Love Your Guts at Tri-City Hospital Oceanside CA – Presented by Joel Sprechman, Dr. Sandison, Maelyn Gandola, Noah Gilman

What were you doing Friday evening at 10:30pm? Dancing? Watching a movie? Hanging out with friends?

I was at home EXHILARATED from our workshop earlier in the day. Here is what I wrote on November 18th at 10:36pm

Dear Diary,




I went back into the Conventional, Allopathic, Western Medicine World and LIVED

I didn’t die like I thought I might

Maybe it sounds crazy to think I would have died. But the last time I was in the medical care of a Medical Doctor, I went home in more pain than when I arrived. I didn’t feel like he cared about my health. I felt hopeless, I didn’t know where to turn. The last time I was in a hospital I was told I needed Chemo Drugs and to think about Surgery. I was told to stick with the SAD diet – the Standard Australian Diet(I was living in Sydney) and I’ll get better. My intuition knew otherwise and I stayed with my intuitively healthy food choices.

The last time I was in a hospital was when I had a Colonscopy before my Fecal Microbial Transplant(FMT) at Centre for Digestive Disease in Australia in 2013. Yes, I flew 9000 miles to have someone else’s waste be implanted into my suffering gut. I spent $13k USD for the treatment that was beneficial, but sadly not enough. FMT is perhaps the worlds greatest probiotic, but it’s just one supplement for those seeking full healing. I almost crying entering the Hospital remembering my past.

It’s painful to remember the past. It’s painful to remember the days of 20 SPRINTS to the bathroom, not knowing if I’d make it, always keenly aware of where the bathroom was just in case, not knowing if what I eat will feel good, or give me a stomach ache, not knowing who I could call for help because Doctor, after Doctor, after Doctor were causing more hurt, than help.

I accept full responsibility and blame no one except myself, for not following my gut-instinct .

These days my gut-instinct is my north-star. Everyday, in every moment, my intuition is further honed. As Malcolm Gladwell reported in his NYT bestselling book Blink, the more we listen to our Gut, the more we listen to our intuition, the more it’s ACTIVATED, UPGRADED and gets BETTER.

At home, we are having some difficulties with our Landlord and Property Management Company. With this perceived stress, my GUT is 1% off. I can feel it. I can see it. Like Bruce Lee, I flow like WATER..and when I do… everything is FLOWING. the DIVINE is delivering Gifts in abundance. I’m grateful for the learning lessons, and grateful for the protection of the California Civil Code for Tenant protection from Landlords. I dug deep to find love for my landlord, even amongst negligence, ignorance and thousands of dollars of damage to our personal items. #LOVEWINS

Living in a state or gratitude IS living in a state of receivership
Earlier today Maelyn Gandola, Noah Gilman, and Dr. Heather Sandison presented the One Great Gut signature PLAYSHOP at the North County Ostomy Support Group in Oceanside at the Tri-City Medical Center

A place where they proclaim to offer Advanced Acute-care facility providing a full range of primary care and medical-surgical services. San Diego Medical Center serving San Diego County.

As we didn’t see a Naturopathic Doctor on their staff, we brought our own. Dr. Heather Sandison, ND CRUSHED the Q&A session as patients CRAVED information about TRUE healing. (Thank You Naturopathic Practitioners Network and California Naturopathic Doctors Association Bastyr University California for ALL that you do)

Maelynn CRUSHED the drop in, centering and Poojayi breath(similiar to ujjayi, specific to gut health *wink*). She owned the floor and we flowed like we had presented together for years.

It’s beautiful to work with your BFF. EASE and GRACE.
Integrative Healthcare is THE answer to WELLNESS

We drove Dave Booda’s 2007 Scion, my rented car after my Audi died a few weeks ago and used Valet parking. We felt like KINGS and QUEENS at a time where empowerment of ALL is necessary. All in for all life! OneNess!

We walked in and noticed a table with spare Ostomy Pouches, surgical tape, and other SWAG, items patients may need on a daily basis to survive as their way of going to the bathroom is very different post surgery. HUMBLING

Patients drive over an hour, one way, to be with their friends, to find solace with other’s who share the same daily challenges. To experience a LOVE your GUTS ACTIVATION

The room was divided into three sections. Colostomy, Ostomy and Urostomies.Depending if you’ve had, your Colon or Bladder removed. I learned that it’s not called a Colostomy bag, but a colostomy pouch. The former is deemed derogatory. Colostomy Pouches are on the left side of the body. Urostomy, on the Right. Medical Devices that attach to your torso, and save your life.
I learned that I am them, and they are I.

