Elixinol – High Quality Organic CBD  – Coupon Code: 10off215

SCD(Specific Carbohydrate Diet) + Solving Leaky Gut Free webinar
Paleo AIP(Auto-Immune Protocol) group program
Solving Leaky Gut Program – By SCD Lifestyle
Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet Book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride

Breathing Method To Naturally Increase Your Immunity, Reduce Stress, Promote Better Sleep and Increased Energy
WimHof “The Iceman” Method

Bathroom Must Have’s:
Squatty Potty – Poop Like Royalty – No seriously. You Will.
ReFresh- It Bidet – Attaches to your toilet

Kitchen Must-Have’s
Blender: Vitamix. Ninja is a good cheaper alternative
Juicer: Omega, masticating. Breville is a decent centrifugal alternative

Bio-hacking Tools:
Heartmath HRV(Heart Rate Variability) – eMwave2 standalone or InnerBalance for your phone.
Biomat – Healing Mat – Amethyst + Far Infrared + negative ions – FDA Approved.
Rebounder/Trampoline – Great for your joints, lymphatic system, detoxing and I guarantee you will smile as you bounce.

Personal at home steam sauna
Chair for the Sauna

Organic Mattress and Pillow: Samina is by far the best. Call them direct and mention code SPRECHMAN for a special discount I can’t publish here.
Sleep Mask with built-in headphones