Testimonials for Dr. Christine Tara Peterson PhD, CAP, RYT
“I met Dr. Peterson through my daughter.  I had been ill for a number of years and getting worse.  My doctors were not helping me get better.  My body swelled with fluid so that I couldn’t get out of bed and my wife had trouble lifting one of my legs.  I thought I was going to die.  Dr. Peterson saw the larger picture and recommended diet and supplement changes and yoga poses that I could do in bed that helped remove 100 pounds of fluid from my body and eventually I could get myself out of bed and to the bathroom on my own. Dr. Peterson was the only one to show me there is light at the end of the tunnel. To this day, I do the yoga poses, and eat healthier without the red meat and potato diet I had.” – John

“The most fun that I’ve ever had in a Doctor’s office.” Kriss B.

Testimonials for Dr. Heather Sandison ND

I met with Dr Sandison last year after many years of battling a hypothyroid diagnosis.  I had gained a tremendous amount of weight and all doctors I saw said this was a side affect of the disease and eluded that there was little I could do to a) improve my TSH numbers and b) lose the weight.  While I was optimistic, I did feel hopeless.

monica-wA friend recommended Dr. Sandison and this recommendation changed my adult life!

In short after reviewing my lab work and an in depth exploration of my diet the Dr made several easily doable suggestions which I took very seriously.  I made immediate changes in an effort to feel my best and wouldn’t you know it…I have felt the best I have in almost 10 years.  I made dietary changes as it turns out eating gluten and being hypothyroid don’t go together.  I have more energy, feel amazing and also lost 50+ pounds since my first meeting with Dr Sandison.  While I do recognize that making the changes outlined by Dr were a challenge at first, they soon became second nature.  I truly credit where I am today as a direct result of my time spent with Dr.  I recommend to anyone who wants a sincere, genuine, interactive doctor visit to see Dr. Heather Sandison.  I bet you’ll have the same experience.
Monica W

laurel-gDr. Sandison is a fantastic naturopathic Doctor. Her bedside manner is wonderful. She is an amazing listener and was able to help me after one visit to her office. I am 38 years old and have been suffering from the onset of early menopause. She prescribed me bio-identical hormones, along with vitamins and minerals, and within two weeks I felt better than I had in months. Thanks to her care, I am living life as I knew it before the onset of premature menopause and no longer have horrible hot flashes every 45 min or extreme mood swings. I am so grateful to have myself back. She is the best! I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking for a kind, supportive, intelligent naturopathic doc!
Laurel G

I was recommended to Dr. Sandison from a friend when I was looking for a better way to treat my chronic health issues. Dr. Sandison and her staff at CAM helped guide and support me throughout the entire process. I filled out a very in depth questionnaire for Dr. Sandison and after several appointments I feel she now knows me better than my family practitioner of 22 years! Dr. Sandison identified the root cause of my stomach issues and prescribed a detox plan that cured my issues! I am now getting restful sleep and have actually lost some weight as an added benefit. I would recommend Dr. Sandison to anyone looking to cure a specific problem or just want to live a happier healthier life.  Thank you Dr. Sandison!
Joan B via Yelp

Testimonials for Joel Sprechman

I was in hospital awaiting surgery to have my bowel removed due to acute ulcerative colitis. I was scared and I felt there must be an alternative but all the doctors told me the same thing, that surgery was the only way to overcome the disease and to avoid other implications including pneumococcal septic shock which could be fatal. In my search for answers I came across information regarding the alternatives to surgery. The information online was overwhelming.  After a few12743509_10206035807876428_7040488496288785179_n Facebook chats with Joel while I was in hospital I was discharged from hospital two weeks later. And yes, I had avoided surgery. When I returned home after one month in hospital I had an hour Skype consultation with Joel which was just what I needed at the time. Joel listened to me, he understood me and I was able to understand him as he shared his experience with the same disease. My connection with Joel gave me hope that I can continue to fight this disease. The best part of my consultations with Joel was the fact that he was there for me and I am not alone. Joel inspired me to fight this disease and he continues to inspire and encourage me with all the knowledge and supportive advice he shares on his blog, and One Great Gut Facebook page. If you are confused, scared or overwhelmed with all the information regarding IBD then do yourself a favor and talk to Joel.

Adam Gersbach – Sydney Australia –  Husband, Father, Coach, musician & entrepreneur. Founder at Muso Coach.

I decided to contact Joel because I wasn’t getting the support I needed from my doctors. All of my internet research was sometimes more harmful than helpful. I felt that I didn’t get to explain my story, that I wasn’t supported. I wasn’t getting any answers to why I was feeling so crummy Nicole Cantalupo Moxie Theater Productionsbut more importantly, I wasn’t getting any suggestions about how to feel better! Joel listened to what I had to say. I felt that he could empathize with what I was going through….Joel gave me several suggestions of things I should add into my diet.  He gave me guidance as to how I could improve my overall quality of living.  Joel made me realize that I deserve to be listened to and helped me find a doctor that really helped me start healing.  Joel gave me hope that I can start to feel better by making simple changes. The power is in my hands and he was able to show me that by listening to what I had to say and also sharing his own experiences. I love cooking even more now because Joel helped me realize the healing power of foods. I appreciate all of the knowledge that he shared with me. I have been feeling a lot better since I have met with him.
Nicole Cantalupo – Education Program Coordinator at Moxie Theatre Company – San Diego California

I can’t thank you enough for supporting me and helping me to make necessary life-style adjustments. You’ve been such Tracy Saludo eaf Education Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools Falls Church VAa patient listener who took genuine interest in learning what my goals for diet, exercise and mental and physical health were. Through this process you’ve helped me lose weight, improve my diet, and help me gain balance in my life. You also helped me see the positive. Thank you for everything.