I spoke to Dan, he, like myself, practiced ESCAPISM. I practiced for 10 years, he for 6mo. His rapid advancement of symptoms and not knowing where to turn due to no medical insurance resulted in devastating symptoms not suitable for this facebook post, and he lost his Colon.But, he lived, and he was grateful for the playshop.
I could easily be in their shoes, easily be without a colon. Perhaps it was luck? I survived, and am now able to THRIVE , and to SERVE.

The feedback was tremendously positive. I’m sitting here in AWE and about break down in tears with how well the playshop was received.

You know that story that plays in the back of your mind while you are talking? The monkey mind voice that never quiets no matter how often you meditate? Today that voice told me “Shut-Up Joel, The Hospital Director is coming in any moment to kick you out. Joel, you don’t deserve to be here, you’re not a Doctor, someone from a Pharmaceutical company is going to barge through the doors with a gun and shoot me”

LITERALLY, these were my thoughts

I smiled, and focused on the patients in front of me. The room was set-up in a U-shaped, just as I had hoped for. Healing Circles are Empowerment Circles. I am no guru. You are me, and I am you. We are all humans doing our best for ourselves, and our families and friends.

We presented Dr. David Hawkins PHD Power vs. Force his model of the the cone of consciousness. When I asked the group of 50 if they had heard of the book only one did, Board Member Richard Rettig, the one who invited us to speak. Of course. Vibrations align through the ether. We are energy. Richard and I met through Linked-In. And prior to our first meeting I set my intention that it would be cool if we were invited to speak in front of his group. As we sat down to eat the first thing Richard asked me was if I wanted to speak in front of his support group. I smiled, graciously accepted and know that my intention setting, and level of consciousness I am living made that happen. We ARE energy!

this is not an hippie message but one of truth – at least my truth – does it resonate with you, too?

We’re planning on taking the LOVE your GUTS playshop on the road, to wherever it is needed. Envision in Costa Rica, Unity Fest in New Mexico. The highest and lowest of vibrations both. We are not here to preach to the choir, we are here to uplift humanity though the lessons and pains of their glorious gutsy gut journey
There are so many other gifts that we are receiving it’s difficult to keep track of them. I definitely need help organizing the optimizing, and FLOW is real.

It was a huge embarrassment for me this morning when Maelyn and I were working today in my office, my bedroom, and it looks like a Tornado tore through my room. It’s a Mess! I just don’t have time to clean and organize. Embarrassing and my truth. Want to know more truth? I never filed 2015 Federal or State taxes. Call me James Dean, but don’t call me a Rebel without a cause. Last year my income was pitiful. I was poor. Poor in health, and poor in income. I know, I pray with a deep knowing that this will shift soon, and I know it will, because COMMUNITY is the new CURRENCY and with that mindset I am RICH beyond belief.

I don’t know if anyone will read this much but other juicy happenings in the past few days:

– I was asked to speak at The Better Belly Project: Crushing the Critters, Plugging the Leaks, and Balancing the Biome for Your Best Body Ever by Summer Bock along with JJ Virgin, Vincent Pedre, M.D. Dr Tom O’Bryan and others (Grace Liu I LOVE YOUR GUTS!)

– I was asked to speak at the holding group HQ for Executives by Hard Rock, Hyatt, Hilton and other hotels in that network.

– Dr. Christine Tara Peterson has her first One Great Gut patient visit next week. She’s majorly sick, and Dr. Peterson knows she can help. #IMPACT

– We have received applications from Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctor students for the work from home research position that will change the way patients and doctor’s look at health, treatment options and redefine what is possible in healthcare

Maybe I’m crazy, but Like attracts Like, the more I LOVE my GUTS, LOVE my LIFE, LOVE my COLLEAGUES, CLIENTS ,CHALLENGES and PROBLEMS, the more i tap into my GUT INSTINCT, the easier life is and the more I can show up powerful to SERVE others.

Today was a good day.


Joel Sprechman BS, CHHC, RYT

Joel Sprechman BS, CHHC, RYT

Joel is the Founder & CEO of One Great Gut. He was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis and many other incurable conditions and diseases. Countless medical recommendations only worsened his symptoms, and diseases. He refused surgery and chemotherapy type drugs and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself.Joel inspires countless people to take control of their health and reverse disease with a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. Has traveled to 30 countries, hiked the depth of the Grand Canyon, biked two-century rides in one weekend. He has a BS in Engineering from SUNY Buffalo, a certificate in Health Coaching from Institute for Integrative Nutrition.He mixes science and spirituality, while sipping on his green juice.Connect with him on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram
Joel Sprechman BS, CHHC, RYT

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