This page will be continually updated with products known to improve one’s Gut Health

Elixinol – High Quality CBD Hemp Oil Drops, Tinctures, Liposomes and X-Pen  – Coupon Code: 10off215

Surthrival – Bone broth protein, colostrum, schizandra, medicinal mushrooms and more

Online Courses:
Neurosculpting Institute – NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear – Warrior One: Immersion into Practical Neurosculpting® with Founder Lisa Wimberger
– use coupon code  onegreatgut

SCD(Specific Carbohydrate Diet) + Solving Leaky Gut Free webinar
Paleo AIP(Auto-Immune Protocol) group program
Solving Leaky Gut Program – By SCD Lifestyle
GAPS Diet – See Amazon for Book

Breathing Methods:
WimHof “The Iceman” Method

Stress Reduction / Emotional Resilience
Soul of Healing Summit with Alicia Diaz
The School For Men with Mike Hrostoski
Landmark Education

Slim Squatty Potty with Teak finish
ReFresh- It Bidet Swoosh Your Tush!
Porta-Squatty Foldable, go anywhere, light weight.
Tao Bamboo Adjustable
Squatty Potty
Heartmath HRV(Heart Rate Variability) – eMwave2
Biomat – Healing Mat – Amethyst + Far Infrared + negative ions – FDA Approved
Blackout Blinds
Blender: I love my Vitamix. Ninja is a good cheaper alternative
Juicer: I love my Omega, masticating. This Breville is a decent centrifugal alternative
Sauna: Personal at home steam sauna until I get an Infrared.
Chair for the Sauna
Organic Mattress and Pillow: Samina is by far the best. Call them direct and mention code SPRECHMAN for 10% off pillows and 30% off all other products).
Pressure and Slow Cooker
Portable Urinal

Sleep Mask with built-in headphones
Selfie-Stick (Wait for my article on the importance of Selfies and Self-Love)
Salt and Fire Bowl Lamp
Shower water filter

Heart Rate Variability(HRV) Monitor by Heartmath (Did not work for me, but does for many)
Yogurt Maker, Glass Jar , Starter and Thermometer

Heart Shaped Silicon molds 
Electric Standing Desk 
Anti-Fatigue Mat

Grounding / Earthing Sheet and Mat
Portable Social Cooler

Bulletproof Collagen Bars

Lara Bars

Energy Medicine:
Reiki/Orgone Jewelry (use code greatgut(lower-case) for 10% off)

Qualia by Neuro Hacker Collective -Cutting edge chemistry for radical cognitive enhancement. Upgrade the hardware your brain runs on(10% off  with code onegreatgut, 20% off monthly subscription with code onegreatgutrecurring).
Hemorrhoid Cream
Organic Probiotic Lubricant
Natural Toothpaste w/ Clay and Xylitol
Waterproof Shower Notepad

BioCBD+ (Use Coupon Code GUTWARRIORS for 10% off)