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Event Recap: Cannabis For Cancer Patients And Why This Is Important For Your Gut

I was invited by my friends at Mankind Cooperative to a Cannabis For Cancer Patients event put on by The Association of Cannabis Professionals. My friend Janel went with me, and it was a nice surprise to see Theo Hanson from MediMeals and Former Gold Medalist ice skater Cathy Bliss supporting Mankind. In September 2015 I let my CA Medical Marijuana card expire.  I could count the number of times I’ve medicated this year on one hand. Since being diagnosed with Cancer, I’ve been thinking it may be time to think again. This is relative to you because: 1) While
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Breaking Prostate Taboos By Dr Sircus

Originally published by Dr. Sircus on his website With prostate cancer rates continuing to climb, we are forced to face sexual taboos. Men and woman can learn prostrate health practices so the man does not end up on the surgeons table and have to face cruel radiation therapy and the even the worse chemotherapy. It is time to stop being squeamish about the prostate sexual gland and its access canal the anus. Why do you think there is a taboo around prostate massage? There are strong taboos around prostate massage because there are incredibly strong taboos against anal sex. It
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How A Yoga Teacher Found Gratitude In Almost Dying

I shared on facebook my mother was NOT going to like reading this, dad too. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) In a younger version of myself, I probably would have called one of my siblings, swore them to secrecy, then told them the story. In fact, I can recall several such instances of sitting in the ER making just that a phone call. (Hey again Mom! Still reading Dad?) However, if life—and a few trips to the emergency room, have taught me anything, it’s that there is no time for obfuscating truth, veiled authenticity, or suppressing vulnerability. I’ve worked hard to alchemize a
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Cancer Treatment Day 3

This post is Day 3, following Cancer Treatment Day One and Two Last Tuesday, July 19th was my third visit to Dr. Bahn at the Prostate Institute Of America The week was full of highs and lows. A Six Flags worthy rollercoaster ride. This post is my most emotional, raw and vulnerable post. Written when I was teetering between rage and breaking down and crying. Warning, includes profanity. I prefer to refrain from swear words, it’s lazy, can be perceived as immoral, offend people, and sometimes it’s the perfect word to express what’s really going on. If a word or
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With So Many Different Doctors Out There, Who Do I Go See?

With some many different doctors out there, who do I go see? In my years practicing allopathic medicine, I must admit I could see the confusion an inflammatory bowel disease patient would have between choosing to see a Family Practice Physician vs Internal Medicine Physician vs a Gastroenterologist vs a General Surgeon.  Initially, it would seem logical for the IBD patient to choose a Gastroenterologist.  Not all abdominal pain symptoms in the IBD patient come from a flare of IBD however.  So back to the question: who to go see for intermittent abdominal pain?  The Family Practice MD, Internal Medicine
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Interview With Roman Hanis – Reportedly Cured Of Crohn’s Disease

In 2014 I was introduced to Roman Hanis, who I was told was cured of Crohn’s Disease in  2002. From his doctors recommending surgery to today, 15 years later he avoided surgery and believes he is cured, medicine and symptom-free. He shares his treatments spanning three continents around the globe including the Middle-East, North and South America. I sat down with Roman for this deep dive seventy-minute interview. It has been reported that ayahuasca, one of the treatments Roman used,  can be helpful for neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Other research suggests that ayahuasca
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From Severe Pain, Bedridden, And Destined For Surgery To Healthy As An Ox By Matt Hans

Sitting in my comfy Northern California home after a hefty meal and a beer or two, I now realize that my mind is trained more to the need to lose a little weight than it is to the predicament I struggled with for so many years. I often thought that one day I’d share the tale, and the unorthodox resources and tools that helped me reclaim my health and ultimately fully cure myself of an “incurable” disease, mainly because, well, I guess it seemed like way too much to go though just for my own benefit. Since I’ve spoken with
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How I Changed My Mind To Change My Health With Crohn’s Disease

How I changed my mind to change my health with Crohn’s Disease It began for me in 1996. I was 23, a software developer pressuring myself to become successful and make plenty of money. I was experiencing higher than usual stress levels at work, discomfort in my belly, more than usual bowel movements and discharging mucus after going to the bathroom. I went to see my GP to find out what was happening with me.   My Diagnosis and Identity Shift into Disease My GP sent me to 2 Gastroenterologists, who confirmed the diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. They both stated conclusively
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Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America – Hurt or Help? by Dr. Dahlman

The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) is an organization devoted to two things. Giving the appearance they have valuable information for those suffering from Crohn’s Disease and colitis and the promotion of their sponsors medications for the treatment of these health conditions. The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America gives the impression there isn’t much out there for help with Crohn’s Disease and colitis other than very dangerous drugs and surgery. What a shame for those suffering. Are they helping or hurting? You be the judge. Does the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America really help people? Depends.
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Q&A with Kent Peterson – Crohn’s Disease since 2003

[Joel] When were you first diagnosed? [Kent]I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis in  2003, I had intense explosive bloody diarrhea by the time I acknowledged something was odd and went to the doctors. Symptoms probably started long before that. [Joel] What did the Doctor recommend? [Kent]All sorts of western medical stuff. Some of my experience includes: Exams, blood work, stool samples, colonoscopy, camera capsule swallow, barium drinks and fluoroscopy, x rays, sigmoidoscopy, pharmaceuticals, prednisone, antibiotics, mesalamine, Remicade, Humira, and more. None of which were very effective at treating the condition, providing relief, or easing my mind [Joel]
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