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A Gutsy Discovery: Autoimmune disorder Pemphigoid healed in 2 days after 9 years of conventional and alternative treatment

This is the second report of a chronic auto-immune disorder being healed, potentially cured from Ayahuasca, the first was Roman Hanis, who claims to have cured his Crohn’s Disease, years ago.

Do your own research.

We’ve heard Ayahuasca is not for the faint at heart.

“Beautifully Painful” is a common description.

Now, onto the story Jack reports:

I’ve had a chronic autoimmune disorder called pemphigoid for 9 years.

It’s a skin issue causing painful ulcers, lesions, and inflammation in the mouth.

It was flaring increasingly frequently from monthly for six months to almost constantly in 2015.

During bad flares, he could only drink cool liquids.

He tried mainstream and alternative treatments with only one being effective: Corticosteroids.

Other mainstream treatments included topical steroids, however, applying them in the mouth doesn’t work well as saliva washes them away quickly.

Other alternative treatments included meditation, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, drinking aloe-vera, fish oil tablets, eating ginger, Manuka honey, coconut oil pulling, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, and swishing and eating turmeric.

He roughly followed The Paleo Approach (an excellent book btw ), avoiding dairy, gluten, grains, nightshades (tomato, potato, capsicum, chili, eggplant), nuts, seeds, mango, cashews, pistachios, and sulfites.

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Whilst the science behind it sounds sound and anecdotal evidence promising, he lacked commitment to the eating plan to say whether it is effective or not.

The only natural product which seemed to have a healing effect, although inconsistently, was eating raw cilantro (coriander) twice a day.

Corticosteroids, the only treatment that consistently had a healing effect, treats the symptoms but not the cause and has the side effect of reducing bone calcium, causing brittle bones.

Last year, concerned with his steroid use – which he’d done my best to minimize – his doctor had him do a bone density scan. It turned out his bones were pre-osteoporosis. He was then only 44 years old.

He got serious about finding an alternative treatment.

In his research, he read reports of the Amazonian root tea, Ayahuasca healing autoimmune disorders.

Last year he drank the tea in ceremony.

The flare he had at the time stabilized for three months – extraordinary in itself, as normally it would’ve continued to get worse. Then it cleared up for four months which was wonderful being symptom free for so long.

When it re-flared, it was mild and held steady, unlike previous flares which continued to get worse. Nevertheless, he participated in another ayahuasca ceremony.

Two weeks later it cleared. Now in it’s fourth week of remission.

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Whilst he can’t directly attribute the healing to Aya, he went into the ceremonies with the intention of being healed of the condition, and didn’t change any other habits.

He’s relieved to be off steroids and look forward to my bones returning to full strength.

He has no idea how ayahuasca works however is very grateful for it.

This medicine may not be appropriate for everyone. If interested, research it first.

Biography: Jack is passionate about truth. He enjoys living simply in interesting places, consciousness expansion and futilely philosophizing.

  • Where you still on the steroids when you took the Ayahuasca? Just wondering if it’s a safe combination as i’m on prednisolone and would love to try Ayahuasca.

    • @Allan – Sorry for just seeing your comment now! Did you ever try Ayauasca ? If not, I’d recommend to have a conversation with the practitioner guiding your Ayauasca experience – they will know what medications are okay to be taking during the experience.

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