will be the first to admit I have not been to medical school, just thousands of my own hours of research, Integrative Institute of Nutrition, and many additional Functional, Integrative, Naturopathic Medicine workshops, trainings, and certifications.

Mexico Retreat Joel Sprechman One Great Gut

Why did my friends feel ill and I did not?

Was it the food? Water? Juice? Mindset? Emotions? Genes? Environment?  Something else?

Right now, there are more questions than answers. We obviously need more research.

Today you have an opportunity to make a difference.

Did you know that less than 10% of Americans participate in research? That’s so sad! And maybe why we don’t yet have better treatment options and are not closer to a cure. I think a big reason for this is accessibility.

Listen to Bethany’s thoughts on the potential real-world impact of this type of clinical research.


Listen to Carl’s experience with Project Baseline



Join me and Dennis in contributing to the Map of Human Health


Be Bold

Step Forward

Join Stormy and me

Project Baseline by Verily is an initiative to make it easy and engaging to participate in clinical research. They are conducting the Baseline Gut Research Project and asking those with IBD to contribute to a better understanding of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by sharing your health history.

Compensation will be provided.

To participate in Project Baseline and help researchers with the Gut Project, you simply take an easy online survey about your health history.
The survey is easy to use – just follow the prompts.

My biggest fears about this research were around legitimacy and safety, which I covered in a previous blog post.

Please join me in contributing to the Map of Human Health as we together move closer towards a CURE for all with IBD Crohn’s and Colitis.

Here’s a link to the project again. Thank You One Great Gut IBD Family for helping move the needle forward in a meaningful way and please share this blog post with other so we can all live happier and healthier lives.

With Joy and Gratitude,

Arthritis Case Study Colonoscopy Crohn's Disease DIAGNOSIS DIAGNOSTIC TESTING Digestive EAT Enemas Inflammation Leaky Gut Nutrition Pharmaceuticals RESEARCH Stomach Ache STORIES-OF-HOPE SYMPTOMS TREATMENT Ulcerative Colitis

Case Study: Camel Milk allows full stop of Entocort steroid and not needing Humira

A case study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that a 22-year-old patient with moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease showed significant improvement from this milk.

For this article, I’ll call this man John.

His Crohn’s Disease Activity Index(CDAI) score of 400.

According to the Merck Manual, his CDAI reveals mild to moderately active Crohns’ Disease

0 to 149 points:  Asymptomatic remission
150 to 220 points: Mildly to moderately active Crohn’s disease
221 to 450 points: Moderately to severely active Crohn’s disease
451 to 1100 points: Severely active to fulminant disease

John had watery diarrhea and left-sided abdominal pain. His stool cultures were negative, blood was seen in his stool and he was given both Flagyl® and Cipro® in the ER.

A CT scan of the abdomen/pelvis revealed diffused long segment thickening of the terminal ileum and mild thickening of the cecum.

A colonoscopy revealed moderate to severe pancolitis, ulcerations, and cobblestoning of the terminal ileum. Biopsies revealed chronic active colitis, crypt abscesses, and chronic active ileitis.

John started the steroid Entocort(budesonide) at 9mg daily and he saw improvement. According to Entocort EC oral delayed-release capsules 3mg  cost $2412.28 for quantity 100. 

Humira (adalimumab)‎ was suggested however John and his family chose an alternative therapy. According to a Humira subcutaneous kit costs $5810.97 for  a 2ea kit. AbbVie, the manufacture of Humira states that you may receive vaccines, except for live vaccines while using HUMIRA and that children should be brought up to date with all vaccines before starting HUMIRA

Humira is a a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blocker indicated for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), Adult Crohn’s Disease (CD), Pediatric Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Plaque Psoriasis (Ps), Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) and Uveitis (UV).

AbbVie’s recommend dosage ranges from weekly or every other week.  Based on the pricing this would come out to $302,170 or $151,085 annually. Some may qualify for pharmacy card savings.

Instead of Humira, t
hey decided on a natural and more affordable option, namely  Camel Milk, just 8oz three times daily. If you’re in Europe,  use this link.

John’s symptoms reduced enough that he was able to stop Entocort just a week later. Except for right hip pain from Arthritis, his symptoms were completely lessened, according to the case report.

John had another colonoscopy a year later which showed much improvement, with less and shallower ulcerations in his terminal ileum.

Inflammation was now limited to just the cecum and pseudopolyp (scar tissue mass), in just the ascending colon.

He was entirely asymptomatic and even gained 11pounds, increasing from 139 to 150lb.

A multi-site study out of Egypt and Saudi Arabia showed that  Camel Milk (Europe: use this link.)  reduced colitis inflammation and oxidative stress in rats. Both the TNF-a and IL-10 cytokines were checked

To learn which inflammatory markers are high in your body, you can order lab tests from home here

Camel Milk has been known to promote glutathione production, deliver beneficial strains of Oligosaccharides, which contribute to digestive health by decreasing gut permeability and nourishing a healthy microbiome. They also serve as prebiotics. Because oligosaccharides also aid in cell recognition and cell binding, they play a vital role in immune function.

Camel Milk has three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk and 10 times higher in iron. With malabsorption and anemia often problems amongst those with gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, and often those with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, this could be another reason why Camel Milk yielded such positive results to John.

