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Today I woke up in a funk. A “mood”…

Today I woke up in a funk. A “mood” This surprised me as life as been recently full of gifts. Gratitude My nightly gratitude practice includes a mental list of what I have to be grateful for. The Crohns Colitis Collection product launch creation is going smoooooth. (Formerly The IBD Crohns Colitis Bundle) The other day “A” told me that she contributed to my GoFundMe last year, and invited her whole company to do the same. Yesterday “M” told me: “I never told you this before, Joel, but I owe you my life” I was invited to speak in “The
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IBD Treatment Guidelines Are Often Influenced By Financial Gains

The publication Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News published an article based on a new study that indicates many authors of clinical practice guidelines for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have financial conflicts of interest.  Are you surprised? I’ve suspected this for years and am glad, and saddened that a study found this to be true. Glad because with this information now public the standards will hopefully raise the standards and put patient care first and foremost. Saddened because I can only imagine how many Crohn’s and Colitis patients have received substandard care, misguided treatments that could have resulted in unwanted surgery, or
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