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Want To Change Your Kid’s Eating Habits?

Happy Easter and Passover. I celebrated a virtual Passover over Zoom a few days ago, I hope you are enjoying Easter in the best way you can considering the circumstances. Both holidays include feasts around food…. I guess everyone needs to learn to cook all of a sudden, even if home cooking wasn’t your norm before. Want to learn along with your kids? Kids Cook Real Food, an awesome online video cooking class for kids, is supporting social distancing and all the families with lots of extra time on their hands…   … How about a two-week risk-free trial, and 80%
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The Dark Truth About Multivitamins

A report came across my desk that stopped me in my tracks… The headline read… “Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements”* Inside the report was data gathered from well-respected Johns Hopkins’ researchers on over 450,000 people… That concluded – Multivitamins don’t reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, mental decline, heart attacks, or even death. I was shocked. It turns out, a lot of the multivitamins for sale today are a total waste of money. The research is undeniable. But here’s where I disagree with the report. One of the lead Hopkins researchers said, “If you
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Hand Sanitizer doesn’t work as well as THIS

Coronavirus Pandemic is sweeping the globe… Major events are canceled… Airports are empty.. Bars, Restaurants and anything else not deemed an “Essential businesses” are closed Passover Seder and Easter Mass are now virtual events Physical Distancing is important I’m sorting through all of the news, information, and misinformation It’s officially survival of the calmest And… Experts Agree On One Thing… One of the best things you can do to protect your family from Coronavirus is to wash your hands! “According to the top Integrative and Functional organizations CDC, World Health Org and countless Medical Institutions you only need to wash your hands for a minimum of
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Non-toxic beauty

#StayingHome means more time for skin beautification.  When my friends see me again in person they’re going to wonder how I reverse aged. Here’s my secret…. We all strive to improve our well-being, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically. That might mean meditation or prayer. It might mean shopping organic, or even fasting or time in the infrared sauna. But what about our skin and the acid mantle barrier that shields it? Despite being an organ (our largest, in fact!) with an incredible workload, it’s often neglected. Or worse—as something to be perfected. The beauty industry insists it needs to “glow”
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Can Alcohol Be Good For Your Brain?

(Toxic) Alcohol Sales Are Up 55%! *If you drink, please drink from… … healthy, natural, clean sources With alcohol sales significantly up recently, I feel you it’s a relevant time to remind you about the healthier, lower alcohol experience of pure Natural Wines.And their Lab-tested Rosés.When your Rosé doesn’t have any sugar, is lower in alcohol, and farmed organically, there are so many things you can do, like…Sunday BrunchBecause their Rosé’s do not have any sugar and are lower in alcohol, you can enjoy them midday without sacrificing the rest of your afternoon. Drink a few glasses during the day at home on the
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