Several studies on allergies (children who were allergic to dairy and just about everything else) showed significant improvement with camel’s milk They tolerated the milk, healed, and became less allergic and reactive in general.

Goat milk is often more tolerable than Cows milk for adults and children with Crohn’s and Colitis.  Studies have actually shown that Camel Milk is an even safer choice than Goat Milk.

Camel Milk has even been shown to inhibit mycotoxins, including Aspergillus. Mold and mycotoxins are often a  hidden root-cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other auto-immune experiences.

My favorite Camel Milk (Europe: use this link.) company has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and even Time Magazine.

Right now they are offering a risk-free trial. This means that you can return it if you do not like it.


Camel Milk also delivers Rare Proteins The most powerful immune active components are Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Cytokines, and Lysozyme. These proteins are unique to camel milk and provide ultimate support to your brain, gut, and immune health. All these are antioxidants that can scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

They have been verified by the non-GMO project, are Keto certified, EWG Verified, Gluten-Free, and Paleo Approved.
No Added Hormones, ✓Seasonally Grass-Fed, ✓Non-Homogenized

Camel milk (Europe: use this link.) contains a low-fat content of 2% and these fats are mostly omegas. The proteins are thought to contain a number of powerful bactericides, viricides, and fungicides. The immune proteins are 1/10 the size of human ones and are very potent. Some of the proteins are thought to repair tissue damage. The potential efficacy of camel milk in Crohn’s disease has not been studied although there are antidotal accounts for its effectiveness. It is, therefore concluded that camel milk has the potential of repairing damaged tissue. Further studies need to be done.


The inhibitory effect of camel’s urine on mycotoxins and fungal growth: African Journal of Agricultural Research: Amira Hassan Abdullah Al-Abdalall: Department of Botany and Microbiology, Faculty of Science for Girls, King Faisal University, El-Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 2010:


International Scholarly Research Notices: Camel Milk Is a Safer Choice than Goat Milk for Feeding Children with Cow Milk Allergy: Mohammad Ehlayel,  Abdulbari Bener, Khalid Abu Hazeima,  and Fatima Al-Mesaifri 

International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research – Z. Farah, R.Rettenmaier, D. Atkins:  Vitamin Content of Camel Milk: 1991: 1 Laboratory of Dairy Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland and Ol Maisor Farm Rumuruti Kenya:

International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB): Camel Milk: A Boon to Mankind
Wajiha Gul, Najaf Farooq, Dania Anees, Uroosa Khan, Filza Rehan.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan

Predicting the Crohn’s disease activity index from the Harvey-Bradshaw Index

Development of a Crohn’s disease activity index. National Cooperative Crohn’s Disease Study

Camel Milk as an Alternative Treatment for Crohn’s Disease
Rosenheck, David MD; Ravee, Yaniv MS; Yagil, Reuven DVM

JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ,  University of Medicine of New Jersey in Newark, NJ and Ben-Gurion University of The Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel.

Food and Chemical Toxicology: Camel’s milk ameliorates TNBS-induced colitis in rats via downregulation of inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress
Hany H Arab, Samir Salamaa,  Ahmed H Eidde, Hany A Omard, El-Shaimaa A Arafad, Ibrahim A Maghrabi
Taif University, Saudi Arabia, Cairo University, Cairo Egypt, National Organization for Drug Control and Research (NODCAR), Dokki, Cairo, Egypt, Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef

Abbvie Humira Medicine Guide and Humira: One Drug, Nine Uses, Billions of Dollars:


Crohn's Disease RESEARCH Ulcerative Colitis

Project Baseline Gut Research Project for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Project Baseline but all opinions are my own. Sponsored means that Verily has donated to One Great Gut Foundation as we have carefully researched that this project matches our values, mission, and, vision.

Most people: Think of great ideas in the shower

“IBD people” Think of good ideas in the shower AND great ideas while sitting on the toilet

Okay, full disclosure: My knees were bent with my feet squarely planted on my One Great Gut branded Squatty Potty for a nice peaceful relaxed sphincter smooth evacuation

Anyway, back to this idea

IBD diagnoses are increasing like never before seen in the history of mankind. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 3 million reported being diagnosed with IBD (either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis). This was a 50% increase from 1999 (2 million) and this data is from 2015 and does not include children under 18 years old. The number is rising every year with no end in sight!

Doctors, scientists, and researchers are dedicating their lives to increase our qualities of life to help us THRIVE. But what if there was a way for us to help our own cause?

Something we could do today.

What if we could help beyond volunteering our time and donating money?


Under is *never* correct!

What if something as simple and easy to share as our life experience with IBD, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis could put researchers and scientists on the fast track to coming up with more meaningful solutions to choose better outcomes for patients?


Now, there is.

It’s called citizen science. Citizen science is the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge. Through citizen science, people share and contribute to data monitoring and collection programs.

You have the power, some may even call it a responsibility, to help advance science.

To increase favorable patient outcomes. To increase your own chance at a favorable outcome.

To help you sooner rather than later.

To help our children when they may need it.

Hope is just another four-letter word.

Action is hope. There is no hope without action.

Our doctors are busy. They see a lot of patients.

According to a 2018 survey by the Physicians Foundation*, doctors on average work 51 hours a week and see 20 patients a day. Almost a quarter of their time is taken up with nonclinical (and frustrating) paperwork.

