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Also, our Flagship Summit, the Crohn’s and Colitis Summit is 50% off as well.  Highly recommend checking this out. In February I had lunch with Paul who I interviewed for the summit. He got sick in 1980, was diagnosed with IBD in 1981 after painting his NYC apartment and using lacquer thinner. After a challenging journey he finally healed himself(he believes cured) in 1990. His last two colonoscopies were clean as a whistle and the the #gastroenterologists both stated they would never have known he had #crohns #colitis in the past if he hadn’t told them. Perhaps most interesting of all is that he does not follow any special IBD diet. He’s not the only one we interveiwed for the Crohn’s and Colitis Summit who have similiar stories. Consider checking it out if you’re looking for deeper healing.


Q4 2019 Update: We were accepted in CoFoundersLab Accelerator and San Diego Nonprofit Academy by The Nonprofit Institute, School Of Leadership And Education Sciences, University Of San Diego and and plan to deliver Entrepreneurial NonProfit value and  reveal our Volunteer Board Of Advisors shortly. Join our Newsletter for the latest news and updates.

We research and provide evidence on which man-made and synthetic things are most beneficial and which are most harmful for those living with Crohn’s and Colitis.

Welcome to One Great Gut, where you will learn how to Thrive with IBD Crohn’s Colitis. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

20 years of clinical and cost outcomes from Integrative Medicine have demonstrated the following results:*

60% Decrease in hospital admissions
59% Reduction in hospital days
62% Savings in Outpatient surgeries and procedures
93% Patients satisfied with the integrative therapies

96% Would recommend to friends or family

Integrative Medicine includes “The best of both worlds” –like minded medicinal physicians working together with qualified complementary alternative medicine providers in an evidence-based environment.

We’re glad you are here. We hope we can help.

Hand Wash Corona CDC

#1 Way To Keep Your Hands Clean (It’s partially FREE)

Coronavirus is sweeping the globe…
Major events are being canceled…
Airports are empty…

Bars and Restaurants here in California are closing
Social Distancing is important
(for now)
We’re sorting through all of the news, information, and misinformation
It’s officially survival of the calmest

Experts Agree On One Thing…
The #1 Thing you can do to protect your family is WASH YOUR HANDS!

“According to the top Integrative and Functional organizations CDC, World Health Org and countless Medical Institutions you only need to wash your hands for a minimum of thirty seconds to keep viruses away”

Washing your hands not only helps prevent germs and viruses, but also from other infections that could cause a flare or hospital visit.

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MyGreensFill uses Concentrated Aloe Vera 10x  as their main ingredient.

It’s survival of the calmest. Repeat this in your head. I am calm. I am safe. I am loved. I am strong. I am calm. That’s my affirmation for the week.
Hope it helps. Now go wash your hands! 🙂

One Great Gut Collection Big

All of the supplements we sell are products that we use and have recommended to our clients. We do our absolute best to deliver the best quality product at the best possible price.

Every purchase from the One Great Gut Dispensary will allow the One Great Gut Foundation to get closer to curing IBD Crohn’s and Colitis. So you can invest in your health and build a healthier world through our initiatives,  at the same time!

Angie-Powell Crohns
Angie. Crohn’s @ Age 22 Resection surgery Remission since 2002 IBD Drug Free
Crohn's Dx @ Age 23
Remission since 2008
IBD Drug Free
Joe Crohn’s Dx @ Age 23 Remission since 2008 IBD Drug Free
Crohn's Dx Age 25
Remission since 2010
IBD Drug-Free
Tara Crohn’s Dx Age 25 Remission since 2010 IBD Drug-Free
Bob Crohn’s Dx @ Age 21 Remission and IBD Drug-Free For 33 years
Roman Hanis Crohn's Cured
Roman Crohn’s Age 12 Remission for 19 years Believes he is cured
Crohn's Dx @ 26
13 years Remission and 
IBD Drug Free
Meghan Crohn’s Dx @ 26 13 years Remission and IBD Drug Free
Crohn's Dx Age 13
Justine Crohn’s Dx Age 13
UC Age 21. Today. Cured.
Stefan UC Age 21. Today. Cured.
joshua nachman, ms, cns, ldn, cpt
Joshua. Stated Cured. Interview in Facebook Group
Joel Sprechman One Great Gut
Joel. Colitis ’01, Crohn’s ’18. Not Yet Cured.
Emma Becker One Great Gut
Emma. UC ’06. Crohn’s ’07. Not Yet Cured
Todd. IBD. Not Yet Cured.

Watch for updates as we get a new look.

We are committed to empower and educate the TEN million* currently living with IBD Crohn’s Colitis around the world to THRIVE by 2025.

Global IBD rates have DOUBLED in the past five  years.*




We believe, like Albert Einstein that  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

We teach you how to THRIVE with IBD Crohn’s Colitis by working together to accelerate your healing.

We are a global community with members in over 55 countries.

We believe, like Voltaire: “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

We are popularizing a new Gold Standard of care around the four pillars of true health: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual healing so you can Thrive with IBD.

Here you will find the latest science to optimize your IBD Crohn’s and Colitis. We hope this will lead to flare-free long term remission.

We welcome you to join this critical conversation. On the blog, social media channels and our first product release, The Crohn’s And Colitis Summit which has seen over 10,000 find deeper healing with over 90% of attendees reporting satisfaction with both the event and our unparalleled interviewing style.

We hope we can help you and your loved ones.

Featured on:

*Patient-centered integrative medicine Independent Practice Association (IPA) per Advanced Medicine Integration Group, L.P. (AMI)
*per the European Federation of Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis Associations (EFCCA)
* Fun Fact: “Super Poop” is fabulous feces that contain the necessary bacteria to rejuvenate the guts of people with a range of illnesses, giving much higher cure rates.