Monthly Impact Reports

Never start a business to just “make money”. Start a business to make a difference – Marie Forleo

We have decided to publish our monthly income reports, at least for now.   Formerly, as a Sales Engineer I easily made over One Million dollars.
Then I got sick, very sick. I could barely get out of bed, for months. And I used most of that money to get well again.
In 2011, I would have loved to have had this website as a resource.

It’s uncomfortable to share these numbers each month, and through these deep vulnerabilities, transparencies and accountability we will reach our goal and mission, eradicate IBD and IBS

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives” – Michelle Obama

March 2017
For the past few months I’ve been working on One Great Gut Academy – A Crohn’s & Colitis Success Summit, and with a business coach to turn One Great Gut from losing thousands of dollars monthly to positive revenue. For clarity, when I speak money, I mean impact. Money will only be made when it benefits patients. That is our commitment.

Sept 2016
September was a month of execution:

  • Business and wellness coaching and consulting for income and training, education and development for betterment in the coming months and years.
  • Revising and Updating of our Mission, and Vision statement
  • Dr. Christine Peterson joined our Scientific Advisory Committee , she studies the gut microbiome, is a Research Scientist at the Chopra Foundation, a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner and has particular interest in gut illnesses and dietary interventions, psychedelics, and an ayurvedic herbal and botanical approach to Fecal Microbial Transplant protocol.
  • The launch of our research department highlighting studies we plan to fund, interesting ongoing studies we are following, and noteworthy published studies. With the help of Dr. Nathan we’ve listed drug treatment options, their indicated usage, and potential side-effects.
  • Announcement of  our Ambassador program whose mission is to build awareness and de-stigmatize chronic conditions by highlighting the lives of people that live and thrive while on a personal mission to improve their personal gut health.  Our Ambassadors are Gutsy and Glamorous, Genuine and Gentlemanly, Genial, Generous and Giving. In plain English they are Great people.
  • Facelift of our testimonials page from current and former clients and patients Joel and Dr. Sandison ND have separately seen.
  • Dr. Zagone ND was added to our Endorsed Doctor network for her continued success with Crohn’s disease and IBS patients.
  • Two emotional days of researching FACTS about the Gut Health of the world.
  • We announced two upcoming live events. The first is in partnership with Melanie Klinghoffer and Powerful Transformations entitled FREE to FEE. 100% of proceeds will goto One Great Gut. Greg Reid, one of the top speakers as rated by will be joining her. The second event is our FIRST live event entitled “Love  Your Gut. Live Happier, Longer, and Never Need a Sick Day Again” by Joel Sprechman, Maelyn Gandola and Dr. Sandison at Trilogy Sanctuaries Dance Medicine Festival
  • We covered three live events: The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, Bhakti Festival and The 44th Annual Cancer Control Society
  • Stay tuned for next month as we revamp our Income reports into IMPACT reports, as that’s the real juice. What really matters. How many lives have we impacted with our mission




 August 2016: We upgraded our web hosting package to accommodate increased traffic.  My car, a 2007 Audi A3, purchased for $33k in 2008 broke down. I rented a car for $400/mo, spent over $3k in personal medical expenses, bought a $2k BioMat for myself to heal, and other’s to enjoy it’s healing benefits. I’ve worked 80 hours per week and am grateful for our Rockstar Intern, Noah.

July 2016: Web hosting numbers were incorrect. I’ve worked some 100 hour weeks and know that the sweat equity today will heal the lives of tomorrow.