And researchers and scientists rarely, if ever, see us.

That’s where you can help.


From the comfort of your home.

That’s what Project Baseline’s Gut Health Research Project is all about!

Project Baseline by Verily is an initiative to make it easy and engaging to participate in clinical research. They are conducting the Baseline Gut Research Project and asking those with IBD to contribute to a better understanding of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by sharing your health history. Compensation will be provided.

The question I ask myself on a daily basis is this:

Is what I am doing today providing meaningful benefit to the growing IBD Crohn’s Colitis community. One that I have been a part of since at least 2001 when I was officially diagnosed in a dark and dreary Gastroenterologist office in Arlington, Virginia.

Is it worthy of merit?

Is it something I want to build a legacy around?

Does it align with our Mission statements?

Can it help those with IBD thrive?

However once I fully realized this study is worthy of merit, it is something that can meaningfully move the needle forward in Crohn’s Colitis patient outcomes and it does align with our Mission, the decision was easy.

By joining the project, you will receive financial compensation, may receive a free Picnic Health account to conveniently view all of your health records in one place, and access to future projects and opportunities. 

Nothing gets shared with your insurance or medical providers without your consent. 

You and your doctor will continue to make decisions about your care.

Project Baseline takes your privacy seriously and everything follows federal and state regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Data is stored in advanced systems with best-in-class security and privacy protocols.

Meaningful – Yes

Legitimate – Yes

Safe – Yes

Best of all, you can do this from home, even while dressed in your comfy PJs if you prefer.

Join me in taking part in the Baseline Gut Research Project to help them better understand what we understand so well, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Something we currently live with 24/7/365.

With your participation and under an hour of your time you will not only be compensated but you’ll also meaningfully help scientists and researchers move closer to a CURE!

I joined the project on a Friday morning while breakfast was cooking. It took me about 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, and before the end of the day they sent me an email with payment information.

Just a few business days later the promised money was sitting in my bank account.

And, now I’m eligible to be chosen for other studies for additional compensation.

Here’s the link again ===> Gut Research Project for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis research

One Great Gut IBD Family: Thank You for caring, helping, and getting the word out about this. Please share this post with others so that together we can move closer to a cure.

With Joy and Gratitude,


  • Project Baseline Gut Health Research Project for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis
  • CDC: Data and Statistics Inflammatory Bowel Disease Prevalence (IBD) in the United States:
  • Prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Among Adults Aged ≥18 Years — United States, 2015:
  • Journal of Crohn’s And Colitis – National estimates of the burden of inflammatory bowel disease among racial and ethnic groups in the United States – April 2014
  • American Association of Physician Leadership: How Many Patients Can a Primary Care Physician Treat:
Case Study Crohn's Disease Gratitude LOVE STORIES-OF-HOPE The Crohn's And Colitis Summit Ulcerative Colitis

World IBD Day 2020

Happy World IBD Day

On May 19th, the official World IBD Day we posted a shortened version of this post on Instagram, I finally have the time to post this here as well.

World IBD Day 2020
This is our day. A day to shine. A day to Thrive. A day to remember those lost. A day to tell a story that doesn’t always get told. A day to take action towards your unique Great Gut.

Today I am grateful for these fine people from the One Great Gut Community, and some from the One Great Gut Network

Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky, PharmD from Digestive Reset, who healed herself and now helps others get the same results. Special One Great Gut gift if you have a call with her. Dr. Inna is a doctor of pharmacy, a best selling author, functional medicine practitioner, gut and hormone expert, a creator of digestive solutions for Crohn’s/colitis and a mom of three boys. She works with clients locally and nationally. Her practice is focused on helping people reset their digestion, balance hormones, reduce inflammatory symptoms, get more energy and restore their immune system. She lives with her family in Marlboro, New Jersey. Contact her through her website, or directly at 732-414-6223 for extra savings.

Emma Becca the authentic, vulnerable, and hilarious author of Gut Tales. A must-read! Especially for family and friends to understand what our life looks like sometimes. 100% proceeds of her fun read helps others with IBD Thrive. Follow her on Instagram here: @haute_wellness

Brad Brinkman aka “The Beach Seller”. Brad is a Crohn’s Warrior and Realtor. He has  21 years of experience and experience in buying, selling, and investing in real estate. He specializes in coastal San Diego – Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla. He’s a speaker, dad, coach, and best known for his Real Estate Survival Guide and appearances on ESPN Radio. Finally, he’s one of the only real estate agents willing to guarantee your property sold in 37 days, or he’ll paying your mortgage until it sells. Contact him through his website, or directly at 858-225-7385 for a discount. Just tell him you found him on One Great Gut

Dr. Lorna Walker PhD.  Dr. Lorna has a Ph.D. in Nutrition Education with a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is also a Certified Nutritionist Consultant. Her traditional medical background coupled with my doctorate in nutrition gives her a unique ability to view health conditions from a functional and medical perspective. She specializes in nutrition for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, histamine intolerance, hypoglycemia, mast cell activation syndrome, nutrigenomics, and weight loss, as well as general overall health. She will work remotely with you. Contact her through her website or directly at 954-205-2218

Joe and Paul who state they are 100% healed or cured from IBD as we discovered in The Crohns and Colitis Summit

Joel Sprechman(me!) our fearless, compassionate, driven and Transformational Coaching Founder. Yes, you’re allowed to be grateful for yourself.