Tracy Saludo – Deaf Education Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools – Falls Church Virginia

Joel – I appreciate his drive to be the best with every possibly breathe. In the two months I’ve known him, every conversation he’s spokenJanel Briones One Great Gut, to me and others has been for betterment.  His betterment, willing to share contacts for betterment, willing to be vulnerable for betterment, willing to take chances for betterment. Truthful to others, I’ve learned so much freedom and possibilities in truth by observing hm and beginning to assimilate lessons learned. I hope to be a friend to him and hope to be there for him in a times when he needs someone.
Janel Briones – Project Management – San Diego California


Additional Professional Testimonials from my prior careers are listed here and on my Linked-In

hana-mandikova-one-great-gutI was privileged to experience the transition Joel undertook while getting more educated and involved with yoga. While he was always an attentive person, yoga made him more humble, calm and understanding. Joel truly took in the best yoga has to offer – while he brings the knowledge from the teacher’s training he recently completed to the practice and is always ready to suggest the best poses for any medical condition his students or friends experience, he did not loose his great sense of humor and practicing yoga with him is always fun. No matter if you take a class with him or just ask for an advice, he will gently offer you the best he has and even include a joke or two about his practice or experience.  Hana Mandikova – Charity and NGO Fundraiser – Christian Aid –  London United Kingdom

Joel is gives amazing attention to his clients during yoga sessions. He loves to see his clients reach new levels with his guidance. He once showed me how to twist my body deeper than would have ever been possible in a typical yoga class. It felt so good afterwards! His attention, positive energy, and skillful and careful guidance helped me reach new levels in my own practice. serena-pariserHe meets the students where they are, and takes them forward from there. He knows I have trouble with crow and helped me realize that it is my own mind blocking my progress. Joel gives me the confidence to try the unknown and the skill to perfect my current practice. He is a perfect supplement to your studio practice, a great stepping stone to conquering your fear, or the spring board to expand your already strong practice! Try him just once and you’ll see for yourself. He is a wonderful human being, has a contagious energy, and has a desire to please others. He is the perfect private instructor. You’ll feel great just being around him.
Serena Pariser – Consultant – Fulbright Distinguished Grant Award – Botswana Africa

polina-diominMy one-on-one session with Joel was fun, peaceful, and much more helpful than many hours of practice in large classes. He is patient and attentive while teaching, focusing on the history of the student’s practice and the direction in which they would like it to develop. Joel always emphasizes the importance of beginning postures with correct form– he pays close attention to weak points in the poses so that he may guide the student in strengthening them. A contagious cheerful attitude and infinite patience make Joel a pleasure to train with, and I hope I will get the opportunity to do so again in the future.  Polina Diomin – Account Administrator – Kaiser Permanente – San Diego California

briana-smoody-elvaiahYoga for me was always something I thought would be a good idea to do but I never really had the motivation to learn. I have tried a few classes and some at home workouts, but struggled with basic fundamentals. One of these basics that I was never able to get was tree pose. It seems so simple; put your leg up, and balance. But no, not so simple, at least not for me. I was lamenting about this to Joel one day and he immediately was able to explain how I should stand, what muscles to use, and the best way to keep my balance. It is the first time ever I have been able to hold it. I was very impressed with his ability to explain it to me in simple terms, and break it down for me so that now I am not only able to do it myself, but can explain it to someone else! Sharing is caring! – Briana Smoody Elvaiah – Executive Vice President of Finance and Revenue Cycle – Vericare Management, Inc – San Diego California

ramonRemarkable how complimentary a DJ along with a Yoga instructor dropping Dr. Seuss quotes can be for a productive class. Yoga must have done something, my running stretches were not needed.
Ramon – Security Analyst – United States Government

The Lost Testimonials:

“I went through hell the first few years and would not mind sharing any experiences you think that would be helpful. I’ve even had a gastroenterologist doctor whose CRAZY solution was to put me on a 60 mg mary-freda-jonesdose of PREDNISONE indefinitely. I didn’t know any better at the time, and the side effects led to blackouts while driving at that. I thought I was going crazy until another dr. said it’s not me, it’s the GI who was wrong in prescribing a ridiculous dose like that. And of course there’s the pleasantries of biologics like thinning hair that no one tells you about. And the “oh…it ‘should’ be safe to conceive while on them but they’re not really sure.’. I could go on and on” – Mary Freda Jones – Ulcerative Colitis and today Medication Free