Christopher Gasink – The man behind the team who created Stelara! Lead, Medical Affairs- Gastroenterology, Immunology at Janssen Scientific Affairs, Johnson and Johnson .

And to you , loyal dear follower, leader, and reader. Thank You for being with us on this Great Journey. Your support is appreciated and noticed.

Who are you most grateful on 2020 World IBD Day?


LIVE Resources Self Love Stories

Quality KN95 Masks at Affordable Prices – Quick Delivery!

We felt it was our responsibility to find a reliable health & wellness company that had access to KN95 masks for you to stay healthy & well, avoid expensive fines, and even potential jail time. It pains me to write that, but it’s the current reality some of us are living under.

A recent recommendation from the CDC and by mandate in specific states, everyone who goes out in public should wear a mask to prevent further spread of the COVID19.

Whether you agree with the mandate or not many stores and cities are requiring them, else you won’t be able to shop there, and you could possibly be fined.  When I was in Mexico, I was denied entry in the grocery store without a mask. In San Diego, my friends experienced the same. San Diego will be fining people for breaking their rules – $1,0000 or 6mo in jail!

My heart goes out to anyone who may need to use a bathroom and is denied from entering the store due to not having a mask. I’ve pooped in my pants, I hope no one has to experience that – ever. Wither you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), Crohn’s Disease(CD), Ulcerative Colitis(UC), or Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), no one should ever be denied entry into a store or bathroom when they need to use it.

We are living in challenging times. For every challenge, there is a solution.

The KN95 masks, according to the CDC, are helpful to prevent the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person. They are considered highly effective in preventing the airborne spread of the virus by filtering out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

These KN95 masks are affordable and designed to fully cover the mouth & nose of the wearer, and are fitted to provide a protective seal. Comfortable elastic ear bands and an adjustable metallic nose-bridge provide a secure, customized fit for adults.

Besides the KN95s, you may purchase 3-Ply FDA-Approved Surgical Masks which come in a box of 50 and are great for families who are looking for single-use masks. These masks have a bacteria filter efficiency of  BFE ≥95% and come with a customizable metallic nose-bridge for a secure fit.

When searching for a reliable supplier, it was essential for us that the masks be shipped out from the United States. This company was recommended by an MD colleague I trust. You won’t have to wait weeks for your masks to ship from China! Your masks will ship-out from the USA within one to two business days. There is no better place to find quality masks at an affordable price that delivers quickly.

Click the link below and 
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Link for masks

To Your Health and Safety,

BTW –  
With every mask-purchase, a donation of $0.50/KN95 and $5/Box of Surgical Masks will be donated to the Masks for Frontline Medics campaign and also a small donation to One Great Gut so while you are complying(not necessary agreeing), with the current mandates, you’ll also be helping others with IBD Thrive. Just today I received an email from a father whose daughter is now doing really well due to the information we provide. Just a few months ago things were not looking so good.  It’s messages like this, and purchases from our emails, that keep us going. You can see what he wrote below.

BTW2 – Over the past few years I’ve noticed that there is a particular commonality among those with IBD, and that is that sometimes we do not ask for help when we need it. Please know that this mask is not a muzzle. Please know that even if you are wearing a mask, you should still share your beliefs, your truths and reach out for help if you need it. We Are In It Together, and We Are Better Together. Be healthy out there!

From P:
Hello Joel, just wanted to send you a quick reply to thank you for putting all your energy into one great gut…you have all my support to spread the word of what you are doing in the IBD world and want to wish you that your platform will offer the world with a real solution to IBD. My daughter M is now off medication for over 2 months, she is doing really well and hope that it will stay like that. It is because of people like you that give alternative solutions, gives you samples of people thriving without heavy meds and surgery. Thank you for making this world a better world.

Crohn's Disease Depression EAT Friendships LOVE Nutrition Parenting Recipies Relationships Resources TREATMENT Ulcerative Colitis

Want To Change Your Kid’s Eating Habits?

Happy Easter and Passover. I celebrated a virtual Passover over Zoom a few days ago, I hope you are enjoying Easter in the best way you can considering the circumstances.

Both holidays include feasts around food….

I guess everyone needs to learn to cook all of a sudden, even if home cooking wasn’t your norm before.

Want to learn along with your kids?

Kids Cook Real Food, an awesome online video cooking class for kids, is supporting social distancing and all the families with lots of extra time on their hands…


… How about a two-week risk-free trial, and 80% off a two-month membership after that? Get the details here, including a guide to making it work without going to the grocery store!  

Get this: The first two weeks of the classes are completely free.

Concerned about allergies? We got you covered there too.

Nothing is easy about having food allergies, and when it’s your kids that have to juggle them, it’s even more complicated.

There’s the isolation.

The constant reading of ingredients and/or having to make everything yourself.

The fear you have of your child eating something they shouldn’t.

The growing up too fast because they have to be responsible.

The only silver lining might be that you have a good excuse to turn down the junk food that other people like to thrust at our nation’s kids! But for many, that’s small consolation.

The best gift you can give your child, whether you have food allergies in the family or not, is the gift of knowing how to cook real food. That lays a foundation for good health and sustenance throughout all their lives.

Your kids will be able to eat on a budget because they know how to cook from scratch, they’ll know how to purchase and prepare vegetables (and hopefully enjoy them!), and they won’t be doomed to subsist on takeout and canned soup as they enter young adulthood.

For kids with food allergies, they’ll quite simply be able to survive – without spending every dime they have on expensive processed allergy-friendly foods (which still probably make you worry about their purity).

That’s why I’m so thrilled that the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse exists, because it’s the only opportunity I’ve found that helps kids learn valuable cooking techniques, using kid-friendly language and invoking the power of positive peer pressure.

Teacher Katie Kimball engages with children in an incredible way, and when kids see other kids on-screen excited about cooking (and even vegetables), they really connect with them. In fact, reports keep coming in from members that kids are trying foods they previously wouldn’t touch!

I met Katie last year when we both spoke on “The Future Of Health Now Stage”. Not only is she fun to listen to, a sign of a great teacher, but through her loving TLC and teachings she, healed her husband’s Crohn’s Disease!

Though her husband is healed, her children possibly have the genetic predisposition for IBD.  Through her passion and teachings, not only are her children cooking and eating real food, they will now grow up with life long habits that significantly reduce the chances of them getting IBD.

And if they ever fall ill with a dis-ease, they now have the cooking skills to incorporate any dietary plan with just a few changes of ingredients.

A valuable investment in life skills that is sure to pay off not just today but for decades to come.

Katie has found that many members are families juggling food allergies and sensitivities, and she’s made every effort to keep the eCourse allergy-friendly. Most recipes used in the course are automatically top-allergen-free and others include a myriad of alternative suggestions to fit nearly every dietary restriction.

The focus is on the 30 basic cooking skills, not just making a recipe. Check out the full course curriculum map HERE.

Here’s what a few of the members with food allergies have to say:

  • “Both my 9 year old and 4 year old have multiple food allergies and so they NEED to learn to cook, especially since almost all of their food needs to be made from scratch. However, I have had a hard time figuring out exactly where to start. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of this course. Thank you!”
  • “My son has food allergies so learning that cook is an essential skill and I have been looking for something like this.”I just watched a video from a few members, check out what they had to say:
  • “Hi. I’m Gabe, and I’m five, and I made my own snacks this week”
  • “Hi, I’m, Jon and I’m eight. Last week I cooked brown beef to help my Mom make homemade sloppy joes.”
  • “Hi, I’m Lea and I’m eleven years old. So far this week in the kitchen I have made beans and rice, three kinds of dessert hummus, Mexican rice and tortillas and I’ve cut apples and peppers.”
  • “Hi, I’m Paul and I’m 14 and this week I was my Moms sous chef. I cut cabbage for salad, potato soup, and peppers for the freezer.”That may sound amazing, but in this eCourse it’s totally normal and your kids can do this too. Imagine the amount of time you will save by having your kids give you a healthy hand in the kitchen!

Everybody’s gotta eat, so let’s make it real food and involve our kids in the creation of it!


I can’t wait to hear of the healthy creations and loving time in the kitchen you will enjoy with your kids.

To You and Your Kids Health,

BTW – Now is the chance to cook with your kids. They’ll remember this time the rest of their lives…and if you do it right, they’ll know how to cook from now until forever too. Cooking with my Mom brings me so much joy. Imagine every trip home, cooking together in the kitchen – real healthy real food. Because healthy habits start in childhood. There are skills for everyone..beginners, intermediate and advanced. Check out the eCourse Website today, I feel you’ll love it.

BTW2 – VULNERABLE SHARE. Thinking back to my childhood, and the food I grew up on – then carrying those habits into adulthood, I shouldn’t have been surprised with my UC(now Crohn’s) diagnosis at age 28.  I firmly believe that if I had these skills, and knew about the powers of real food, I would never have gotten IBD. Not only that, I would have made friends who also love healthy food at a young age and not have to go through a challenging few years where I was mocked and shamed for my eating habits and love for healthy food. I’ll never remember Chris telling my friends “Stop inviting Joel out, he’s too much a picky eater”. Little did I he I was simply choosing to eat healthy. I believe if I had this KidsEatRealFoods eCourse as a child, I would never have met Chris and had to experience his intolerance because I would have had compassionate healthy eating friends at a younger age.


The Dark Truth About Multivitamins

A report came across my desk that stopped me in my tracks…
The headline read…
“Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements”*
Inside the report was data gathered from well-respected Johns Hopkins’ researchers on over 450,000 people…
That concluded – Multivitamins don’t reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, mental decline, heart attacks, or even death.
I was shocked.
It turns out, a lot of the multivitamins for sale today are a total waste of money.
The research is undeniable.
But here’s where I disagree with the report.
One of the lead Hopkins researchers said, “If you follow a healthy diet, you can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from food.”
But that’s easier said than done.

Most of us don’t have the time to map out every meal to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients we need.Maybe even impossible considering nutrients being impaired by soil depletion. (ref  The University of Texas at Austin research spanning five decades*)

And it’s taking a toll.

In fact, According to research gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),
92% of Americans are nutrient deficient.*

Higher if you have IBD Crohn’s Colitis, IBS or an Auto-Immune Condition due to malabsorption and leaky gut.

And if you feel like you’re tired all the time…
You have brain fog…
You get sick often…
Or you just don’t have that zest for life that you once did…
Chances are you’re nutrient deficient.

With what is going around these days, we need all the nutrients on-board to fight what may be inevitable.

Plus all disease and flare-up root-causes like low immunity, viruses,  infections and, other pathogens

And if multivitamins won’t work, and most of us aren’t getting the nutrients we need through food…

Is there any way to fix these deficiencies?


Honestly, when I first saw this report I was hopeless…

But that was before I knew about Paleovalley’s Organ Complex.



They’ve done the unthinkable… and actually freeze-dried whole foods and put them into a capsule…


So you get the convenience of a multivitamin combined with the effectiveness of whole foods.


But they didn’t just choose any foods and throw them into a capsule…


They chose three incredible superfoods, one of which The University of California, Berkeley has referred to as – “ounce for ounce, probably more nutritious than any other food.”*


Paleovalley’s Organ Complex contains:


Beef Heart – Eating beef heart floods your body with energy thanks to its CoQ10 content. CoQ10 has been linked with improved heart health and blood sugar, and can minimize the effects of oxidative stress that cause skin, brain and lung damage.


Beef Kidney – Eating beef kidney is one of the best ways that I know of to give your immune system a major boost. It has 228% of the recommended daily value of the mineral selenium, which not only boosts your immune system, but also supports blood flow, thyroid function and fertility.


Beef Liver – Scientists say grass fed beef liver has what they call the “anti-fatigue factor” to give you coffee like energy without the jitters, along with 1,108% of the daily recommended value of B12 which helps make your mind sharper and clearer.


Organ Complex is the most powerful natural multivitamin I know of.

And every ingredient in Paleovalley’s Organ Complex comes from grass-fed and finished cows.

They’re also gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free and non-GMO.

So if you’re thinking about taking a multivitamin…So if you’re thinking about introducing or increasing your critical nutrients to promote greater healing and immunity…

So if you’re thinking about increasing the bioavailability of your meat intake

I strongly suggest you ditch the synthetic multivitamins you can get at your local pharmacy and…

Try Paleovalley’s Organ Complex Today. You will save an extra 10% off by using this link OR applying the code onegreatgut10 at checkout.


Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex crohns colitis
Paleovalley also offers free shipping in the United States for qualifying orders. 

If you’re already concerned about grocery shopping and meat cleanliness, or don’t have easy affordable access to grass fed nutrient-dense meats, Paleovalley’s Organ Complex is your best bet for safety with what’s going on right now.

Stay Safe

Stay Happy

Stay Healthy


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Hand Sanitizer doesn’t work as well as THIS

Coronavirus Pandemic is sweeping the globe

Major events are canceled…

Airports are empty..

Bars, Restaurants and anything else not deemed an “Essential businesses” are closed

Passover Seder and Easter Mass are now virtual events

Physical Distancing is important

I’m sorting through all of the news, information, and misinformation

It’s officially survival of the calmest


Experts Agree On One Thing…

One of the best things you can do to protect your family from Coronavirus is to wash your hands!

“According to the top Integrative and Functional organizations CDC, World Health Org and countless Medical Institutions you only need to wash your hands for a minimum of thirty seconds to keep viruses away”

Wash your hands like you have a club/bar stamp you don’t want your colleagues or Mom to see 🙂

Washing your hands not only helps prevent you from Coronavirus, but also from other infections that could cause an IBD Crohn’s Colitis flare or hospital visit.

You’re probably unconsciously touching your face up to 23 times an hour. That’s 368 times a day assuming you’re sleeping for 8 hours not touching your face.*

As a matter of fact, research shows that low hygiene and exposure to infections may be associated with an increased risk for Ulcerative Colitis*

That’s why my friends at MyGreenFills are giving away Free Non-Toxic Aloe Hand Soap to the next 1,000 people.

Get this…

Right now you can get FREE, Truly Free Non-Toxic Hand Soaps when you click here!

+ Free Shipping

No longer worry about germs OR toxins on your hands!

Delivered safely to your home, no need to fight for soap at the grocery store.

Your Truly Free Aloe Hand Soap contains no harsh chemicals but is guaranteed to get your hands CLEAN and SUPER SOFT!


Protect your family and stock up!

GET FREE HAND SOAP while supplies last.

Another reason why I love MyGreensFill is that I met their CEO Stephen Ezell last year and my intuition gave me a good hunch about him.

Turns out my intuition was right this time, last month he started Free Soap Fridays to the local residents in Traverse City, Michigan.*

Just check  out some of the people who have picked up the Free Non-Toxic Hand Soap and Free Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent 

With many stores online and in-person finding themselves out of soap, and possibly only having toxic soap left, this is a heartwarming generous offer during these challenging times.

Please check out Your Truly Free Aloe Hand Soap, you’ll thank me later. 

Happy Lathering,

BTW – It’s no surprise that their main ingredients that also good for your great gut. Aloe has been found effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and certain fungi and viruses. Inhibitory effects of A. vera against human cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), and poliovirus have been reported.*

MyGreensFill use Aloe Vera 10x (concentrated Aloe Vera)  as their main ingredient.

And remember, it’s survival of the calmest. Repeat this in your head. “I am calm. I am safe. I am loved. I am strong. I am calm.” That’s my mantra these days. Hope it helps


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Crohn's Disease Self Love STYLE AND BEAUTY Ulcerative Colitis

Non-toxic beauty

AnnMarie Sample Skincare Kit

#StayingHome means more time for skin beautification.  When my friends see me again in person they’re going to wonder how I reverse aged.

Here’s my secret….

We all strive to improve our well-being, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

That might mean meditation or prayer. It might mean shopping organic, or even fasting or time in the infrared sauna.

But what about our skin and the acid mantle barrier that shields it? Despite being an organ (our largest, in fact!) with an incredible workload, it’s often neglected.

Or worse—as something to be perfected. The beauty industry insists it needs to “glow” or “feel petal-soft”, all while magically erasing whatever irks us.

There’s nothing wrong with a vibrant, radiant look, of course.

But we live in a world where unrealistic ideals overshadow self-care and health.

It becomes easy to forget that skin—and its protective acid mantle barrier—is the first and last defense against environmental harm and bad bacteria.

Or that it absorbs nutrients and hydration, sweats out toxins, and acts as a sensor, regulating body temperature and registering the sensations we all know and need.

That’s why I love what Annmarie Skin Care is doing. Because beyond creating a chemical-free and high-quality line that actually works (a feat in itself—more on that below), they’re running a special offer to reboot your acid mantle barrier in three weeks and get you glowing naturally.

Think of it as a comprehensive experience to empower your skin and amplify its functions, its strength, and its health. That way, it can be its best self.

Here’s the amazing part—it’s all $10 (instead of $50). This is what you get:

  • An all-natural Sample Kit with a pH-balanced cleanser and facial oil, tailored to your skin type. These are chemical-free bestsellers that feed, nourish, and beautify.
  • Three free serum samples, with organic ingredients: the ultra-hydrating Serum, vitamin C packed Citrus Stem Cell Serum, and biome-friendly Probiotic Serum with Tremella.
  • Their 21-day Skin Detox, with exercise, diet, and more self-care tips.
  • Free shipping (for US and Canadian residents).
  • A $10 OFF coupon to use towards future Annmarie Skin Care purchases.
  • 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

AnnMarie Skin Care SAmple Kit Large
I met  Annmarie’s husband Kevin last year.  He impressed me with his commitment and service to quality toxic-free products that work.

Now, Annmarie Skin Care has been a pioneer of plant-based skincare for a decade.

And they’ve been clean and absolutely chemical-free since the beginning. That means no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or anything remotely synthetic, just for starters.

Meaning they are good for your skin microbiome, which impacts your gut microbiome.

>>Click here to take a look. If you want to look great and care for your health, I think you’ll be glad you did.

They’re also the most thoughtful and compassionate line I’ve ever come across. They’re fully transparent with their labeling. They source ingredients ethically and sustainably. They even use eco-friendly packaging… all created at wind-powered facilities.

Plus their products are pure and proven, with literally hundreds of 5-star reviews from folks of all ages, men, and women. The secret is officially out.

Why are they so celebrated? Well, a lot of their customers love their integrity, while others swear by their anti-aging formulas and botanical serums (and the newfound confidence to go makeup-free!). Others love their raw, hand-foraged ingredients—the luxury of it all.

One thing is for sure…

They beat quick fixes and invasive procedures, not to mention toxic skin-care. Plus they’re safe and effective for the younger set. What’s better than passing down great habits to our kids?

Again—it’s all $10, with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. And a money-back guarantee. And bonus gifts.

With all the time at home with the family and kids, there’s no better time than now. With #StayHome orders in place for at least the next few weeks, this is a fun way to pass the time while improving your health.

Honestly, I just want you to try Annmarie Skin Care… and thank me later.

With Joy and Gratitude,

PS  Annmarie and her husband Kevin will contribute a portion of sales to support One Great Gut’s mission to CureIBD for All, while empowering all of us to Thrive.  So you can nourish your skin, enhance your beauty, and contribute to the IBD Crohn’s Colitis revolution – all at the same time.

PPS – This does not include any subscriptions, and there are no strings attached. No commitment. No risk. Your $50 sample kit is simply $10 with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Plus a no questions asked money-back guarantee.


Can Alcohol Be Good For Your Brain?

(Toxic) Alcohol Sales Are Up 55%! *

If you drink, please drink from…

… healthy, natural, clean sources

With alcohol sales significantly up recently, I feel you it’s a relevant time to remind you about the healthier, lower alcohol experience of pure Natural Wines.

And their Lab-tested Rosés.

When your 
Rosé doesn’t have any sugar, is lower in alcohol, and farmed organically, there are so many things you can do, like…

Sunday Brunch
Because their Rosé’s do not have any sugar and are lower in alcohol, you can enjoy them midday without sacrificing the rest of your afternoon. Drink a few glasses during the day at home on the weekend without feeling the same headache from conventional wine.

Quick Aperitif
The buzz from their lower alcohol, lab-tested Natural Rosé  is unique. It doesn’t weigh you down, it elevates you. You can enjoy a glass as you reflect alone without feeling the brain fog.
(TBH – I had to Google Aperitif  – it’s an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Look, together we learned a new word today)

Dinner Companion
Their Rosé’s pair really well with food since they don’t have common wine additives like thickeners or heavy doses of sulfites. Their vibrant, fresh profile elevates any meal, from bright salads to grilled fish. And while you’re working from home, you can get creative.

Wake Up Fresh
The best part about their Rosé’s is how it makes you feel the next day. You can avoid the usual headaches and hangovers from traditional Rosé’s  and instead wake up fresh for your active lifestyle.

Delicious Taste – without sacrificing your health
Their Natural Rosé’s have been said to taste like:
– Under ripe strawberry, bright acidity, lively finish
– Lush canteloupe, smooth tannins, balanced palate
– Beautiful tropical fruits, structured palate, lively finish

Talk about a refreshing uplifting experience during these challenging times!

With Spring in full swing, I now have three bird nests around my cottage. I’ll try and grab a picture to share with you soon as the baby birds are soon hatching. As I am typing I can hear the birds chirping.

For this Spring Season, Dry Farms Wine is offering a Spring Rosé – either a one time buy or a temporary subscription. As the weather gets nicer, this rosé offer is a cleaner, sugar-free way to indulge in a glass of wine during Spring. 

Their Classic Membership + Penny Bottle is still available including an educational natural wine ebook.

Curious about the potential Brain Health implications?

Read on….

Moderate daily alcohol consumption is a cultural staple in almost every Blue Zone — the regions of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives. 

Yet alcohol is well established as a brain toxin. A large body of research shows that drinking too much damages your brain cells and can contribute to dementia, stroke risk, brain inflammation, and more.

So, is alcohol healthy or harmful for your brain?

It turns out, in the right amount, alcohol can have many cognitive benefits.  

But first things first: it’s true alcohol is a toxin. It can be very dangerous, and can certainly damage your brain, especially when you drink too much of it, and with higher alcohol concentrations. 

Drinking to excess can kill brain cells, which can increase your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can also impair your focus, reduce memory, cause brain inflammation, and increase your risk of stroke.

Recent data shows alcohol consumption has been on the rise, up 17% since 2005. Most of the Western world uses it as a depressant to combat anxiety. And with depression and anxiety up during this Pandemic, purchases have skyrocketed to 55% in recent reports.

But there is significant research showing that low to moderate amounts of alcohol – roughly two glasses of wine – can improve brain health in a few different ways. 


  • Better waste clearance. Mice given small amounts of alcohol (equivalent to a couple of drinks a day) showed an increase in glymphatic function — their brain’s ability to clear waste products. This gets rid of the damaged proteins that contribute to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other forms of dementia.



Enjoying a couple of glasses of wine a night could decrease your risk of cognitive decline and help you live a longer life.

This is why we partner with Dry Farm Wines. 

As the world’s premier low alcohol, Natural Wine source, Dry Farm Wines finds wines made from organically grown grapes and lab tests them to meet their strict health criteria. 

One of these health criteria is alcohol. All wines must be below 12.5%, with many below 11.5%. This is because a glass of 11% alcohol wine is very different from a glass of 16% alcohol wine. By giving your liver time to process, lower alcohol also provides the benefits of alcohol while reducing the downsides. 

But, the wines are more than just low alcohol. Each wine is vetted to meet rigorous standards, including:

  • No sugar (less than 1g/L)
  • Lower sulfites (less than 75 parts per million)
  • Only organically grown grapes
  • No industrial additives like thickeners or dyes
  • All native yeast fermented
  • No irrigation

    With sugar damaging your digestive tract, feeding candida, reducing enzyme production and suppressing your immune system for up to six hours, if you indulge with alcohol it’s no better time than to consider a no sugar wine.

Dry Farm Wines works exclusively with small family farmers to offer a pure Natural Wine experience grown the way nature intended.

Dry Farm Wines certified wine allows you to take pleasure in wine daily and enjoy the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. Many cultures around the world uncork wine casually every night, alongside delicious food and in the company of friends and loved ones.

Experience the same low alcohol wines by visiting Dry Farm Wines here

Drink moderately to enjoy the world’s purest Natural Wine, always in good health. 

Here are the two specials currently trending and in fashion:

===>Spring Rosé – either a one time buy(3 or 6 bottles) or a 3-month temporary subscription. As the weather gets nicer, this rosé offer is a cleaner, sugar-free way to indulge in a glass of wine during Spring. 

Classic Membership + Penny Bottle + the natural wine ebook. 

Plus there is no risk. They offer a 100% Happiness Promise. For  Every Bottle. No Questions Asked Every bottle they send you is protected by their signature Happiness Promise. If you don’t like a wine for any reason, they will either replace the bottle or refund you in full, whichever you prefer.​​

Enjoy the pleasures of drinking again, without compromising your immune system.​

Cheers to your GREAT GUT,

BTW –  If your friends and family enjoy wine, this is the perfect mail order gift so you can help their immune system(vs. the other alternatives) while they get to enjoy the alcohol they are already drinking. Then over video camera, you can have a virtual happy hour. Unlike that woman whose zoom video  call that went viral, remember that your webcam follows you if you take your phone with you to the bathroom. #ThankMeLater

BTW2- If you’re looking to go on a Quarantined #stayhome Dry Farms Natural Wine’s Tour, consider the map below 😉

U.S. Alcohol Sales Increase 55 Percent In One Week Amid Coronavirus Pandemic